YouTube Announces New Shadowban – Conspiracy or “Borderline Content”

YouTube Announces New Shadowban – Conspiracy or “Borderline Content”

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YouTube Announces New Shadowban – Conspiracy or “Borderline Content”

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1,000 layoffs in mainstream media this week.

Youtube, BLACK BALLing, Like in the 1940 and 50s are we as a People moving BACKWARD into the black abyss!

Change platforms.

Belief in the Flat Earth validates what is written in the Holy Bible. This is important with winning souls who may be athiestic, agnostic, etc. The Luciferians are working overtime to destroy belief in the Most High and His mighty works. Never forget that we are in a spiritual battle (Ephesians 6:12).

Facebook has already cracked down.

YouTube is Corel-Ing you createrTORS , JFK, MLK, BOBBY KENNDY, MALCOM and you guys now, all for the "1%" again!

No more Talk between you in ths formats they hear you Strategize, I I'll Miss you all a hell of a lot!

see you on the otherside

wait didn't CNN put out most the lies of the year?

You have my traffic.

I can still listen to any song I could imagine for free. No violations there

The only reason this is a big thing is because most you people approach Youtube with the perspective that the platform not only should host your videos, but also promote your channels. It looks like there's a new method of self-promotion just waiting to be invented, and when it does, Youtube's recommended videos will be a cesspool of cat videos and mainstream late night comedians and will sink on its own.

Microsoft has a new app that block out all news that is not certified by the left. Thank God

First of all I subscribe to anyone that subscribes to me because we need to support each other, too bad some people think their channels are more important than others. This shouldn't ever be about making money it's about the truth. I work 2 jobs and have a family with 3 children. My goal has never been about taking people's money to better my life, I do what I do for humanity. I also make large signs and hang them in heavy traffic areas around the Philadelphia area exposing these traitors of humanity, opening people's eyes to the truth, and… Read more »

ANY IDEAS? Any Plataform to start migration?

My work is a constant shadow ban. If my work went viral they'd be in big trouble.

The regime change in Venezuela will not be televised…

9/11 is mostly done by the Israelis, and some neocon Jews who are protected by the Jews of Hollywood and the Jews of Silicon Valley! Nevertheless, why flat earth bullshit story is offending to anyone; Jews or otherwise. If I am grown ass man who believe in Satan clause, most people should laugh about me, but no one should get hostile about me creating trouble for grown ups?

I would have voted the Acosta mic grab as lie of the year. Not only did he bat her arm away, he lied about, and then they claimed the video of the event was doctored.

This Guy is a thread to the system 🙂 We are past due of sitting behind our computers! Love that Adam lets fuckin do it!!

Proof that Alex Jones is NOT Bill Hicks. Will Nathan concede? Go ahead and ask him..

Ideas cannot be contained. Trying to do so will breed resistance. Shills will make a ton of money.

The Fed sponsors the largest swath of counter-truth, they are happy to foment the incorrect information whether or not it is conspiracy-oriented. They aren't afraid of the American citizenry in the least; however, they do feel a little shame for having revealed their technological prowess when there are competing nation-states. Doubtless a handful knew that demonstration is ninety percent of revelation but oil control is the Sacred Christ of the psychopathic class.


Our rights are being stripped, because they don't want us to communicate

Youtube is for Piaya recipes only.

Nathan, Why not start making some yellow vests highlighting Censorship and we can all start buying them…..get the movement going here~!

Gab is the only freedom of speech site out there now for the most part. I post many of your videos on there because they don't discriminate against content as long as it's not hurting anyone.

Eric Dubay is the king of Flat Earth, hands down.

Any one who questions or puts the facts out there about certain Zionist groups will be censored the ADL and other Zionist groups already have dictated the rule of our law's God forbid you speak out against these Zionist

What's crazy there is a prison in NY that was especially built for white collar crimes for the Jewish and Zionists in this country CRAZY!!!!

Who's going to start the next platform the next YouTube

Reminds me of Stallins Russia. Oh yeah I wonder why Antisemitism was punishable as Capital Punishment. Same element. The devils can do what they want. We get suppressed.

That dude shilled so hard for Roger Stone. Point of the matter is, Roger Stone is a hardcore Zionists whom just puts anyone he doesn't align with politically under the bus.

Flat-earth's a hoax, but they're promoting it as "controversial" – to prepare people for the u.f.o.-invasion false-flag (in coming years). They're running out of regular false-flags – so they're planning for the major-one. 1 – Jesuits & Zionists are constantly being exposed. (In-criminating docs. & videos.)2 – People are learning about the scam of "Civil-Rights" (tired of crime & immigration).3 – Politicians & p.o.t.u.s. are being exposed as puppets for 'Illuminati'.4 – All of it leads to the reality of a global-authority.5 – Which is why we see more censor-ship (under the guise of preventing "hate").6 – And reverse-psychology includes… Read more »

6 million lies and 6 million liars but that is not the problem.
It is their 60 million brain washed collaborators.

Adam Green is being FRAMED – Insane

Personally I thought Youtube was pushing stupid flat earth videos at me.

I just looked up taylor swift official youtube channel and it has 32,000.000 subs so YouTube doesn't need any sort of news sites. TYT only has about 4 mil. YouTube can easily afford to lose you if it pleases their politics and not care. You types (whom I love) are just a pain in the ass to them. The surprise is that you are still here at all.

Thank God for books

How Satan works…

Idk if anyone else is having this problem but for awhile I have been having an issue with not getting notified about new videos of channels I'm subscribed to. Also quite a few channels I have been subscribed to. Then when I have searched their channel because I haven't got notifications I learn that someway somehow (TOUTUBE) Is unsubscribing me. I'm not a person with content I just watch content and what I'm going to do is not watch any recommended videos unless I'm subscribed to the channel it's recommended from.

it's time to start a Truther youtube…time to get off Jewtube…

oh nah nah wtf this is NOT EPIC

Strange! I keep liking this video, and it keeps disappearing after I leave the page. The like is gone when I come back. So basically, your likes are not staying. This could be a reason for your low numbers…

HOLY SHIT that's a real cat???

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