Who Does Ilhan Omar Think Did 9/11?

Who Does Ilhan Omar Think Did 9/11?

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Who Does Ilhan Omar Think Did 9/11?

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The dancing Israel's on 911 will explain who did it

No planes on 911

Not too long until the masses are 100% awake then the battle for a constitutional republic restoration begins….with or without the use of deadly force via the 2nd amendment. Political leaders are absolutely shitting their pants and will more than likely try to use our military brothers sisters friends moms and dads against us who will undoubtedly be on our side, not theirs.

The problem isn’t just a left issue. This corruption is imbedded in all sides attempting to make an even larger gap between the already divided lines. People need to understand that this group is trying its damndest to incite violent outrage within the population so they can step in to take control with their government strong arm. The theater is obvious and this clown show needs to be put in its place. Zionism is the problem and it involves the leftist and many on the right. We can pick sides here. We must only stick with facts and truths of… Read more »

Muslims hate us because of Israel.

May i mention the FBI posted a 9/11 memorial on April 1st April fools day.. coincidence ? I think not

Look up Christopher Bollyn

Boom boom boom we know 9/11 truth & Corbett report

Chris Bollyn also has highly insightful presentations about Mossad and their role in 9/11

Trump and Trumpanzees are a mentally ill cult…complete garbage.

Dude . By saying “did something” she has minimized the tragedy . No American would call the murder of 2500 people “ something”. She is Un-American.

I slut 2020 ilhan omar

Hagelian dialected

It's all a show

Ilhan Omar is talking about the Islamaphobia muslims experienced after 9/11…..and the stupidly held concept that every Muslim in the world was responsible. To prove her point The Orangutan Potus has whipped up yet more Islamaphobia and put her life at risk. fucking racists are openly allowed to do that? Don't make excuses for them. There's a war against Muslims and it is a lot more real than the fake anti semitism

‘Some people did something’ ?!?! Has she been trained / handled by the same guy as Bush Jr?

She's telling it from the perspective of being a muslim in America. A religious group targetted by casual racist comments from your President who previously banned all Muslims from entering the US……yet Saudi Arabia who practice an extreme form of Islam called Wahabbiism is a close friend and ally and can do no wrong…even if they bombed 900 schools in Yemen and chopped up a muslim journalist, Khasoggi, in their Embassy in Turkey!!! Of course you agree with her …she's pointing out how Muslims are villified yet in the same breath the Zionist Christian fundamentalists are embracing the real evil… Read more »

Goyim remember. Shut it down!

Christopher Bollyn Making Sense of the War on terror. It's on youtube

The thing is, even Michael Moore made the Saudi connection and pointed to the stock market shifts before the attacks. Now he says we are all Muslims, whether we like it or not. CAIR is no better than the Zionist NWO-types. Why do people separate Zionists from Islamists, they both want the same thing. The Saudi Royal Family claim to be Jews. Whether we are called Kuffar or Goyim, we are nevertheless the ones earmarked for extermination or slavery, especially the White Kuffar or Goyim.

IIhan Omar is no better than Benjamin Netanyahu. Islamophobia is as big a whine as anti-Semitism. Both Zionists and Islamists screech equally as loud about White nationalism and White supremacism.

I don't like insulting people, but how the hell do people of profoundly low quality, such as O'Rourke, Harris and Booker ever get to be presidential candidates.

Can anyone tell us the interpretation of Islam that is not barbaric, racist and supremacist? The koran and the talmud were scribed by the same megalomaniacal, murderous and mendacious mindset.

so seems to me maybe we should have an actual investigation of 911

Omar is for open borders, anti Syria…but she is saying some controversial stuff, and she is held up as a truther? Omar is a Zionist gate keeper. Omar is doing her job, playing her role, so Trump and the rest of the array of Zionist paid actors can play it up. This is all theater. These are clips, every bit as choreographed as the media, to push a narrative and distract from real issues.

Divide and conquer, when someone divides US, you know they work for the Zionist globalist Communists. Just like "AOC", these frauds are pushed up by the Zionist to push an agenda that is then used by the media divide us. Trump is one big con job. Trump was installed to manage the downfall of America by his Zionist pay masters.

How many plays are going to be shoved down American's throats before they catch on? Clinton and her emails, anything happen there, or Obama and the birthers, or Trump and Russiagate…these are all fake, distractions. If the media reports it, it is part of their agenda. There are things that happen everyday that we NEVER hear about. But here we have a Congresswomen who on many important issues is a total globalist Zionist, yet because she says some incredibly innocuous statements, she is a "truther", NO, like Joe Rogan and AOC, she is a paid actor.

Thanks j€w$, Smart, logical People know [email protected]€l controls the U.S.A. all roads lead to Moscow. Some 15_20 million Russian J€w$ relocated to Tel Aviv in the last decades. Hi tech sector anyone. KGB = m○[email protected] AMERICA it's been nearly twenty years and most are still clueless. Smh

Omar laughed during that interview. 911 and al-Qaeda aren't funny. This woman is pure evil.

Don't kid yourself, this woman isn't being inclusive of all Americans as victims of Deep State crimes. She's pulling a Farrakhan tactic. Stick up for your little group only.

Basement nukes. Israel did it. It's so obvious once you open your mind to the possibility.

Uh, Israel, duh.

Dr. David Duke for President … don't hate, investigate

I watched a wise Ole Muslim speaking, and he said that the Quaran came from the old testament. I have read it twice, and it seems to be correct…. Y'all need to accept that the Abrahamic religions serve evil. Even Yahyew sacrafised its son

"All turned to dust…" Research Dr. Judy Wood's presentation on the towers. (Unknown technologies)

Nwo suissies, secret societies, B us _ family, it was part of the plan of the destruction of America. Satanists, 33degree Masonic plan

I believe 911 was setup so they, law enforcement, can be a rapist and a pedophile.

She's wearing a space suit.

Is it ok to not like the M's or the J's? Now they are burning down our churches so….jussayin

It's the Jew$, ALWAYS the eff'n Jew$, then as now – "By DECEPTION they shall make war…" (9/11 WAS AN INSIDE KO$HER EFF'N JOB!…)

Too bad the Twin Towers weren't made out of the same paper that that pristine passport that they found on the street was, of one of the hijackers. Maybe the structures would still be there

When someone commits a “thought crime”, the first tack is to label and shame them.

Start a video with Alex Jones and I will not watch it what a jerk he is.

I can’t stand the Alexander-idiot-Occasional-Kotex. And you plastered her picture in your video? Can’t watch vid! That’s pain!

Aleister Crowley's 'Book of the Law', Chapter 2:21

"We have nothing to do with the prospect and the unfit: let them die in their suffering. For them we do not feel. Compassion is the Vice of Kings: Stomp down the miserable & the weak: This is the law of power: These are for the servants of the stars & the snake."

Sarah Sanders – you efficiently encapsulate all that is wrong with humanity in a distasteful bundle; a bundle that among other things is completely devoid of love and empathy for fellow human beings. Who is your master and is it worth following them?

You nailed the topic – as always! Gr8t show !

You nailed the topic – as always! Gr8t show !

Tulsi has a good message, but so did Trump before he was elected. He said the Earth is flat then he rolled out fake space force. We need to stop the politicians from taking our freedom and just live free. Stop voting!

CAIR was founded in 1994 according to Wikipedia. I guess it was a mistake in the speech written for her to say it was founded after 9/11.

Course you can talk about it, just grow a pair Nathan your stream is getting pathetic !

If you keep self censoring you deserve what’s coming your way bud, just call the shit for what it is, come on !!

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