Wolfgang Halbig w/ Lift the Veil – Lenny Pozner Trial (Sandy Hook)

Wolfgang Halbig w/ Lift the Veil – Lenny Pozner Trial (Sandy Hook)

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Wolfgang Halbig w/ Lift the Veil – Lenny Pozner Trial (Sandy Hook)

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Long time no see, good to see you back!

At a time when everyone has a camera, when every school has security video, when every police car has dash cams with a date and time stamp, we have zero pictures, zero video and zero audio. We have "This person on TV said this…" We have "These signed documents said XYZ happened." At Columbine, we have…PICTURES of kids evacuating the school.VIDEO of kids evacuating the school.PICTURES of scared kids hiding.VIDEO of scared kids hiding.PICTURES of the shooters with their weapons.VIDEO of the shooters with their weapons.AUDIO of the shots fired.PICTURES of wounded kids.VIDEO of wounded kids.PICTURES of bodies being removed… Read more »

The links in my previous reply seem to have a space at the end causing them to not work. Please try the following links or remove the space at the end of one that does not work. For those who want to know more than what is presented in this video, please look at the documents in the links below, then ask yourself why the roofs of Sandy Hook school are in such poor condition. http://chartfactors.org/Doc6.png. http://chartfactors.org/Doc7.png. http://chartfactors.org/Doc8.png. Now look at the progress of civil case Lenny Pozner VS Wolfgang Halbig. https://courtrecords.lakecountyclerk.org/showcaseweb/#/caseDetails/1335568/dockets. Then ask where is the voice communications log… Read more »


Great interview Nathan, Thank God for Mr. Halbig what a wonderful man. I pray that God protects him and his family.
What a sick government we have controlling us. Only a revolution will maga!

Lee DeCoske is running a sock puppet campaign to discredit Sandy Hook truth.His puppet accounts include:Steven Waddock (Connecticut)Mavis Riley Junior (British)Sammyjeans1Bigenashtgear77ascoop22djstcroixSanFrangirl1982sarahrolieCathyInConnSeedDub All of the above pos(t)ers I have dealt with directly are sock puppets of cointelpro government paid agents of disinformation. They will use dishonest debate techniques, in an attempt to convince others, that the government psycological operation and manipulations of the "truth" are fact. They will always use faked anecdotal "evidence" in their attempts to "convince". Anecdotal "evidence", is the kind of "evidence", that a con man uses, to perpetrate a fraudulent con game. ALWAYS demand scientific type empirical… Read more »

The dominoes are are starting to fall. Vance is pooping in his pants. He will do time for falsifying a crime. Same with Malloy.

God Bless you Wolfgang!! You have undergone amazing suffering!! Get a personal trainer and get fit!! We need you around along time!!

God Bless you Wolfgang!! You have undergone amazing suffering!! On Guard!! They will bury you as well as all your question!!

Pozner son died also died in Pakastani shooting? Read up on Eric Holder and Project Longevity, Agenda 21, Libor Scandal, Cults MRA and UWP in Connecticut for decades, singing a lot at the Super Bowl, the Masonic Lodge, and Fairfield Mental Hospital with it's tunnels underneath where alleged experiments were done. Scary!

SHAMDY CROOKS! Funny, read an old article abt ol Lenny who was described as a "FORMER right-wing conspirator." hmmm He made a deal w the Obama devil I wud guess. GET EM WOLF!!!!!

DAVID The Pig Faced HOGG is the new Lenny Posner.

Wolfgang is the man!

Wolfgang the rottweiler- never letting go of this until opponent is defeated.

Conspiracy theorist bitching and crying about being harassed after harassing the victims and families of Sandy Hook?


This guy is NOT the run of the mill conspiracy theorist. He's a bonafide government investigator who's sole cause is to protect people. Why a good attorney can't get him some legitimate exposure is beyond me. There are more red flags in the Sandy Hook incident than there are in all the other conspiracies combined.

Found it, thanks for all that you do!

I mourned greatly for the Pozner boy, first when he died in sandy hook, then when he died in Pakistan! Let us all pray for the boy that died twice in two different shootings, in two different countries…what a tragedy!

Anyone else think L Pozner might be mossad with dual citizenship ?

You know that it was a false flag when they put their forced definition of it under each and every video about Sandy Hook. This is ridiculous. This is America, isn't there ANY hondent judges who feel like ENOUGH IS ENOUGH about this stupid and tragic event??? What the hell? Any Judges? Scalia maybe?? No, they killed him. We really need to get to the bottom of Sandy Hook and now.

I'll tell you how they responded. The 911 operator calls the Connecticut State police and says, "Hey, guess what's going down in Newtown?". That is how the fucking 911 operator announced the mass shooting to the Connecticut state police. Read the transcripts and listed to the recordings. Remember, China wants us disarmed. Remember, Malloy went to china and then when he came back and was asked what he meant when he said, "We've been told that something like this would unfold in our county".. Malloy says, "That was another Malloy, I didn't say that..". What the fuck??


