Tucker: Washington is war-hungry

Tucker: Washington is war-hungry

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Israel dictates American foreign policy.

2:15 (((✡️War✡️))) keep clicking the time stamp to know why (((They))) want war.

Once again Trump stands all by himself. This time in not wanting war. Any war. He is truly a gift from God.

I'm surprised Tucker gets to tell the truth on national TV.

The government military complex got a cash infusion over the last two years, should we be surprised it is ready to go into high gear.

I was impressed with Republicans until now….are they going to buy this story again!?!

Trump is a true patriot. He will send his two sons to war. Just wait and see.

I can't believe I agree with Tucker, but I do. You've changed my mind about you and I'm going to give you a fifth chance.

Iran recover UAV drone debris is not confirmed.

Just get it over with, if you don't know that america is an imperialist country then you're delusional. Get over it, could have gotten this over with many years ago if the public wasn't so critical of our agenda to control global energy.

The politicians in Washington Who start this war needs to be sure of it because far as I know the sediment will be that no one will fight for them. And if the enemy decide to land on these Shores it will be a straight run to Washington DC because who in their right mind would help defend the current government of the USA Today

I think America should worry about the terrorists in Congress and rid the country of them First and Foremost

We need to distract the public from origins of Russia probe and border crisis. What should we do?


"the same people…" Name names. Start with Netanyahu.

Iran warning US don't make mistake again.

Good job tucker. Call out the left and right. Everyone in government needs to be held accountable.

I think war with Iran would be a mistake on Trumps part in regards to next years election and I firmly believe that is why the Democrats want a war.

Another distraction tactic…don't fall for it!

You came to there Air space, you get shot down. I don't trust any American Government tells us.

Only the provoking equipment is auto listed. There should be no overreachion.

Why this Drones don't have anti missiles defense system? All that money and no defense system?

Surgical drone strikes if necessary (preferably on their nuclear research centers but maybe their navy) – NO MORE BOOTS ON GROUND… NO AMERICAN LIVES… its not worth it.
LOL I'm saying this and I am not even American…

POTUS can see the establishment looking for a war… establishment personal gains with defense contractors- it won’t happen.

Deep state are trying every day to start war to avert the coming investigations.

Stay the hell away from the Mid East

Iran will PAY for killing 34 US sailors aboard the USS Liberty, look it up! Wipe them off the map.

X-22 explained whats really happening

Senator Lindsey Graham is compromised by Deep State?

I think we should put Lindsey Graham on our target list.

This entire Iran fiasco wreaks of red flags and staged psyop…

Is Lindsey Graham the reincarnation of J. Edgar Hoover?

Didnt someone in military not long ago say our military wants to attack 7 countries in 5yrs and ending with Iran? What if a rogue CIA agent is in Iran and shot down our drone?

Why does Israel get illegal nuclear weapons that they stole from America but Iran is not allowed to make their own?

All these politicians that lobby for war, but don’t consider the number of the citizens that would be killed. And why is it now everyone wants war with Iran, when only a few years ago, everyone wanted to negotiate with Iran. Huh…all over a drone.

Was it really over "international" waters? Or is that what the warmongers are telling the POTUS? NO MORE SENSELESS WARS!!!

oh sure its no big deal lets just go to war with Iran its not like they have any powerful allies right? oh wait they do? ah yes Russia well now are we really prepared for that? I don't think the neocons have a brain in their heads if they think that is a good idea.

It may have been in international waters, maybe not. We really don't know, given how trustworthy our gov't is. But never mind. If Iran was off by a few miles, we are off by thousands of miles and our intentions are really no better. It was us, after all, who developed the atomic bomb. FDR ran on "no foreign wars" and blessed us with foreign wars, ever since. Makes you wonder if maybe we wouldn't be better off if'd never gotten into either world war. It's had to imagine the Allies saving Western Civilization from a fate worse than the… Read more »

Israel has illegal nuclear weapons they stole from USA and they never signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty so Israel has muh WMDs and should be invaded.

This is so deep..what if FBI used fake evidence on Manafort

The deep state is at it again.

Iran? They bombed the USS Liberty? Or a toy airplane?

President Trump doesn't want a war. So, it doesn't matter if Bolton & Pompeo are War – hungry.

Here we go again many Americans freaking out about war once again. We went through the same old blah blah blah with North Korea now with Iran. You people need some mental help for freaking the hell way out over talks of conflicts with other countries. I truly believe you all think one day the world could get along and never see wars again. Dream on that will never ever happen this is what humanity is all about.

Let's not forget how this will enrich Saudia Arabia

With all the corruption they are being caught on, shouldn’t surprise anyone on why they seem so eager for war. I think they are afraid that the law will catch up to them when they loose the power they are desperately clinging onto.

Without the will of the people, it will not be successful.

The best thing to do there's two solutions send those people who want to go to war send them to war or number two let's the people of America vote and if we want to go to war and you can be sure that 80% or 85% of Americans are going to say no war war is ridiculous anymore the only people that should go to war are the people that want war

Globalists want another unpopular war to ensure that Trump loses in 2020.

Hillary couldn't wait to go to war with Iran, so I'm more than willing to give Trump the benefit of the doubt on this one.I have absolutely no doubt of the ability, courage, and willingness of US troops, but as I consider those to be among the most precious of our country's assets, I'm loathe to allow our gov't to be spendthrift with them, as they so often have before. I'd be happy to have the entire country of Iran reduced to a sheet of glass if it would serve a useful purpose, but I don't want to see one… Read more »

The NEO Cons, which are another branch of the swamp, want another war for Israel and to make billions for the weapons manufacturers. They already started with the Syrian so called chemicals weapons attack. Trump to appease them bombed some empty structures in an abandoned airport. Prolonged wars depletes a nation's treasure and it's greatest soldiers. This is how Washington beat the British. Prolonged wars make the country vulnerable to attacks and foreign influence. Lindsey is a war monger and very quick with his irresponsible accusations. This closet homosexual has been kissing Trump's butt so he can goad him into… Read more »


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