USS Maine, Gulf of Tonkin, Operation Northwoods, False Flags on RT

USS Maine, Gulf of Tonkin, Operation Northwoods, False Flags on RT

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How about doing a video on the sinister nature of RT, a self-evident Russian propoganda station whose sole obsession is to attack the very idea of 'America' and the 'Free World'.

Why does it do this? It can't be a love for the truth, as it's ready to distort facts, and only covers a few issues. I would suggest that it's both tit-for-tat, since the Russian governing class resents criticism from external media, and a desire to fundamentally undermine the Western concepts associated with liberty and democracy that the Russian government finds threatening. Why should RT be exempt from scrutiny?

please, im sure the CIA could do worse then that.

dont believe russian sponsored media

RT is a Russian media. So what ?
Do American medias are better ? No they tell you bullshit. Proof ? Nayirah's false testimony at the Congress during the so called "kuwaiti incubator hoax" back in 1990. Deal with it yankies. The free world has switched side.
Long live mother Russia 🙂

Sandy Hook Mock funeral.

This was also used to legitimize the illegal overthrow of hawaii . Two separate attempts to control hawaii failed . Hawaii was never a part of The United States . It is a occupied territory that the incorporated government wanted . The wealth stolen thru racketeering is astronomical . I feel these funds stolen was used to destroy america and start the Federal reserve . According to law a corporation cannot annex nation neither can a bankrupt government . also when in occupation the occupying forces aren't allow to in force their ways on the native population like religion or… Read more »

1898 – The sunk of the USS Main – A false flag attack in the Havana Port to provoke the war with Spain and take off them their last colonies (Cuba, Puerto Rico and The Philippines).1915 – WW1 Conspiracy. The sunk of the Lusitana by the germans, a pretext for the US to enter the WW1.1941 – Pearl Harbor Conspiracy, the pretext for the US to enter the WW2.1947/81 – Operation Gladio. CIA-NATO secret european armies to provoke right-wing terrorist attacks all over the european countries and blame the communists for them.1950 – The Korean War, the CIA and Heroin… Read more »

Ha! I found this funny:

Jimmy Dore will spit in the face of Alex Jones, who’s been saying this shit for years, but sings Abby Martin’s praises like she’s God’s gift to journalism.

And yet the mindless dummies still join the armed forces in droves, go to these useless wars, and come back in boxes or wheelchairs, all for a free funeral or plastic medal and to be neglected by the VA


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