Unstable YouTuber Used For NYT Hit Piece #VoxAdpocalypse

Unstable YouTuber Used For NYT Hit Piece #VoxAdpocalypse

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Unstable YouTuber Used For NYT Hit Piece #VoxAdpocalypse

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This kid was just probably prescribed some sort of psychotropic drug that's either the wrong prescription or he should not be on it at all. He is a danger to himself and society. It's messing with his brain and it's sad. He needs to get off them.

He looks like a terrible, hook nosed Jew actor to me….oops….can I say that anymore?

So the more we like conservative videos the more uncomfortable far left gets? They dnt like their feed? If the codes r vlbased on likes then any change wud be censorship of free speech

I’VE BEEN SAYING THAT KID WAS A FRAUD THIS ENTIRE TIME… since I first saw his first video, I knew he was a clown.

Its been worse this week…. I get recommend fake conspiracy crap not my conservative stuff. Or truth seekers or ppl doing daily news journalism they dnt come up. The false stuff does…. the stuff that makes truth look crazy and discredit truth.

YT exists for data profiling and thought control. The cost isn't a factor. People contribute for free and the platform is funded by the taxpayer. The question is who benefits?

Last name Caine ?? Are you kidding me ?? And the youtubers they list as radical are either full blown zionists, or funded by them ! Amazing.. Starting to see the fake reality we are in? The digital walls leading us all into mental cages? Just incredible.. Can you even imagine how terrified these people must be of us in order to construct such elaborate tricks and traps ? It is full spectrum domination; they don't want a piece of anything – they want EVERYTHING. Most of all they want us dead or broken.

And if I call mandatory LGBTQ curriculum radical, u cud loose jobs or not be allowed on school campus to pick up kids or lose $$ from online banking systems. They reach that far then we are presented with govt control of those things and its opposite of conservatism, capitalism and free speech

I keep getting CNN videos snuck into referrals under diff names.

I've never seen such bad acting in my life.

Aren't you Jewish. No ones coming for you bud

This is world class psyop bullshit. And this guy is reading.

weak pathetic little snowflake… mentally unstable…

Bad words, it's like another shoa!


Honestly, are we watching the big media having a knock down drag out fight to the death? This all feels a bit after-school-specially, and maybe the kid has real problems, but did anyone else notice that when he mentioned the orphan problems he refrained from actually saying these are his problems? He listed them like they exist, but did not make a point to own them. I'm not trying to nit pick the young man, but he's wordsmithing, and it will not bring him any positive attention. On the contrary, if he is trying to convince youtube that he was… Read more »

Whenever I see these people who come out and say "I used to be radicalized by the super evil and white supreeemist rayciss Alt Right, but I escaped and now I'm cured!" I don't believe them for a SECOND. These people are clearly plants and not to be trusted. As if the far left are the "good guys" and everyone else is evil… LMAO. These people see the world in such a warped, black and white (LITERALLY) way. Bullshit-O-Meter off the charts with this one.

CC Caleb Cain… It's all problem/action/solution… a psyop… more YouTube censorship.

I want to thank you so much for your fair observation of the situation. I watch the ppl mentioned in that article… But I also watch you and Timcast among other youtubers that are not "right leaning". A person's actions are not based solely on the information that is presented but their perception of that info. This guy has personal issues beyond indoctrination of "right wing" politics.

100% bullshit. The kid is a coward. End of story.

Why did you put a corrupted virus link in the description a few weeks ago. I had to unsub your channel because of it.

More Democommieganda from the odious NYTimes. Just the typical Mockingbird talking points–it gets tedious.

"It's the story of growing up". Exactly. This is the equivalent of saying we should burn books. Bad videos. Bad. These guys are frauds.

Radicalization? How is it radical for a college graduate to seek out varying points of view without hindrance from marxist social engineering presstitutes to shame him? Are we going Maoist? How STUPID. Marxism corrupts every institution it touches apparently even the great paper of record: "The New York Times". Laughable the credulity of leftists. But don't believe me. Check out what a communist propagandist from the old Soviet Union has to say about living under marxist rule:
"Feminists and leftists are ALWAYS the (Deep) state's most useful idiots."~Yuri Bezmonev / Former KGB Propagandist / Defector to the U.S.

