YouTube and Twitter Censor Project Veritas EXPLAINED

YouTube and Twitter Censor Project Veritas EXPLAINED

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Free speech must be protected!!

I'd never heard of your channel.
Now I'm a sub.
Well done, YouTube. You've had the exact opposite effect that you desired. Morons.

I always wondered how they could consider a practicing Jew a white supremacist.

a rental truck with fertilizer and kerosene infront of google, twitter and youtube would be glorious

I would like to hear someone define what a " white supremacist " is. Do you have to proclaim to be one in order to be one?

It must piss them off because they can't ban you yet. And where can I get a Project Veritas jacket?

Thank you for being one of the handful telling the truth and doing actual journalism.

Keep fighting for free speech and actual journalism! It's something that is sadly far too rare these days.

Is that Rolf Ahl? 0:12

Time to dump Pinterest

Time to move to the DLive.

We must all find a NEW PLATFORM, or our Gov must turn these Social media companies into Utility companies and Regulated them just like Phone and Cable companies. Your Phone and Cable company cannot deny you service because of your Views, Beliefs, Religion etc . . .

Bay Area Ideology is a threat to the nation.

The censorship effort is led by the (((you know who's)))

They are losing their power of the media and propaganda theyve abused for over a century

This is former Soviet Union tactics where the people were oppressed.

Stand strong against the billionaire oligarchs. Resist the Ministry of Truth.

You are doing gods work! Keep it up over there! I wish i could help you in this fight. I am willing and able.

Keep up the work..your message is getting across to the leftist.. Little by little we are winning

Expose them all!

They are digging their own grave. Eating their own tail. It's sooo beautiful.

Keep going man, you got them running scared.

It's time to take them all down

Truth is the new hate speech….
And we have a secondary government over our thoughts!

What’s wrong with these people in the tech companies??????

It's not fun for them when you play their game against them.

Oh genius… The left has owned/projected the cocept that THEY ARE the #Resistance. Movies, tv shows, videogames, comic books, anything and everything like propaganda so that when it comes time that we start pushing back it will look like they are in the right. Also it would also guilt would be "traitors" because resisting the Resistance means going against the good guys, right? These people resist nothing when they have the government, the CIA, the FBI, legacy media and entertainment babbling them up thewhile way. They're government approved brown shirts with an identity crisis. I hope those potential insiders eventually… Read more »

We need to take the fight to them, no physically, or physical harm. I mean by exposing them for what they are, and watch their companies topple down.

Truth hurts

We have to take corporate America to court. There's a CIRCUMVENTION going on in, America, and we have to stop it. Govt. Ia actually using corporations, and vice verse. This is what's known as FASCISM, and we're eyes deep in it. To claim that govt. has no right to punish another for their speech, but a corporation can and does ——- I have yet to see in the LAW the same. WHERE IS IT??? Where does the LAW state that a private business can persecute me for my speech? This is a MYTHICAL FANTASY!!! My son was fired from his… Read more »

It's kinda ironic that YouTube recommended me this video…

pure coincidence

Oh heeeeeeell no, fight their system because it’s definitely not ours

(((shapiro))) = white muslim
what a joke

I hope Eric doesn't have a problem finding a new job.

Censorship is ugly

come on, we all know (((who))) you can't go after


Megan MaClellan is a real Nazi Butch Dyke Fascist that slanders innocent people for what she really is guilty of. These leftist Commie/Nazi/Fascists need to be sued for slander to intentionally ruin people's lives and businesses.

Thank you, Project Veritas! Thank you, Eric Cochran! God bless you both for your honesty & bravery! Please keep up the good work!

How is it that James and his staff have yet to receive a Pulizter Prize for their incredible journalism???

These people are scared of real journalists and the truth. Thank you project veritas !!!!

Keep it up guys!!! Love the work!!! Expose the liberal hypocrisy!!!

Prediction: If they keep pushing, at some point the 'youtube incident' is going to happen again.

Why does our president allow this to continue to happen? What will it take to get them to act and protect the rights of American citizens to their voice? God bless you for all you do

I pray the whistleblowers come out of the wood work in droves..! And pray for Project Veritas and the safety of everyone there…

You're right …Ben Shapiro is a jewish supremist.

You posted Megan's username, which is indicative of how Pintrest creates usernames, which is a security threat to Pintrest.

they block porn domains?

Hey Google, stop being little bitches and embrace the way we do things here in America. Competition is the American way. It is in fact fascist to silence your opponents. Time to take the loss and get on the side of real free speech. Get on the side of America, rather than advancing the political mechanisms of socialist China. How long do you think you'll survive this?

Shit just get way too real.

This is why I am all for Congress, Trump and AG Barr in kicking off a Massive Criminal investigation against Silicon Valley. Start off with investigating them for violating the Sherman Act, RICO Statute Violations and every antitrust violations in the Federal books.


Truth Matters
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