War w/ Iran: US Planning “Tactical Assault” On Nuclear Facility – UN Officials

War w/ Iran: US Planning “Tactical Assault” On Nuclear Facility – UN Officials

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Bread and circuses!

this shit cra, hahaha " I don't think many people don't believe it" Haha shits cra.

Al Hussein Doshi is a war mongerel

The Evil American's.
"North Korea will be met with fire and fury", A foolish quote by Donald Trump about North Korea if he will attack North Korea he will attack Iran. America is racist and will only attack countries where the citizen of that country have black skin, brown skin, or yellow skin, they will not attack countries where the citizens have white skin because of the government of racist America is white.

Of course they want war. They always want war. There are contracts to be fulfilled and demons to be fed. The people don't want war but darned it, there will be another war come hell or high water (or both it seems).

Art of war ..mis direction . We don't war as they are covertly prepping for war ..and overtly prepping for war lol .well (deterence) how many times has trump said publicly he will not advertise military moves …he is giving Iran the rope..

Fuck Iran. Don't want to get poked? Get in line.

FATBOY is a #ZOG tool

What about lbry?

Trump also ‘wanted to get out of Syria (i.e. discontinue war )’, yet he ended up conducting missile strikes two separate times against Syria. Trump can say whatever he thinks rational people want to hear, but his actions say something completely the opposite

Talk is cheap. And his words are betrayed by his actions. Translation: He’s going to follow orders and bomb Iran to fulfill [email protected]£L’s desires…

your talkingshit again you're good at that sometimes I like you a lot sometimes when I see you do s*** like this President Trump does not want war it's the Deep state get it out of your head put something nice in there like Donald Trump's a (( Christian )))) get that through your head we got plenty of Reason To Go bomb Iran's ass back to the f**** Stone age's right now they parked a f**** submarine over here off of JFK airport and Blue flight 800 out of the sky and these Illuminati son-of-a-b** that we're running the… Read more »

TRUMP 2020!

big deal…we all knew this was coming for years.

When it's officially denied, then you know it must be true.

Presidents always tell US they don't want to go to war before they send YOU to war.


Would you like to know

Then don'tont miss Normon Solomon's unflinching, candid, unparalleled documentary–
War Made Easy: How Presidents & Pundits Keep Spinning Us to Death,

Buy it, go to the library, order it online or


Or hear him discuss it at the University of California:



Saudi Arabia wants this war why don't we let them have it… Let the Saudis handle this mess…

Dumb Ass. Bolton .and Bomb pay yo. Join the IMF .or die. Needs removed now..
Obviously their a war minister. And then there's TRUMP.

Nathan is a big fat shill turd face

nathan thinks he is so cute but he is a turd faced shillboy

Ah where you been for last 15 years ,,,Iran has been enriching uranium for decades and your boy Obungo financed 40% of it ,,,this has been in the play books for years ,,,,Carter should have turned Iran to Glass during his administration but much like the rest of the Demoquats he was ball less

Theses motherfuckers!!quite sick of the scum of the earth!

All the ppl in this comment section better get off your fat asses an organize

the nuclear scare scam xD nice!!!!!!!!

Altnews.com an awesome domain name really excited for you

Our country offers NOTHING but chaos and war, while other countries are working together through the concepts of cooperation and development. It's sickening and embarrassing.

>When Trump is now Hillary
Isn't this what we tried to avoid?

We should have finished it up with Iran in the mid 80’s

just go shopping

Same with W, he talks peace and goes to war. Here we go again. This time it will be much worse than Iraq.

If the International Jewi$h Bankers want war then there shall be eff'n WAR – "By DECEPTION they shall make war…" (REMEMBER THE U.S.S. LIBERTY!…)

Shale oil plays in US need $100 oil to make up some of their losses? The Imperium needs endless war and expansion or it fails, and falls. No such pre-emptive attacks on the state in the ME that has 200-300 undeclared non-NPT nukes, so it's not a bout 'nukes'. Iran will exceed low level stockpile defined by years long hard won treaty that the US binned, and that is now used as an excuse to attack? Disgusting deceptives snakes, using old Mossad slogan as US foreign policy? Remember the USS Liberty, and search Israeli submarines and the Sampson Option.

Big fat liar, if only he knew how pathetic he looks, doing the bidding of demonic Zionist billionaires. They seem to think they can do this cost free, but there will be a big price to pay, you can be sure of that.

Anonymous sources are not sources.

They can’t get rid of their uranium with all of these sanctions. All of it is posturing.


No it's not happening!

Trump doesn't want war, if he did we would already be in it full swing, but he has to remain strong and let the enemies know that we will not be threatened, the people of Iran are against what the government of Iran is doing and are with Trump and Trump knows that, Israel wants us to go to war with Iran on their behalf and are trying to force us into it, but our President knows this and will not fall for it, he will try all diplomatic solutions to free the Iranian people but will stop at nothing… Read more »

Nathan that Caleb Cain from the weird NYT hit piece on YouTube is a dead ringer & the correct age for Adam Lanza. Just saying. Kid says its a public health crisis – Jimmy Dore had to point out to the kid that NYT, WaPo, Fox & CNN all back every war, every time, they suggest enemies are conspiring against the US, without evidence – hasn't that radicalized America? Say from where JFK wanted it to go? The kid is just loathsome – he figured out in his 20s what most of us did encountering media at about age 14… Read more »

Nuclear anything. What a joke. Those that know, know nuclear is a hoax.

K-RINO best music!!!!!

Mike Pompeo is self admitted liar


Have you heard about the uranium stock piling found somewhere in London by the Iranians?!!!!!!!!!!! They got busted and that is why they are retaliating!!!

if he doesn`t want war he could FIRE Pompeo!! no one else can…it`s convenient to say `i don`t want war` and have your assistant take the flack….btw, the dollar, our Entire Way of Life REQUIRES this kinda war-mongering ….. it is all we have left….

History repeats due to pure stupidity. Well done earth people.


Whatever Trump says, he DOES exactly the opposite

America deserves everything thats coming. You have no friends left just the Zionist Axis of Evil, this U.S, U.K, ISRAEL,UAE coalition will be totally destroyed and about fucking time too.

Talk is cheap actions speek louder than words and Trumps actions are that of a Rothschild Ziopig Agent.

How come Trump appointed Pompeo and Bolton he is worse than them .

PNAC hasn't gone away… remember this one – SICK! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2SO0RMY4ab8; Brush face Bolton was in the thick of it during 9-11/NWO/Iraq = PNAC. Can't stop thinking about Israel, Irgun, Stern Gang, Khazarians these days = Luciferians. Not to mention UK Royal families, and the controllers.


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