Trump Wants to Execute Drug Dealers – Pittsburgh Rally
Trump Wants to Execute Drug Dealers – Pittsburgh Rally

Trump Wants to Execute Drug Dealers – Pittsburgh Rally

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94 Responses

  1. The "Opioid Crisis'….hhmmm…didn't Ah see a mainstream media video of US troops guarding poppy fields in Afghanistan in which it was admitted that they were protecting the cultivation from the Taliban who basically had a "death penalty" for such activity?
    The Opioid Crisis is mainly a crisis of Gubbmint "healthcare".
    Anecdotal but telling evidence:
    Mah sister died in 2015. She had been deemed disabled and unable to work in the late 1990's by the Gubbmint which readily brought her into the welfare benefits plantation system during which time the Gubbmint and its partnership with Big Pharma slowly, intentionally built a rabid addict and a seemingly inexhaustible consuming cash cow from what had been a stable socially functioning human being. From simple painkillers like Percodan to Soma Compound to Oxycodone and finally sub-lingual Dilaudid("hospital heroin"), the "authorities" ran a chemical arsenal through this human being over a period of twenty-plus years. By the end of her life, her consumption rate would've made Keith Richards blush. She had worked up to almost triple the prescribed dosages of Dilaudid(compounded with an equal horrifying rate of consumption of Xanax- over 8 tablets per day!)- all under the watchful, purposeful "monitoring" of home care agencies under contract with the federal gubbmint. As Ah had been informed of her impending death, Ah made a visit during which she was administered a full syringe plus one-third of another of Dilaudid every 4 hours; dramatically beyond the prescribed dosage. When her supply neared depletion, she simply made a call to the correct agency and another bottle was delivered to her doorstep within two hours(!) without any need for authorization, consent, or verification of identity of receiver. Just a signature of someone at the address was needed by the sidearm-totig cowboy who showed up at the door with the gubbmint dope delivery. With close to fifteen years of this zombie existence, her light just finally faded out. Ah'm sure this story can be repeated for possibly hundreds of thousands of American citizens who have been theoretically given their death sentences. Where should the accusatory finger be pointed?

  2. When people think about drug dealers they think about some kid ages between 16 and 25 years old standing on some street corner selling meth. I'd say these are not the dealers Trump is talking about. Think about the cartels who have been know to torture people anywhere from carving someone face off, skinning them alive, or burning them alive. Not to mention the 28 billion dollars worth of drugs crossing into America annually responsible for more than 64, 000 overdoses annually. This includes being responsible for influencing out children the sell their poison on the streets. I'd say Trumps talking about the hard core drug dealers not the kids selling meth that everyone automatically thinks of, but instead Trumps talking about the ones who kill more people than Hitler. I say give them the death penalty I support this 100 percent. Trump 2020.

  3. First off there needs to be a societal change, which could be influenced by the media (kick the bagels out of media). Sadly the libertarian stance of legalizing it all isn't going to sway addicts to want to get better …. I do think they should make examples out of dealers high up, including Drs , big pharma etc. Another issue is that many addicts have no purpose, AA and rehab can only get you so far, these people need a purpose, a job something to look forward to and real therapy.

    This push of drugs is warfare, we all know how the boxer rebellion came about after Rothchilds got China addicted to opium. America is too big and too culturally diverse and corrupt at the moment to just let drugs be legalized. People barely know how to take personal responsibility, it's a recipe for disaster.

  4. Then you need to go after CIA. Our military is protecting the opium fields in Afghanistan. Don't Clinton and Bush and the rest of the Presidents. CDC and all the other Hugh drug dealers.

  5. So all these American military thugs and Mossad agents that are ones actually bringing upwards of 80% of all the illegal drugs into this country will be subject to the death penalty? JOY! Or does it only count when a black OG, Latino vato, or white trash meth head sells a 8-ball on the corner?

  6. oh I forget cancer patients who actually need real pain meds to half ass live can not get them now, because some peaple abuse them, that's like a drunk driver kills someone with there car, we do not make cars illegal. accidents happen! overdoses happen it's sad yes but punishing everyone is stupid and wrong, how many chronic cancer pain patients will die because life just ain't worth it? maybe that's there plan.

  7. we all know drug dealers means black people in that room…that's opinion…but black people don't have planes submarines ect ect to smuggle anything….that's fact? so who is the root of the drug problem,  to rid yourself of a spider web do you blame the web or kill the spider?

  8. its so ridiculous how Donald Trump actually believes theres no drug problem in China. They are the BIGGEST manufacturer of synthetic cannabinoids and analogue recreational drugs in the world. youre never going to solve a health problem with force. Just look at the prohibition years. Scary how misinformed someone like the president is….

  9. The second leading cause of death a year in the USA is poor diet. Donald Trump has 12 cans of diet coke a day. Make junk food illegal and death to those who serve it.

  10. I am a conservative i voted for Trump but unlike the communist demorats I think for myself, there will never be a polititions or potus that will get it right on all policy and I would vote for Trump again because he is right more than wrong and he acts like he is for Americans more than all others on planet, hitlery would have been tons worse the democrats are NOT the same dem party of 50 yrs ago JFK would be a conservative today the dems really did represent working folk back 50-60 yrs ago today's dem party is in fact the repubs but they are slowly being socialised and for nwo so really we Americans all of us need to work togather to make things right remember United we stand and divided we fall.

