Zuckerberg Begs For Regulation, Hails French Censorship Plan

Zuckerberg Begs For Regulation, Hails French Censorship Plan

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Zuckerberg Begs For Regulation, Hails French Censorship Plan

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Heil Zuck! What a eugenicist!

FB/Zuckerberg are trying to severely manipulate the next election, in addition to mimicking Communist China. Zuckerberg should just move to China, where his regulations would fit right in. Problem solved.

anybody who uses fb should have their head examined

Fuck cuckerburg

Fuck Zuckerberg, the problem is not too much free speech but an abundance of censorship.

Zuckerberg wants them to hand him a rod to beat us with.

They keep removing my notification from LTV2!!!

Is Snowden cousins with Zuckerberg? Did they go to high school together in NY? Is Zuckerberg really a Greenberg? Are both CIA kids? Was Snowden trained CIA before going into NSA? Was he a useful idiot used to expose rogue operations in NSA run by rogue CIA? Does Snowden have family in Russia? Was Russia indeed the planned final destination for Snowden and the 4 laptops of NSA tools and secrets? Was the goal to smear NSA that has military accountability? CIA has none…. Was Brennan to bring Snowden home with open arms under killary? Was the goal to smear… Read more »

The Internet has become a cancer of real #information mixed with Dis- info… So deep people can't discern truth from lies! People are in udder confusion of #facts and #reality (All-Weaponised #Psyops) #fakealtnews #cointelpro #shills

Nathan have you any plans to use http://www.unauthorized.tv ?

Dude looks like a lady.

Zuck is a front for Zio agenda.

They're definitely going to get broken up


Zuckerburg has the worlds worse case of date rape face and you dont listen to people with date rape face

When you are ruled by Royalty you are not allowed to have the freedom of speech. The Queen or King owns you and your rights, the crown can take your rights away without any notice. Once you have been issued a birth certificate in the UK you (your entity) is the property of the crown, your parents give your life away to the church and crown soon as they have registered you for a birth certificate. That certificate is what all money borrowing and any debts or criminal charges is related to, its not you personally its your entity they… Read more »

Who uses FB anymore? It's a dying platform. I'm only on YT, and once they kick me off again, I'll be done with the Internet period. All I need to do is watch MSM, and do the opposite.

I rarely get any notifications for your channel.

Zuckerberg sold his soul a very long time ago before FB became known. Backed by nefarious individuals and corporations you would have rocks in your head if you're associated with that company.
Never registered with FB and I'm still happy with my decision. My friends know where to find me.
God bless you all.

These Ameri-Israeli oligarchs are really bad influence to America

Suckerborg at it again… Being that he revels in his "free speech", but it's not for you he thinks… Self limiting beliefs much? Silence his thieving/stealing ass by splitting up his company, or turn off all the fake people on Facebook and watch it be devalued to 1/100th price problem solved.

Macron lives in a bubble dream world…..chooses to do meetings about more regulation with Zuckerberg, and ironically also chooses not to speak to the people protesting just under his window about the regulations France alreay has. Such an idiot.

He's a clammy bio bot.

I hate this little bastard.

F*$k Zookerbug, bust up Monopoly and jam egorythmn method up his arse !

His head should be prototype for high tech toilet seat !

Zuckerspook = Chinese operative for $$$$$$$ ! Call

Please send ur hard earned SHEKELS to NATHANSTIEN and DOSHISTIEN for cheaply made merchandise

A kid was talking to Zuckerberg and said "my dad says you spy on us". Zuckerberg said
" he's not your dad"

The whole internet is fucked off. I don't know what they are doing. Censorship is the least of it and a joke. The technology conveying this fine information of yours is not a joke at all. I watched your video. You are definitely on point with your topic.

I did notice a major change in the algorithm. My 'Up next' recommendations are usually the same msm links or links to unrelated content.

Remember that time Zberg said he "used to be human"….just look at him!! Reminds me of AI…probably a brother to Siri!! Hes a Damn freakazoid! He always said Facebook would be free, so now they will end up asking you to pay a subscription to have ads removed. Claiming that Removing ads would keep privacy controlled…but its too far gone. Nothing but more BS distractions for financial gain and Zberg is just the dipshit silicone face of the establishment
face of the establishment

Just noticed too, I had to hit the bell again. Idk how long I haven't been getting notifications, you're one of my favorite channels! I got one of your Russian Bot shirts.

And this is their condemnation, that the light came into the world and Men comprehended it not, because they loved Darkness more than the light. There is a way that seems right, but the end thereof is the way of death. There will be a Great Famine in the land, not a famine for bread, but for the word of God. And in those days men will run to and fro seeking the truth but it shall not be found for it was written they loved the darkness more than the light.

Gab.ai has replaced Facebook why he is pushing the panic button. It's white supremacist central and uncensored conversations for those not making disparaging comments about jews.

I thought Facebook was already owned by the CIA & Fuckerberg is only a puppet so that we have a face to associate with the network.

Nathan, you mentioned Nasim Aghdam. Have you any suspicions about that case? An Iranian woman shooting up Youtube headquarters. Interestingly, after that event took place, I made a rather provocative comment on a Fox News Youtube broadcast. Five minutes later, I received a phone call from my local jail (I had caller ID). The caller said he called in error. I found that hard to believe.

Of course Zuck… does want regulations. That was the plan all along— Controlled Opposition by Gov who gave their old surveillance Program Framework Data Base, over to the private sector for some to profit off duty, where the majority in the House of Representatives will set up Regulations, and hand pick un-elected regulators given authority to regulate. The good news is FaceBook would no longer be so subject to blackmail by big investors threatening to sell out, like the scare last year and the changes to YT and FB, even TWit,….. But for Leftist People, in the spirit of error,… Read more »

hateful against who? hateful against what?


They are trying to do this now because they know their puppet #Macron will not win ever again

Disgusting. The government does not get to decide, The King of Rome does, &its based on The Law, all Homo Species, all Human Species, &all manKind Species, get their say

For fucks sake… This is what it's all about, total global control and regulation and censorship. Zuckerbugger is "in" bed with the feds.

That's why they created the EU ; arrange it in Brussels and you got all the countries who are in the EU. Easy for lobby.

Suckerberg a thief goes political

You will be assimilated.

Bro I still watch you. Youve got subscribers…..Get them to like and share!

Thank you Nathan. I appreciate you very much! Unfortunately I have very little money to work with. I wish I had more so I could donate to you.

The reason why Mark Zuckerberg wants this regulation is because then the people will have to pay for their own censorship instead of Zuckerberg having to pay out millions if not billions to censor speech.

The rise of the bankers commucorps continues apace…..?

The UK Government are drawing up the White Papers for censorship.

They started after the NewZealand op.

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