War With Iran? Rocket Attack Near US Embassy In Iraq

War With Iran? Rocket Attack Near US Embassy In Iraq

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War With Iran? Rocket Attack Near US Embassy In Iraq

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John Bolton is mixing apples with oranges. WW2 was a declared war, so keeping secrets after war is declared is expected by the general population. How many wars have been declared since WW2? None by the USA.

"We The People" Civilian Fire-ring Squad….it's past time.

The shekel is collapsing war time.

Anyone else notice it seems comes down to a safety issue with any suit and tie in Washington. It’s a great way to get people to help build their own invisible cage


Didn't USA just tell the Americans in the embassy to leave three days ago before the strike?
They are so clairvoyant they should open a physic hotline!

Bolton is not interested in protecting America. He is only interested in protecting Israel. He operates as a foreign agent.

Bolton should be taken out & shot. i don't say that lightly. his bloodthirst is going to get this country wiped off the face of the earth – this is straight-up suicidal. US won't win this one. and yes, it was Mossad that tipped the US off to this bogus "threat" – looks like things are unfolding exactly as i predicted last week https://www.rt.com/news/459281-strait-hormuz-iran-suffer-repeat/ – just as ziofascist barbie aka Nikki Haley created the incentive to conduct chemical attacks & blame Assad by saying the next chem attack would be met with massive retaliation, so Trump & the B Team… Read more »

Very worried about going to war with Iran. very disappointed in Trump if he does it but that clip with the British general was deceptively edited he never said that he disagreed with Washington or the White House I watched the whole thing.

FAKE JEWS THAT JESUS CHRIST TOLD US through JOHN. Those fake Jews that did not accept that JESUS CHRIST has come in the FLESH.
Never trusted that low-down dirty John Bolton. Let Bolton go over and fight Iran if he wants to fight.
FAKE JEWS. FAKE JEWS. Jared Kushner is a wicked fake Jew.

Make the same as happy going to make his real happy that’s what this is all about just doing this with his wheels very weird there’s no reason for us to be in the Middle East except for take care of Israel’s enemies to bring about World War III to let Sell and we spent with him for $6 trillion since 9:11 AM on the war on terror what are we got nothing nothing deeper in debt thousands of dead soldiers in Israel is debt-free apparently she tell you everything you need to know

Saying please isn't begging, it's just good manners, something which, sadly, seems to be falling by the wayside in modern society.

More propaganda from the warmongering world leaders and their machine. Is it bad that I truly don't give a shit!?!?

Your thumbnail , is year old picture taken in Syria . Check out today's ( Last American Vagabond ) post. Just letting you know , this could be FF.

Hard to stomach Bolton twice in one video. But great vid, Nathan.

So much for OATH's

You think they would try doing a Gulf on Tonkin again? That's just crazy. Who would do that?

Down with mollahs. They r crazy idiot

Boltyn needs to step down we don't like him we don't want him he's netanyahus puppet

And Trump is boltyns puppet

Display of a sociopath… Quoting Churchill… He was a very well documented liar, drunkard, spineless sociopath…

This idiot just projected on the AmeriKan ppl what he and the government are guilty of (John Bolton). The rules do not apply to them ever.

Bolton another Zionist idiot.

Why is any of this a concern?? .I thought we would be out of OIL by 1990,,,,.So what is all the fighting all about,,,,,,,,,,,,LOL,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,PEACE

I'm so sick of seeing comments from americans that are so complacent, like it's gonna happen so what. Clowns, you could've got out there and protested but no, a few yawn comments.

They are completing the Greater Israel Project.

Bolton…the neocon, saber rattling, draft dodging son of a bitch…after his student deferment expired he joined the Maryland National Guard to avoid the draft..during the Vietnam war there was very little chance of Guardsmen ever having to serve overseas..playing soldier one weekend a month..

Trump..the shit eating lying scum sucking dog…when his student deferment expired he got a bogus medical deferment for "bone spurs"…he was later reclassified as 4-F..UNFIT FOR MILITARY SERVICE…(no shit!) .and this puke has the authority to send the US into another bloody regime change war for his Zionist handlers??

But he is the most dangerous foreign threat the man is a sociopath

Russian rockets??? Now would those be Russian rockets that were sold to Afghanistan years ago that the Americans confiscated??? Pompeo has been doing the warmongering in his recent visit to European countries. After his meeting with Theresa May the foreign office put out a warning that dual citizen Iranians should avoid travelling to Iran……. Nathan you had better do some fact checking

Yeah nathan just worry about the oil and gold prices going up………dont worry about the millions that will be killed and injured!!! If you had researched you would know that it wasnt Iran that blew up the tankers!!! How can you claim to be a truther when you are just mimicking the msm. Lol you even stated that RT is a Russian propaganda channel just like a good little puppet

What probably Blackwater under new name the security firm or the truth they are mercenaries paid by the USA to make things happen, Trump could loose his followers if he listens to Bolton he is either in agreement or a super fool , he said he would stop these wars LIAR

The odds are 10:1 that anything that would further destabilize the region and set the stage for war was done by the Deep State's Neocon warmongers. remember: Never-Trumper William Kristol long ago said that the Neocons will support any candidate of any party who puts Israel's interest first. The question is: Why, after running on a Washingtonian "No foreign entanglements" platform, President Trump has selected the worst of the worst Neocon Chickenhawks — John Bolton being the poster boy for such — for important positions in his Administration?The USA's borders are quite literally being FLOODED by illegal aliens, as per… Read more »

Did Iran say they did this? JAMESLICO.COM

SMOMs runs MIC all plan long ago Jesuits control all hi level freemasons that run USA Corp and Counterfeit state Israel

Did we attack those ships and our own embassy to blame Iran as a way to set it off? Gas is already high this will raise gas big time! Just in time for Memorial Day.

Oo chiiiitt ! You shoot at me then can drop the boom on Uuuuuuu

Bolton a war hawk period. President Trump, don’t trust the jerk.

I completely agree with Bolton’s logic, in some circumstances you MUST be deceptive. Not saying I’m a fan of the NeoCons and especially not the warmongering left, but the logic is sound. Does Q come out and say exactly what and when they are going to do things…of course not!

No. Syria was about selling child organs while they Alive. Footage came out. They told a 5 year old girl to go to alllaaaa and she said ok. They held her down..about to cut out her organs . Went viral. Underground. Ask sgt report. He talked about it. Got deleted that video.

That bombing into Syria was only to get rid of a nuclear production facility. Civilians were unharmed and I believe no one was there. Read your Q.

Obviously its Isreal bombing US embassy.

We've been at war for a very long time

Maybe this is part of Obama's millions in cash payment.

[DS] false flag..

With self-confessed liars like Bolton on board and given their history of using lies to start wars, anything coming from the mouthpieces of the warmongering establishment should be regarded with deep suspicion, this thing has false flag written all over it.

Rocket attack by whom?? Mossad? Or Saudi? STAY OUT OF IRAN OR IS GAME OVER FOR AMERICA…. Trrump is fast becoming the head of the swamp….

John Bolton is a foreign threat he's working for Israel.

If they go to war with Iran you people really need to question 9/11

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