White Nationalism BANNED On Facebook

White Nationalism BANNED On Facebook

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White Nationalism BANNED On Facebook

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Did Faceberg ban Jewish nationalism (zionism) too?

How are we ever going to resolve current issues if we can't even have an open discussion about them? I know the internet doesn't fall under the Constitution, but we're using platforms founded by Americans, how are our rights, our freedoms, being trampled on this badly by our own fellow citizens?

Only whites can't be nationalist. Not allowed our own countries. Not allowed to advocate for race. Can't advocate for your ethnic group if they're white.
It's fine for everyone else though.
Here's some hypocrisy. There are black south african facebook groups linked with officials and groups there who have either called for white genocide or support farmer murders and dispossession

I really strongly dislike white nationalism but I dislike this censorship even more. There needs to be laws preventing youtube from doing what thyre doing

You are on the list of enemy controlled opposition.

FB Is a media platform designed for the Jews and propagandists to control what people think. But the truth is winning, so they are coming down hard on censorship. Another reason is Son of Man is on FB, and took it over and exposing everything.

The parasites have the focus on blacks and whites for the great divide. The focus was on them for a while, then everyone had to focus elsewhere on the smallshit smollett instead of Golan Heights etc.

facebook is anti white.

I thought only "Russian bots" still use Facebook. Ugh. Puke. Facebook does something else that makes me glad I deleted that pos years ago.

The point IS to create division and create tension. Whites against minorities, tensions between men & women, affluent and poor, working class against the elites. Christians against Muslims, Palestinians against Jews. Republicans against Democrats. Libertarians against government, Truth against lies. The more people can't express their fears or concerns they get angry and resentful. This is what the desired outcome is: Chaos. The one world government cannot take hold without chaos. We cannot give them what they want. We have to see the issues and talk them out in community. Everyone should leave that platform (FB) anyway. It's nothing more… Read more »

FREE SPEECH should mean FREE SPEECH!!! I agree with Nathan that I disagree with them but they and much worse should have a right to believe what they believe & speak to it

You should have Conte on, he’s banned for a week.

No longer OK to be white.

Last one, we need to stand up for each other not just “our own”. Remember it’s really us vs. them not white/black or white/white. Good vs. Evil, priorities people

Cling to the Constitution with both fists clenched…and remember that it is the highest law of this land! Do not let them take our remaining freedoms and our human rights!!! Look up Schaeffer Cox,… he had real world solutions to what we’re all facing today! Once you know the TRUTH, it is imperative that you act! “All that it takes for evil to triumph, is for good men to stand down and do nothing!”

Their needs tibe a hierarchy established regarding humans

I can’t believe this censorship is happening. This goes against everything we are supposed to stand for. Facebook is going to just go away. Younger people don’t think it’s cool. I’m not saying anything that everyone already knows. I’m just alarmed by what’s happening. So Facebook is going to try and what? Rehabilitation of those whom they don’t agree with? Yeah, makes a lotta sense. I’m sure this is gonna work out real well. I swear, the world has turned upside down. Restricting speech isn’t going to help anyone or anything.

This is beyond censorship! Practically blatant brainwashing

They will start tracking your search terms???? So glad i use Ghostery now!! This is insane. Welcome to 1984.

Digital re-education camps.

Jews own Facebook and Jews run white nationalist, so it doesn’t matter

Hey everyone, just remember this…. A HATE GROUP is simply a group that everyone is ALLOWED TO HATE.

Jew supremacist rule it's a moment when the white CHRISTIAN ANIMAL GOYIM find out they re American PALESTINIAN s. Trump for Israel first fuck American Christian animal goyim

You know what. I am Black and I can see that White people are facing what many of my people have. Make no mistake, the elite will make you the new nuggets. Since I am Black I can say this. If you don't believe me look up my fucking name.

And where the hell are the Confederate Statues. Do not let them erase history or you will be enslaved by them as we were. Many Blacks know what really happened. Whites are not to blame and we are not deceived as to who the true perpetrators ARE.

I had my normie facebook and my discussion on Jews facebook. I lost all my facebook accounts. Even the one I never talked about the jews on.

Shouldn't it be native American nationlist white people stole and conquered this land go read your Jewish Bible

Oliver Wendell Holmes is turning over in his grave to see what's been done with his 1st Amendment theory that the marketplace if ideas will sort out all forms of speech, except the type that cries out "Fire," in a crowded theater. The only speech that can be banned is from Brandenburg v. Ohio. 1969, which sets the — still current– standard of "imminent harm of incitement and/or violent injury"

You are one of the few opened and respectful young anglo man I have heard speaking. I am white with a family full of minorities including my children and grand children. Nathan, your just a good dude believing and searching for the truth. Definitely white nationalism should have the right of free speech on any platform

If we're not allowed to discuss separation, Facebook has institutionalised colonisation. But only for white countries.

Basque separatism has been associated with terrorism for decades. They cannot be "meaningfully separated" but that didn't bother Facebook until just now, and it looks like they still intend to allow Basque separatism.

So they are making it so we can't even stick up ourselves, because reasons

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Is it only targeting white groups.
I hope they're not showing bigotry by excluding other race groups. I think this is why more white groups have grown the first place.

It just gets sicker every day. They are causing me depression. This is gaslighting.

Truth may hurt but LIES KILL.

This must cause u content creators a lot of stress. I feel stress just from posting things and get crap for my non pc posts so you guys must be going through hell I would think.

I think twice before I comment or give a thumbs up on anything.

What's Facebook?


Hi Nathan. I love dipping in to your shows here in Somerset UK. Love the clothing too….!! Keep up the GOOD WORK……..!!! David

New "EU Directive" shutting down people's internet in Europe. See – The Duran Youtube "Article 11 & Article 13:Internet R.I.P" published 27 March 2019

Fuck racists!

Pre election clean up

Book burning on its way back

I find this very disturbing who judges who is a white nationalist because according to the Democrats that's anybody that's a Republican or doesn't agree with their point of view.

I disagree with all hate groups black white Chinese Mexican Republican Democrat Jewish Christian Muslims
Yellow brown green.

They should be banning all hate groups and not just white nationalist. By them doing this it leads me to believe that they're just going to targeting Republicans. Because we all know Facebook is a Democrat platform.

I say the 48 million Republicans need to say bye bye to Facebook and boycott it.

So facebook dosent believe in the free exchange of ideas. Whats new? Black History Month is Race Specific. Wonder if they'll ban that. What about BET? Yeah I know, not the same rules for non whites. The irony. Jessie Smollett gets charges dropped for framing whites & then this. LOL

Funny how all the other races can support themselves such as Black Lives Matters but God forbid we should support the white race. What is happening is scary. At some point we need to rebel!

But Islam is allowed.

The great replacement.
They don't want the manifesto read because the guy was not a white nationalist.
They don't want the vid out because this was a giant troll of a false flag…for this very reason. They are going to attempt to purge the internet. More events like this will happen until they make laws

Israel must be reduced to rubble and the Zionist stomped into leather

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