Why Did Mosque Shooter Travel To Israel, North Korea, Pakistan…?

Why Did Mosque Shooter Travel To Israel, North Korea, Pakistan…?

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Why Did Mosque Shooter Travel To Israel, North Korea, Pakistan…?

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WOW that beautiful Siamese cat wow my first time on here i LOVE that cat and i am a dog person and thank you for sharing this incredible story

Hello doshee

I wonder if this guy is mind controlled are a gladio operative

On WE ARE CHANGE youtube channel luke rudowski says the are putting new Zealanders in jail for 10 years if they speak are posts are have videos now that is big brother controlling PEOPLE in mass and than gun control as well

All co-conspirators will suffer the wrath of military tribunals as enemy combatants. The charge, TREASON. The PUNISHMENT. Short drop, quick stop. You will HANG. This includes employees of you tube

How did he pay for all the travel??

He's probably living it up in some mansion somewhere, he was definitely paid and well resourced by an outside party, it was all a massive plot from the left to disarm people all over he world for the rise of Islam so we cannot fight back and unfortunately it's working

More spies in NZ than sheep. Mark my words.

Kebab remover/fitness trainer…. with no academic background… And then inherit money from late daddy = Bingo Brento* Tarran*

It's a hoax. All these events are fake. People will never learn.

First time watching and love cat in the back!!! I would come back just for the kitty cat lol

He thought he was 007 so he traveled to hostile Nations and Mossad training.

If you don't think the great replacement is real then you aren't paying attention.

False flag.FFS

Weapons easily supplied by CIA/Mossad if they were so inclined.

Yea I thought it was weird not seeing his face on our own country’s media outlet… but plastered through articles from overseas….

Its the jews!!

nice try, Lift The Yarmulke, but we've seen where your loyalty truly lies

This channel is just trying to maek you believe that a shooting actually occurred, but it's a contrived event. It's the same filming technique used in the film Hardcore Henry. There was no massacre; only a televized fear ritual with special effects. Wake up folks.

I mean people do travel… lol but those are rather one of the sketchier countries… I dont wanna say this but I have the holy grail of this event and it is def REAL and not crisis actors. That's my OPINION. But yeah, but I def think he was a leftist MK ultra sleeper cell

Turkey and Pakistan are hotbeds of SUNNI Islam. Besides SA and Sudan they are the top. Also this guy was for sure trained. His movement and breach were not an amateur

US DEEP STATE FALSE FLAG. Military training, censorship etc. Highly suss.

Jesus come soon!

Its just a lone gunman!!!! Nothing to see…go back to sleep

i swear these mossad and israel conspiritards are the same intellectuals as the flat earth and anti vaxers. grow a fucking brain or better yet. i will hire mossad agents to hunt you down.

I urge everyone to go to 7:19 in the original video and explain how the man crawling on the ground centre of screen can disappear through a fucking wall ….

The guy just had enough of this Muslim shite we have to put up with on a daily basis end of. He wasn't a mossad agent ffs

The shooter looks like a actor….he looks a actor quasi famous in the 80s, an 90s…that wasn't the same guy but he could easily be his uncle….

Because he is a C. I. A asset…!

Fuck you're an idiot.

I bet he was just a live leaker. :V


It looks like people having trouble to believe that he’s just some white racist.
Of course there’s something there that guy was screaming about the bitconnect scam – if he invested in it I can see why he’d shoot people !

Your Siamese seal point is beautiful my parents bought me a kitten when I was about 12 it’s name was Ming very loyal cat it used to come fishing with me my German shepherd and Doberman were scared of it.

We are all Awake. Thank for the correct information.
Reminds me of 911 and paris staged Mosaad attack. Just like Syria, Golan, and Iran. Zionists want New Zealanders.

my friend I have video give me your whatsapp I will send you that dog man kill innocent people Muslims in mosque

Cool co-host

I learnt absolutely nothing from this video

He was a an angry and depressed beta incel who was angry at the world and wanted to take his rage out on a group of people he could blame for his shitty life spent behind a computer desk playing video games. No conspiracy here

Maybe Israel has something to do with this terrorist attack on the mosque

ZH ZThe West says they have freedom of speech, lmfao from China, many videos relating to this incident have shut down the comment section. You say something against Muslims and their cult, your account will be shut down no matter what. Muslims killed each other and innocent people, leftards say terrorists are not Muslims, mainstream media like BBC trying so hard to cover up, if you say something PC warriors don't like, they say what you say is hate speech and immediately shut your mouth by crippling your accounts, the west really and honestly is slowly dying inside! Smh 24… Read more »

I can smell lack of education hear reading these comment guys need to go back to school and educate your self on islam
And yes this is the doing of Israel. 100% no doubts at all
All the far right are funded by Israel

It's all part of the next wore its to be Fort internationally there trying to start it of keep your eyes open for mi6 dressed as the mad mullahs

It is possible that he may have received his instructions from some radical group in Israel. Then was told to travel to North Korea and Pakistan, to make it appear as though he received his radicalization from North Korea, In other words, confuse the origin of the radicalization and throw investigators off the track. It's like in the movies, the prison fugitive will wade through a river to through off the scent for the bloodhounds to follow. Moslems and Israelis coexist in Israel, so it is unlikely that he was radicalized from there, Pakistan would not want its fellow Muslims harmed,… Read more »

Doshi you're so cool & you ROCK

You guys look way into things he just was a stupid dude with a lot of hate.

Whatever he was. He got revenge for all the innocents killed in Paris, London and Manchester which is near my home town. Which is also near rochdale where gangs of Muslims target underage young non Muslim girls as rape jihad. Stop reading between the lines this was an unstable man. But the guy had big balls and courage that you far left will only realize when it’s to late.

This is all to push the narrative that people who like memes are school (or mosque) shooters. Disgusting.

Do you ever wonder why for example, Muslims marry children, molest children, break kids arms if they steal, cut of peoples hands, behead people, kill people if their gay, and yet Western Government, push Muslims into our Western culture, and why Muslims constantly migrate to Western countries. All this is deliberately done, now don’t get me wrong, this is not a hate speech, My hate is against the Zionist pushing this shit.I don’t believe what your saying, that this guy is this and that, I just believe, he could see what most common sense people can see, their countries going… Read more »

Why was a grasshopper ran over in morroco the same day a lady bug hit a windshield in iceland 10 mins apart??????? Oh the humanity.

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