YouTube Deletes 8 Million Videos & Brags About It

YouTube Deletes 8 Million Videos & Brags About It

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YouTube Deletes 8 Million Videos & Brags About It

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Jew tube…..666. Israeli Corporate CONtrolled Main Stream media properganda pressititues. Command & conTroll INTRUSIVE SPYING SUPERVISIiON KikeSpinStirredTerrorizm Zionist War by DECEPTAcon Deception Quiet wars silent WEAPONS Gangstalking Gaslighting no touch torture vectorinG Morgellons Disease other nasties TRAPSHOOTINGSHILLZ Synagogue of Satan mammon Jew god usury money BINGO. was his Shame name….

That you tube video was some creepy shit. Reminds me of some Orwellian nightmare novel . That voice is going ton haunt me. Threateningly friendly is a good way to put it.

My list of channels I am subscribed to is about half messages saying this channel has been deleted…

The fact is, they own YouTube so they make the rules. Why no conservative alternative to YouTube ? The only recourse is to boycott the businesses that support them. As long as they make a profit they can do as they like with no penalties.

Thx Nathan, JUST added to our #BestCENSORSHIPVideo Awards Playlist Congrats! We will be doing a special show June 25th hosted by Sean of SGTReport and Sarah Westall of Business Game Changers to fight CENSORSHIP! Thx again for uniting to help fight Google!

Read 1984, that dystopian world coming soon.

Have you considered ?

We can STOP THIS QUICK Vote with your feet right over to a Different Service. Fxck Tube and Zuck !!!!!

with friends like you tube, you'll never need an enema.

Use thise statistics and you have a case against them. You can easily sue youtube for violent extremism, violetion of human right of freedom of speech and misuse and violetion of youtube's capability to determine what should be removed. It is called censorship and propaganda and spreading false news and eliminating true stories. Everybody should sue them. You can easily sue them for violetion and demand repayment with interest rate. People should orginise between each other and together find a lawyer and sue them with collective lawsuit. Start to connect and orginise.

YouTube is officially a safe space! lol!
Taboo Topics with Realist Report's John Friend

Youtube sucks, it's worth a go but if they censor the truth, time to move on.

Seems like all of your titles should be either pro bot or pro yt.

going back to video's that are not there any more…loads of truther stuff has been deleted

An excellent video of a very informative/researched presentation of chemtrails, that I watched 2 months ago, has been removed. I know there are plenty other vids on this subject, but I wonder why this one in particular was removed.

This female voice is like nails on chalkboard (projecting sweet arrogance).. like a parent explains, "because I said so"…

I just flag every video nowadays, even if I like them, I flag them!! Fuck 'em!

I made a video yesterday evidence based about Facebook and Cambridge Analytica…it was blocked worldwide after 1 view with no option to appeal ….it uploaded to VIMEO no problem.

And Tere Joyce of Freedom of Joyce on American Freedom Radio had her whole channel taken down, 2 strikes on the same video and then a four year old pro cannabis video cited as the 3 strikes

What about the ‘experts’ who review all the videos containing violent extremism? Don’t they get brainwashed and become violent extremists themselves?

You tube is going to disapear at the rate they are screwing with people

Youtubes AI shooter psyop was just the start.

Say I am offended to see fat lesbian girls with blue hair and nose ring? Would you tube protect me from getting expose to these angry monsters?

As long as they don't get rid of conspiracy videos. That's my entertainment anymore. I cut the cable because of the rabbit hole.

What about my TV? I just turned on my TV on Fox fucking news this morning. They had a commercial about Direct TV, showing a black bitch screaming out of third story house as her supposedly castrated white boyfriend standing in the street; she is throwing his shit out of the window. His guitar smashed on the side walk, his supposedly cable modem or DVR smashed on the side walk? All this social engineering a black woman is so valuable and above the law, perhaps because she has a vagina? Encouraged to be destructive and violent against a white dude.… Read more »

The primitives who burned books back in the day were proud of themselves too.

But, they got reports of Dave Zublicks video, where he was selling access directions to the supposed Hillary/Huma snuff video, and it's still posted.. never removed.

Where is the cute Boston?

Ryan Dawson a political commentator, has had almost constant censorship because he has been critical of apartheid Zionists actions against the Palestinians.

Just wow. Great video Nathan.

You don't dare publish anything that refutes the globalist narrative. Please don't tell the truth. Keep the propaganda going. I hope everyone starts supporting alternative channels like Dtube, Steemit, and others.

That is vomit worthy communism.

Youtube was brilliant when it came along because it didn't censor much except porn. I got an education from watching things like the Toronto hearings and presentations by AE for 9/11 Truth. Really amazing to learn what I did about 9/11. In the last couple of years I noticed AE9/11 videos labeled with foreign language titles to hide them from the algorithm. The 9/11 genie is out of the bottle and they're trying to put it back in.

Looks like ure producer doing a good job lol.

Zionist Tube

fun for everyone… except if you have the wrong opinion that goes against the neomarxist party line

Welcome to the zionist tyranny.

YouTube is not a community; it's a monopolistic corporation.

I don't see the link to youtube blog? Can you please post it? I'd very much would like to read it myself! So I can make my own video! TYSM!

I believe AI is definitely being used by YouTube.Their blaming newly hired people was a lie.



So if CNN or MSNBC want to have an individual go through your stuff and anyone else that is exposing their crapy brand of journalism they can flag you?

I wonder if the Nazis bragged about how many books they burned?

So many channels I used to check into regularly are now gone. I've lost respect for YT and now go to others like Twitch, Bitchute. Admit I still use YT because of the ease of use yet don't have to like them.

Many of the channels I used to check into on YT are now gone. I've lost all respect for YT. I use others like Bitchute and Twich, etc and must admit I still use YT for ease of use yet I don't have to like them.

Wow, I've tried 3 times to leave a negative YT comment but when I hit "comment" it disappears. Wonder if this will go through.

We live in a government system of Banking and Corporate Fascism. They will probably continue to violate human rights so long as we let them because we still far out number them. But the question is how do we regain and protect our rights peacefully?

Just so you're aware, I saw the thumbnail for this and thought it would be interesting, even though "no views" was stated under it. (Obviously not the case with 3,800 + once I clicked through to the video)…

Remember how the Nazis burned books? Did that protect them from being "overthrown"? They just went underground into the American government under Project Paperclip and now they're burning our videos.

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