NYT. Perfect. Wanna help YT ban more videos? Leave it to the NYT to help cause it.

Stopped at 25:51 to comment. Nathan – YOU somewhat trouble and concern me with just playing this hogwash. You know it's BULLCRAP. Anyone with just a bit of common sense KNOWS this is all part of YTubes ~` All The World Is OUR Stage.`~ And if you are just giving this any credence whatsoever – it really makes me question you. Come on Nathan, I know you're not a "ding dong head." Don't play the part because it gives me a HUGE moment of pause to even follow you to any of the other platforms if YOU feed into this… Read more »

I thought the economy and stock market was crashing Nathan 30 days ago due to Trump tariffs. Why don’t you ever retract/correct your dumb, misinformed videos when it’s obvious that you don’t know shit about most things? Maybe get your wife or Dad on the retraction team for your platform when you post click bait? Just a thought.

All this censoring and banning crap by YT, FB, TW & others is going to come to a screeching halt soon. Don't doubt me. All these FF lunatics are designed to help get rid of conservative or alternative free speech videos.

When YOUTUBE has no viewer's due to censoring content for political folly…
They will weep $$$…

I’m not sure how “mentally unstable” that kid is.

He probably isn’t mentally ill, but he IS mentally shill.

HE'S AN ACTOR FOR THE LEFTIST AGENDA. Made up name. So obvious. "Caleb"…a faithful man of God in the bible and "Cain" ..the first murderer in biblical history. AGENDA to demonize the Right, Conservatives, and CHRISTIAN'S is Really where this is headed.

I just found your channel. Shocking. I never heard of you before.

These type of guys are the exact type that are used as patsy"s as well. Rootless lonely Internet immersed anxious ppl. He is either that or he's an actor. So easy to do if the aim is to bring disrepute on what ever target. So transparent.
Isn't the nyt the main paper who use undercover cia's as journo's

This guy is a total fake! He's a destiny Fanboy all the way.

Fake crap

news headline: Guy on You Tube Makes His Own Mind Up About Stuff

YouTube is better then living a gang life or biker group or whatever involved in drugs and crime at least he went to YouTube .

Good for him he gets a get if he wants it, he’s a free man and had death threats, sounds logical.

I bet it was that Duke Nukem video game rotted his mind Lmao

Caleb Cain. C =3 c=3. 33 Freemason puppet

Thats what you turn into when your raised by a single mother. I mean how does the soy boy even stand up without any type of spine?? What a spoiled PUSSY!!! But we all know the real truth, hes a CRISIS ACTOR who works for youtube! Soon he will fake suicide to show the scary dangers of the scary right. Its actually funny!!!!!!!

When I let my auto play run after I watch the content I like to watch it goes straight to Fox news, I do like Fox but still MSM.

5 words out his mouth I knew he was a terrible actor. lol. So lame. Only sheep watching CNN would buy this tripe.

im concerned for his welfare. hes not looking very well.

ContraPoints had this video up before Faraday Speaks even had a channel up.
She deleted the video. I pointed out he is a fake "right wing" person. I made a long list of reasons he was faked. He never was right wing. Of course my posts where removed.

The bottle blonde dude is a moron he hasn't figured out that he has a brain and needs to use it to discern information

Anyone got a list of all who this kid was following? I think I'm going to subscribe to all their channels and support them. Thanks for publicising who they are, might add them on Bitchute too – just in case, you never know 😉 Thanks NYT for providing me with a list of interesting folks to listen to.

The Purpose of this NYT Article: Radicalized’ is a weaponized term… Since being ‘radicalized’ has overwhelmingly been used to describe terrorists since 2001… Labeling someone as being ‘radicalized’ is equating that person as being a terrorist… NYT is essentially saying YT content makers that question MSM narratives are making US citizens terrorists & thus a danger to the country… This article is a direct attack of all semblances of the Truth Movement

More fake news from the New York Times. They don't want people to handle the truth.

People say they have been demonetized but I still see ads when I click their videos so I think YouTube still profits from ads they just don't pay the video maker, so they probably only lose $ when they delete or censor videos or when people stop watching or producing.

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