Trump Wants to Execute Drug Dealers – Pittsburgh Rally

Trump Wants to Execute Drug Dealers – Pittsburgh Rally

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Trump Wants to Execute Drug Dealers – Pittsburgh Rally

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ummmm,maybe start w/cia,fbi,dea,dhs,or better yet,giveum somemore guns/that should fix it!asssssss holessssssss

The "Opioid Crisis'….hhmmm…didn't Ah see a mainstream media video of US troops guarding poppy fields in Afghanistan in which it was admitted that they were protecting the cultivation from the Taliban who basically had a "death penalty" for such activity?The Opioid Crisis is mainly a crisis of Gubbmint "healthcare". Anecdotal but telling evidence:Mah sister died in 2015. She had been deemed disabled and unable to work in the late 1990's by the Gubbmint which readily brought her into the welfare benefits plantation system during which time the Gubbmint and its partnership with Big Pharma slowly, intentionally built a rabid addict… Read more »

Trump is not who alot of people thought…You better wake up if you still think he's not a puppet …

And now Trump is pushing the speedy set up of 5g, and pushing real I.D…

When people think about drug dealers they think about some kid ages between 16 and 25 years old standing on some street corner selling meth. I'd say these are not the dealers Trump is talking about. Think about the cartels who have been know to torture people anywhere from carving someone face off, skinning them alive, or burning them alive. Not to mention the 28 billion dollars worth of drugs crossing into America annually responsible for more than 64, 000 overdoses annually. This includes being responsible for influencing out children the sell their poison on the streets. I'd say Trumps… Read more »

First off there needs to be a societal change, which could be influenced by the media (kick the bagels out of media). Sadly the libertarian stance of legalizing it all isn't going to sway addicts to want to get better …. I do think they should make examples out of dealers high up, including Drs , big pharma etc. Another issue is that many addicts have no purpose, AA and rehab can only get you so far, these people need a purpose, a job something to look forward to and real therapy. This push of drugs is warfare, we all… Read more »

Then you need to go after CIA. Our military is protecting the opium fields in Afghanistan. Don't Clinton and Bush and the rest of the Presidents. CDC and all the other Hugh drug dealers.

So all these American military thugs and Mossad agents that are ones actually bringing upwards of 80% of all the illegal drugs into this country will be subject to the death penalty? JOY! Or does it only count when a black OG, Latino vato, or white trash meth head sells a 8-ball on the corner?

Trump's brother apparently died from alcoholism. He might have used drugs also. Trump might be too personally connected to this subject.

Execute them, summarily, rite on the spot.

Gary Webb, Mena Arkansas, Clinton, Barry Seal, Zapata, Bush. COCAINE!

Total BS!!! Legalize it!!!

Said the same thing to myself about the CIA about 30 seconds before you. Great video.

Trump has a real liking for totalitarianism. Death penalties, no term limits, what's next?

oh I forget cancer patients who actually need real pain meds to half ass live can not get them now, because some peaple abuse them, that's like a drunk driver kills someone with there car, we do not make cars illegal. accidents happen! overdoses happen it's sad yes but punishing everyone is stupid and wrong, how many chronic cancer pain patients will die because life just ain't worth it? maybe that's there plan.

YouTube is trying to stop me from posting on this channel

we all know drug dealers means black people in that room…that's opinion…but black people don't have planes submarines ect ect to smuggle anything….that's fact? so who is the root of the drug problem,  to rid yourself of a spider web do you blame the web or kill the spider?

its so ridiculous how Donald Trump actually believes theres no drug problem in China. They are the BIGGEST manufacturer of synthetic cannabinoids and analogue recreational drugs in the world. youre never going to solve a health problem with force. Just look at the prohibition years. Scary how misinformed someone like the president is….

The second leading cause of death a year in the USA is poor diet. Donald Trump has 12 cans of diet coke a day. Make junk food illegal and death to those who serve it.

I am a conservative i voted for Trump but unlike the communist demorats I think for myself, there will never be a polititions or potus that will get it right on all policy and I would vote for Trump again because he is right more than wrong and he acts like he is for Americans more than all others on planet, hitlery would have been tons worse the democrats are NOT the same dem party of 50 yrs ago JFK would be a conservative today the dems really did represent working folk back 50-60 yrs ago today's dem party is… Read more »

Line up big pharma and let the games begin !!!!!!!!

Afghanistan poppyfields are the key. If only there was someone with the power to take them away from the heroin dealers.

Watch out Pharmacists

So big pharma , doctors , and the CIA right ? Of course not . Just another avenue to kill people.

I guess that means the Clintons and the rest of the government? Good place to start. Love you lift the Veil. God bless you.

He's probably just up to something else completely and distracting everyone with his outrageous comments


With Duterte we’re talking about a different class of dealer. We’re talking hardcore criminal orgs. Who are ruthless and give no quarter. Trump is talking about hardcore drugs. Not pot.

lolz, nice 180 man

you are so close to the real truth, such a bummer to see you rush by and miss the target

Shut down Planned Parenthood, too. Death penalty for abortionists who slaughter innocent human babies.

Hes starting to sound like a tyrant or think him self a king, i dont think ill be voting for him again.

This is hilarious given that the CIA run the drugs, Bill and Hillary must be pissing themselves laughing, or has nobody told Trump yet lol, start with bringing your troops home from Afghanistan they must be bored senseless just guarding the poppy fields, and check the orifices of any soldier packed up in bodybags to get shipped home, all those dead soldiers, even in death they served their country well, too well, more than they or their families will ever know how much drugs their child's bodies were packed with, the more bodies the better, Clinton's sitting rubbing their hands… Read more »

To be fair lots of people didnt applaud or cheer for the death penalty shit, Trumps still wring for even saying that shit.

The comment he made about it not being popular but he is in favor of it anyway means he doesnt care about that anyway really make him sound like he thinks him self a king.


Trumptards are the most disgusting people on Earth right now. They have no excuses to be so stupid.

Doesent China execute corrupt politicians?

That terrier!!!!!!!!

Once again showing his ignorance to the cheering ignorant. So very sad.

if you have a taste for executions and terrorism, it is a good place to start..

Lol, President Trump knows how to rattle the anti-Trumpers. Now CNN can get off "president for life" comment.

Any suggestions you have, Nathan, you are welcome to send a message to President Trump via

Click on Get Involved and send a message to POTUS. Don't complain. Get involved.

He was testing reaction for what is coming.

Go kill every liquor store owner as well while you're at it. If this doesn't wake people up to the fact that * TOTAL CONTROL* over us GOYIM is the goal

Government propaganda mass media headline:
"Trump again calls for the death penalty for drug dealers"
This doesn't make sense. The drug smuggling C.I.A. thugs work FOR Washington D.C. and their criminal buddies! I can't believe he'd want to kill the golden goose!
Where is he going to start the hangings – with the Bush family and the Clintons?

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