Where Are The Arrests? #QAnon

Where Are The Arrests? #QAnon

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Where Are The Arrests? #QAnon

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Hey Bro.
I think your producer Doshi does not agree with you.
For the sake of confidence in our government, we all pray you are wrong.
We need to see arrest.
If you have been watching the news, we just may be closer to that.

The Q people need to wake up and realize that no one is going to save us. The only thing that has ever worked is when masses of people come out and protest. We need to scare the bejesus out of the corrupt people that have stolen our government. Sitting at home in front of a computer reading the current Q post is nothing but a waste of time and plays right into the hands of the elite. As long as we do nothing, they win.

R.I.P Cx network

Cute kitty and cool shirt!

Your cat loves you unconditionally.
Your first caller was spot on.
Aliens are demons.
And…You're Awesome!

Awesome video, great to see people are waking up to the Q deception and the frauds who push it.

Doshi has spring fever!

It took me all of 10 minutes to classify "Q" as "happy horse shit"..as PT Barnum said, "a sucker is born every minute".

Lol Doshi……

Always figured Q was a con. He was used as a pressure relief valve to placate

Q is real, but whos agenda does q serve? This phenomenon shows how desperate American people are for truth and justice.
..in reality it seems q is an inventive, unprecedented, and highly successful PR campaign for the trump agenda.

I'm only here for Doshi. You're the one getting in the way, Nathan.

Mass arrests…. Sorry, but theres nothing good about "good people" supporting unconstitutional things like mass arrests….

Thanks to Nathan I did not end up becoming a Qtard. I felt sorry for them at first but now I have to agree with the first caller. These people are part of the problem. The worst thing about the Q larp IMO is it derailed alot of newly awoken people.

how can you be more connected to a fairytale?

Praying medic is NOT the main Q guy. Wherever that came from. And not forgiving WHITES fir qanon? YOU are talking out your rear. You have no clue. You havent been following the gestalt.

Praying medic is usually 2 or 3 days late on analyzing q drops.

And q didn't say the count down was to arrests. He actually said it isn't necessarily dates. Why don't you pay some attention to epstein and nxivm.

Us otherwise intelligent white people will be otherwise involved in The Great Awakening. Time will tell Nathan.

Wilcock did not say that q is the spokesman for the alliance. You better fact check.

Fiona barnette yez and kappy yes that is important.

"Q" is the ultimate paradox and here is how so: Assuming strictly for the sake of my theory that Q is real, then Q's main communication cannot be with the "anons," but yet with the cabal, thus Q needs to say words and give timelines of diversion, thus always putting off these arrests." That gives the Q followers continued hope each and every time Q fails to confirm real arrests. It's always the narrative of "the setup takes time, and Q must fool the cabal, this the dates and countdowns are more of a tactic on the 5D chess board… Read more »

Q is a fraud. And Benjamin Fulford? He talks about a hidden force for over 15 years now. White Dragon society. That is all hope porn. Nothing more . . .

They’re coming. Trump’s going to have Critics of Israel and other “anti-semites” rounded up any day now.

Your callers seem oddly shilly.

anomonus is morely legitimate than canon qurely

Kinda like the global warming …errrrrr … climate change people. We gonna die in 15 years …. aaaaaahahahaaa. What did Al Gore house on beach dude predict ??? Aaaaaaahahahaa. Ya. Flat Earth. No Q is not flat earth moron !!

Dude let's cat freak him out ?? Issues ….

q is such bullshi#, pass off trump like hes not new world order, i swear majority of Americans are beyond dumb even thinking trump will do anything for the lower/ middle class.Deceivers all go to hell and suck a Richard.

These people don't believe Q. But are flat earth pinheads. Aaaaaaaahahahahaaa

Have said this for years: if someone honestly believes that Rothshield and Co could not handle the ppl behind a twitter account, they grossly underestimate their capabilities.

Triggered like when your cat wanted attention ?? Aaaaahahahaa. What's triggered ? Crazy ??

Thank you Nathan for all that you do. Searching for the truth is absolutely much more difficult than it is to lie be deceitful and profit. I unfortunately followed Q for a short period of time but, regardless of how much time they are lost minutes and hours of my life. I saw it coming and what they were doing just fallow the Benjamins…

The Qanon psyop and the flat Earth psyop are keeping people on a hamster wheel. Both are distractions.


I'm not necessarily a Q supporter, but I do believe Q is real. But to what degree? What agenda does it serve? To take down global corruption or aid in the Zionist Agenda along with Trump? The problem with straight up Q deniers is they sit around declaring themselves as the intellectuals but can't actually grasp the greater reality of the Q phenomenon and how it operates, and are also selective in their talking points. Some of them are even Flat Earthers. Q is real, but is it friend or foe?

Doshi is a living entity, not just a prop. watching him sit in the back ground bored and then neglected while he tries to get your attention is not a good strategy if you're promoting him for president and claiming hes the boss. I hate fakery but at this point I think you are going to have to fake it till you make it when it comes to Doshi. The next time your cat is trying to get your attention give it to him. I promise your audience will love it more than listening to you talk in your monotone… Read more »

So because people don't accept that the Eqyptians built the pyramids, they must think it was Aliens? Fuck off Nathan you uneducated narcissist. Do some research rather than taking this slackjawed armchair approach to every topic where you lean on conjecture and rough intel to navigate insanely complex topics.

1Jo 2:22 Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son.

I think Giants made the pyramids

hmm where should I plant this seed? All the talk about the pyramids and how they were built lead me to inquire inwardly. taking in all the external data that I could consume I began the process of elimination and a reconfiguration that had not been considered. I believe I have figured out how they were built. I am quite certain the minute I plant this seed it will sprout and a great number of people will take credit for figuring it out. I am not concerned about getting credit for it. I just dont know if it is my… Read more »

I used to follow Jordan Sather until he started bragging about Q Anon like he knew so much about it even supporting Trump to full extent when there are many things about him that are completely wrong. He picked sides on Q and Trump and it was disappointing to see that about him. I'm glad you have an unbiased opinion about this and can see through the BS…

4:00 min He's the producer Nathan. If he wants to crawl all over your crotch, you gotta put up.

Trump ain’t taking care of shit. Nobody in power is there for “us”

I only get notifications for this channel about 1/3rd of the time

Doshi has overdosed on the Q-Kool Aid, he doesn't know if he's flat or round any more.
He hasn't slept in weeks, seriously considering not running for president in 2020.
I recommend electro-shock treatment.

Q proves that the right is as retarded as the left. I’d love to see an aptitude contest between “socialist liberal millennials” and “republican Q conservatives.”

Q followers are the freshly woke political group who think the deep state is consists entirely of democratic child molesters.

Doshi is in his lap. Lol

The only thing Trump is bringing in is the New World order faster than even Obama.

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