Week in Review: IG Report, #OperationBackyardBrawl, Ronaldo

Week in Review: IG Report, #OperationBackyardBrawl, Ronaldo

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Week in Review: IG Report, #OperationBackyardBrawl, Ronaldo

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Nice screen saver

Nathan is Da Man! God Bless ya brotha and keep doing what your doing. You are extremely good at talking about events or happenings b4 they are popular. You got a great gut feeling which is why alot of people follow you. That and your not scared to talk to haters and take calls. All in all your channel and popularity will continue to rise! God Bless & 1 Love!

Pizza gate! It's horrible, really graceful, Titus frost, absolutely disgusting. And yes a big shout out to YouTube Sheriff! For exposing them!

What you mean by "you people"? huh? yeah thats what I thought lmao…….great show as always Doshi. Thank you prrrrrrrrrr

You are such a shill.  You're lucky u live in the USA.  So glad I will never see your pathetic. stupid ass anywhere except utube,

are you ever going to sell "Grab'em by the Doshi" shirts?… a hat trick in Soccer… pretty rare at that level.


My dad still has the original LaserDisc of that James Bond movie and the girl does have braces.
She did anyway. Time slip..

Where can i find the Intro-Beat? Love it – so sick.

Yeah, it's almost like he's been trained to be on the camera!!!

As below so above – humanity needs to consciously use our power…

sorry unsubsidized, nukes aren't real?, nuclear plants aren't dangerous?
earth is flat?

That’s absolutely not Ronaldo dancing at the start . Ronaldo is insanely ripped . That dude is not .

That is not Ronaldo.

Lionel Messi is the son of a Peres, related to Shimon Peres. Longest serving president of Israel

How do you jump from hot tub with playing children so fast then back to the Bundy Ranch about Lewis?

Still very interested in Michael Lewis Arthur Mayor. Is that the legal name? Until this douche goes to jail, very interested. I live here and he has made AZ look like our cops r helping pedophiles and that’s just not the case!

You aren't stopping with the Lewis shit are you? And now you are defending the "pool" party with children as if Assange isn't credible. Children in a hot tub and the etc etc is where it was supposed be down in the 50's. and the pool will definitely have the heat on. Oooops.you forgot to mention that…better yet…You could have shown that email to everyone…But….You didn't now did you? OH wait..I have a copy.

Ah Haaah..here is the e-mail. The Luzattos and it will be in the lower 60's…that night. https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/49435

https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/49435 The Luzatto email invitation to the "pool" party John's copy.

Looky Looky here! It's the same Luzzattos…But that's not all folks…Nathan..you are holding back some pertinent information ole boy! and you just can't make this up either. Looky! https://steemit.com/luzzatto/@v4vapid/the-luzzattos-people-of-interest-anne-luzzatto-tamera-luzzatto-and-anthony-luzzatto-gardner

It turns out that [Step] Grandma [Pimp] Luzzatto is in the CFR….but even more telling is guess who is also on the CFR? Mr. Lolita Express man himself..Mr. Jeffrey Epstein! Uh huh…Did you mention that to your "followers"? Well…I"m mentioning it. It does deserve some mentioning. Now we all know already what shenanigans took place on this rich bastard's island don't we? and they even wanted him to work in the FBI as an informant too..after his light sentence in a come and go as you please be back before sundown jail cell for a few months. Then his rebirth… Read more »

Hi mate , i believe that IG report was as flat as a pancake and it really let us all down. The IG just has no bottle whatsoever and left me feeling like its just the same old bullSH_T. IG your a coward.

"Can't wear the white one on camera." That's racist… just kidding.

Saying everything was created by consciousness… if I am hearing you correctly… is like saying the tree never fell in the forest if no one saw it. Consciousness is perception. If we don't perceive, it doesn't negate it happened. Sorry you lost me in your discussion of the sun and gravity. But I like ya.

Weren't monasteries responsible for many early scientific discoveries. Scientific inquiry and belief in God do not necessarily conflict.

your 8 min intro is way over done and should be thrown in the trash.

Jones can't fucking be 43

Tired of the louis arthur info unless new ground breaking info comes. These psyops work both ways they distract the people who fall for them but they also distract the people exposing them. You are allowing powers that be to steer your attention your falling into strategy uknowingly.

I have a bunch of mandella effect memories.

There are like 3 people watching Renaldo do the" dance of sex". Lmao!

Lol did i listened "being an atheist is also being satanic " ??

I have seen a chem trail plane disappear… I was looking through my bird watching binoculars and it disappeared as I was watching. my gf at the time saw it as well

Beautiful! Sometimes we have to keep going back and forth over "old ground", but it's still necessary and important, to flesh out the whole picture. And you have demonstrated how to do that here: How to "deconstruct" the various narratives, discern the underlying agendas, identify the target demographic "audience", and so forth. This is all essential education for all of us. We have to teach ourselves HOW to think again, on our own, validate some real data, then reassemble the "facts" into the more likely explanation for what's going on. Well done.

Lucifer runs ALL governments and religions

most of Putin's Oligarchs are jewish/Israeli
who pulls putins strings?

Does your dog still have the satellite dish on its head?

cant anyone post comments on Instagram?

Helpers that say what you needed to hear at the moment that you’re meant to hear it…. Charters or The Charters is another name for them. They often have eyes that are unique or remarkable.

That is not Christiano Ronaldo. Come on. It's fake, a look alike.

hi nat…..its me you r doing a great job keep it bro…. MAGA…..wethepeople …….

New and fresh. Probably his own! The tissue would be wet within minutes. The lying scumbag.

i have DMT with me right now and im making a bong for it tonight im gonna smoke it soon and yr visuals dont even scratch it

“It’s Friday night” and the psychedelics are flowing! Lol.

not signing your birth certificate works when everyone agrees not to sign it

just got a kitten because of Doshi !!!

Can someone direct me to the video that Nathan is referencing where Lewis claims that Q is there with him?

If that's really Ronaldo , I'm sure he's a hit in the locker room .

So did you answer my question prior to me asking? Did you admit that you smoke weed? Personally I could care less but noted your mouth appears dry…very dry at times & you at times longer on uhhhh… Which I believe your trying to remember what you were going to talk about. I like you! You go in your own direction I mean by that you don't feel like you have to go with the rest of alternatives narrative and state why.which I enjoy because a lot of story's I question but not sure why then you bring it up… Read more »

I think Louis Arthur's mission is to make pizza-gate believers look like loons, and his mission w/Bundy Ranch and Malheur was to make the patriots look like loons…..

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