As of August 21, 2018 Pozner dropped the lawsuit. The media said nothing. They announced the lawsuit, but not the dropping. Typical. I was asking "What the hell could he sue him for" and was told "because he put Poisoners name on his website. I just now found out from Halbig that it was emotional distress. So why did he drop? I'll tell you why? Because anything could happen in court. I hope Halbig is being funded. The lawsuit costed $3300. That lawyer was stupid to include the toner cartridges. Good lawyers are hard to find. Man, I'd take this… Read more »

Wolfgang this is a man that has good manners excellent credentials and stood when so many never heard a word out of his mouth and called him a hater HE WAS NEVER DISRESPECTFUL If these ppl lost children why dont they want to know the truth. Any parent who has lived this horror knows you need the truth not secrets. Wolfgang you stand against corruption went most men coward. Thank you for your bravery TRUE AMERICAN

The guys a badass.

Wolfgang stay tough big man … the truth comes with so much pain ….
You are an great American !
A true example of a beautiful mind.

This dude is an idiot. You don’t call “trauma helicopters” if you don’t have any viable victims. A police officer is trained on what is “obvious signs of death” ( lividity, rigor mortis, visible brain matter ect). You do not need a doctor to say someone with visible brain matter is dead. A doctor has to sign the death certificate, they do not have to say a person is non viable, and thus does not require transport to the hospital. As a paramedic, I’ve made that call on well over 100 people. The tin foil hat burgage continues to show… Read more »

I would love to help this guy Wolfgang out. Hey Wolfgang, if you need help with your fight I'd love to help you out!

Sandy hook was a total fraud carried out by the deep state to sway public opinion on gun control. They're trying to disarm the American people so they can usher in the New World Order, that is the simple and plain truth. Anybody with a quarter of a brain, who has looked into this subject, would see that. Peace.

How can you get killed twice?Pozner boy got killed in India a couple of years after Sandy hook. Not only is it the same boy, it's the same fucking photohraph..

Thanks we all need truth

Probably a big reason why they shut down Alex Jones. Sure he is a character and plays a news actor/anchor, in a way in kinda genius because many dismiss what he has to say all the while many times hes correct or at the very least on the right track with his information. Deep state is scared because people like Wolfgang, Alex, Qannon are lifting the Veil on truth, showing people the spin as Q said up is down,down is up, ect. With the right set of eyes you can truly see this at play. Its fascinating in that how… Read more »

Mueller has been legit involved in everything from sandy hook to 911 seems like every dirty psyop he’s involved except for law vegaa

And here I am, in August of 2018 & I'm still curious about this and still looking into the whole thing.

That alone proves that WE as a Nation will never quit questioning this thing, no matter who calls us "crazy" or mentally unstable, or any other dismissive names.

I can promise you that in 10, 15, 30, YEARS from now there will STILL be MANY people asking questions and seeking answers, There are Legions of us, and we're not going to go quietly away.

According to the FBI there were zero murders in Newtown Conn. in 2012.
Explain that.

This is how they teach people who tell the truth what happens…lenny pzner is an evil eveil character…he is either an CIA or FBI asset…you can be sure he isnt funding this case himself…this cant be legal to run up a massive legal bill against someone who speaks the truth…the lease Mr Halbig should get out of this is his legal bills paid by this scumbag and an official apology…Pzner is a fake character and probably the most professional fulltime creation of the Sandy Hook farce…there could never be a court case…Pozner would have to provide all sorts of proof,… Read more »

Crime scene photographs? Autopsy reports?
There is zero primary source evidence of a CMI.


The report did finally release and I did a cursory read. It's just a pile of non-specific BS. Most of it is probably made up, but what wpuld you expect?

Time to find out who he is. I suspect he was a paid pawn, they have nothing to lose with another lie.

Stop it Wolfgang
Yes to Sandy Hook Investigation
No to believing in Trump

Hartford Courant is pronounced Hartford current

A response I made to a pos(t)er below, with a small contextual addition, seems generally applicable:

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence — including exhumed bodies, or better yet, proof of the dead bodies before they were allegedly "buried." The Sandy Hook fiasco has identically zero evidence to support the official narrative, and answers to Wolfgang's simple, rational questions and requests have not been given. Instead, he has been met with threats and stonewalling. Something in Sandy Hook smells like a dead tuna that has been rotting on the sandy hook beach for the past six years.

The State Police of today are riddled with corruption. Look at what is currently going on with the Massachusetts State Police. It seems like pretty much every authority and institution has become corrupted. Pretty sad. I have the utmost respect for Wolfgang's tenure as a State trooper — that was many years ago. Look at how he was illegally stonewalled by the police when he simply tried to view some documents at United Way in CT. Wolfgang's tenacity is epic. Keep fighting the good fight, Wolfgang!



Omg it’s pronounced “Hartford current”
Love the channel

Wolfgang! Woot! You go, guy!

Just look at Wolfgang. So many years, so much information gained through freedom of information and NOT ONE thing that has come out of his twisted mind is given any evidence. The only thing he has done is rake victims families through hell trying to reinforce his conspiracy theories. Causing real harm to real grieving people. The real monsters are the shooters and then the people who try and blame the victims families for being "Actors". What a bunch of pig shit.

Sandy Hook was a gun grab hoax. Ppl who say they don't see this are either blind sheep or bad actors. Enjoy your chains!

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