Yellow Vests, Moon Landing, Craig Sawyer

Yellow Vests, Moon Landing, Craig Sawyer

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Yellow Vests, Moon Landing, Craig Sawyer

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Thank goodness for a French/American on who lives in Paris, I asked about what was going on 2 weeks ago because my daughter and her boyfriend were booked to be in Paris for a romantic 4 days finishing tonight. He gave a very good honest summation of what was happening and they re-booked for later on and went to Oslo Norway instead. They are headed back to the UK tomorrow and have had a FANTASTIC time. Thank you Metanoiac on! – btw he does a great few posts regarding Paris – I direct messaged him on voat… Read more »

energy was bad today.

Did you know Bayer now owns Monsanto? I just heard that recently.

At least RT is there. U know full well msm in the states will give u shit for report. I trust RT more than anything.

fuck chris dickey !!!

You mean shooting – up the Christmas Market didn't turn Yellow Vests to the side of the Government/Police? That was supposed to take the wind out of the sails of the protests. It's a shame when false flag mass murder events don't work as promised. "Much smaller scale". I guess it did work. Especially if it morphs into an anti-Muslim movement.

The cult was called "The Family".

1990…c-span isis = mossad
israel special intelgnc service

ANTIFA posing as yellow vests are going to ruin everything.

I don't believe the Mars landing is real. Because they're was an article highlighted on Google News this week, about the Mars orbiter photographing the Mars Landing craft on the surface. It's was a bright teal light on the surface of Mars (photographed from space), and they said the bright teal light is the black solar panels. Yeah, right. And then they had a picture of "a selfie" made by the landing craft, which is totally detailed, totally clear of the vehicle inself, but the Mars surface just 20 feet away below the craft is just a red smudge, zero… Read more »

The bulldozing of the area of suspect in Arizona draws alot of similarites to the wiping of Killary's server, and the latest findings of Strok's and Page's cell phones being wiped. If it smells like a pig, looks like a pig and acts like a pig…

Why do I get the feeling that this 'uprising' is a staged event….perhaps originating from A.I. and shuffled down to the Military/Deep State for implementation?

Dude sounds like you have a boy crush on Big Bar!

Thx for keeping us updated, Nathan.

Who is Craig Sawyer?

A millionaire….should drop pallets of machine guns down to those people.

there was another video that someone made that shows that the rover suffered damage on the lot between shoots and repairs were made…so on different nasa vids the rover will have minor changes like the fenders

When muh,c'saw is being interviewed by Shroyer something weird when Clooks down…very, sorry I was a kid victim, I see shit. Verify w/ your own eyes and open mind. Cognitive dissonance can go both ways…in this case I hope I'm just being delusional. Probably.

I personally believe the yellow vest movement is a psyop that has dragged normal people in.

Almost nothing gets on TV unless it's part of their plan.

What happened your show? You can't verify your call-ins info. You are such a-hole. Who cares. Don't open your lines then. Weak!

And there are ignorant dumb ass liberals that haven't figured it our yet. When the shit hits the fan, they will have a rude awakening.What the hell do they think they will get out of a world take over. They cry about their special rights, they wont have any rights and will still be on the bottom .

I'm so sorry that I never get your notifications for live. What a bunch of fools calling in. We love you and appreciate all that you do! God bless you and your loved ones!!

You see that gouys! we only need to drop Trumps approval to 23% for the fun to begin almost there!

Yes Nathan, Sumi!

Man the skateboarding and tiramisu scene in France has really taken a blow. F ing Macron. I need that new Polar vid to drop. God bless Pontus Alv.

Make a shirt that says Pitchforks into Chabad and maybe I"'ll sub to the shit show. Can't stop watching Nate! Good summary of news.

More Macaulay Culkin oddity. Trolling and creepy.

change everything "Russian" to "Jewish" and suddenly it all makes sense. Is that anti-semitic ADL?

The gov/military will always shut people down, because they have the war gear on. No one can fight back without the machines, tear gas and the bullet proof vests, etc., The best way to stop the machine, is to stop going to work, stop supporting the system, get prepared and have food/water supplies stored. The system will shut down fast if everyone stops working…period.

Dude! It's so evident that Owen is angry at his kids for. being round earth (globalists) that he is going to poison them with gummies. Nice try Benji. ya bitch.

New pizzagate connected video starring the child star actor from the home alone movies!!!!



Fiat money is not socialism – it is financial capitalism.

Could the "Yellow Vest" thing have been planned?… Check out the cover of "The Economist" "The world in 2017."

My heart goes out to Owen. It's a rough ride sliding down the rabbit hole. Lots of jagged edges sticking out on the ride down. On top of finding out the entire world you thought you knew is fucked in this time in history, you see some seriously dark stuff out of humans hiding behind a key board. Its a double whammy.

for the inside story of Emmanuel Macron, search for this:
"Who does Emmanuel Macron owe?"

by Thierry Meyssan

We are indoctrinated with the idea that intelligent people believe certain ideas, and when these ideas are challenged, people's positive self image that they are intelligent is threatened. That's why they lash out. Ironically it's an emotional rather than a rational response.

We still have low/affordable rent and mortgages down South.

$400-$1000 for studios-houses for rent;

$100k will still get you a decent house.


Moment of silence heard.

Taking a situations intensity from 0 to 10 is what cops do, give people more problems on top of what they already have!!!

Multiple light source angles is all you have to say and it's done. There are so many holes but that's one anyone could understand. Also where is the 360 degree video? People don't like things that shake up their reality. Its almost like the brain, in order to protect itself, won't allow them to see what's right in front of them

Somebody plays her videos every now & then for a laugh:-) wow, the $5.00 remark from Sawyer kind of tells me something..he said & had a video saying he had a place for these children to go to where they can get help. It showed him in a building wth an older lady. Then there was the video showing where his family helps these kids. The one check I saw LLC on it. That's a company Alex Jones has because I would get my products sent to me from it. I never see him wth other guys or talk about… Read more »

Good stuff as usual.

We are change is 100% a shill

Everyone might want to watch this video in full before making a decision of what is really going on. From someone living in France.

Can anyone update me on bill smith? I cant find shit about bill smith

I love RT.

Good call, Nathan on quoting Jesus about not worrying about anything. He went on to say that our Father knows we kneed the essentials and we can trust Him to take care of us if we seek Him and His righteousness first; and Paul told us that the righteousness of God comes through faith in Christ! Praise God! Jesus also said that we must be born of water (natural birth) and the Spirit to enter the Kingdom, and that those who are born of the Spirit are like the wind; no one can exactly predict where it's going to come… Read more »

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