  11. With Duterte we’re talking about a different class of dealer. We’re talking hardcore criminal orgs. Who are ruthless and give no quarter. Trump is talking about hardcore drugs. Not pot.

  12. This is hilarious given that the CIA run the drugs, Bill and Hillary must be pissing themselves laughing, or has nobody told Trump yet lol, start with bringing your troops home from Afghanistan they must be bored senseless just guarding the poppy fields, and check the orifices of any soldier packed up in bodybags to get shipped home, all those dead soldiers, even in death they served their country well, too well, more than they or their families will ever know how much drugs their child's bodies were packed with, the more bodies the better, Clinton's sitting rubbing their hands with glee and salivating each time they hear of another dead soldier, yes those bodies were precious (to their parents) but so valuable to the Clinton's and Bush's, more valuable dead as just look at the amount of drugs they could pack into them.
    Donald your friends are the biggest drug dealers on the planet, are you going to start with them, I doubt it as your so full of shit people laugh at your promises now, as that swamps overflowing with filth and still you won't drain it as you know your up to your neck in it as well.

  13. The comment he made about it not being popular but he is in favor of it anyway means he doesnt care about that anyway really make him sound like he thinks him self a king.

  14. Government propaganda mass media headline:
    "Trump again calls for the death penalty for drug dealers"
    This doesn't make sense. The drug smuggling C.I.A. thugs work FOR Washington D.C. and their criminal buddies! I can't believe he'd want to kill the golden goose!
    Where is he going to start the hangings – with the Bush family and the Clintons?

  15. I can picture Trump is a robe, wearing a wreath on his head, and giving the thumbs up or thumbs down…this is the revived Roman Empire…and it truly is just a matter of time when public executions of the "lessers" is once again entertainment…

  16. The only ones getting caught are low level people. Drugs are a mental health issue. Legalize them and fully kick the legs out from under the drug lords (and CIA). Put all money toward treatment and chase manufacturers/suppliers only. Look to Portugal's example. Prohibition and the war on drugs and prostitution have all been abject failures!!!

  17. when a government makes billions of dollars annually from addictive and death dealing substances such as alcohol and tobacco and show a blatant disregard to the amount of damage being done to people between the time of getting hooked and dying from the effects incurred of these poisons,are they not drug dealers?these hypocrites better be careful, as they just might wind up being hoisted on their own petard!

  18. coffee with Doshi and Sumi(he is way too cute!~my Buddha is part Boston)~can't wait for my Mostly Real tee shirt~so glad you got re-instated Nathan. Thanks for your show!

  19. I'm all about it .. death penalty for all narcotic dealers. from the bankers, to clinton, to bush, to big pharma, to MS13, all the way down to ray-ray down the street with balloons in his mouth serving up horse to pregnant hookers. But what happens when I break my leg again? Who will prescribe me a painkiller? Must I suffer for the sake of the public health? Why not make it illegal to sell poison without a label. Oh wait we already have that. How about age restrictions for poison? Oh wait we have that too. Why not let American adults make their own damn decisions in life and have it be between them and their insurance company? Drugs, guns, seatbelts, junk food, video games, porn, hookers. I don't like any of those things but it is not up to the "government" to dictate the power of no like that.

  20. You seem to twist the 'context' quite, but from all these excerpts you presented none can be directly considered as an effective 'drug dealer', not the bank(s), not the doctor not a pharmacy selling opioid, I believe not even someone selling illegal drug recreational, or because of obligation, joblessness, trying to make ends meet – he is taking about the 'big fish', those making millions if not billions by pouring massive quantities of drug. These heads! It is great to have open minds, using common sense is much smarter!

  21. maybe a better start would be Jewish bankers n pedos they appear to go hand in hand so to speak to be murdered 1st then drug dealers ( that includes royalty too who are ) 3rd bent politicians who dont serve the voters …big pharma directors
    all of a sudden we would have a beautiful world oh last and not least satanist n fake truthers

  22. He Chaseing down the wrong people how about Congress shipping in tons of drugs for stupid people to start selling it for them……….FUCK OUTTA HERE…..TRUMP SOUNDS LIKE JEFF SESSION CHASING Marijuana Dispensary instead of putting Hillary Clinton in Guantanamo Bay awaiting her fait on Racketeering, Money laundering, Espionage, Treason, And murder charges!!!!!

  23. And for the record Trump Created another swamp this time it's GONNA cost us a Trillion dollars!!!…..Fake ass PRESIDENT, soon as the get in office The Corporation's tackles their ass and tell them how's the family doing and say what school Barron TRUMP go's too and look him right in the eye's and say this is what you GONNA start doing for me Immediately or else corporations is no different from the mob they dwell or what you love the most and executed…… Barack Obama got a wake up call when a man scaled the White House fence and walked around inside just to let him know he can be Got is they want him that bad!!!!

  24. What country does he live in ?? Right now people caught with drugs spend more time in jail than pedophiles and murderers !! Some states have mandatory 20 or 30 year sentences. And that's just for having drugs on you. What you going to rape or kill and be out in less than 7 !! So I have no idea what country Trump lives in ??? Just saying.

  25. I am absolutely in favour of the death penalty for bankers, particularly the Rothschilds, who are responsible for the deaths of billions of humans over centuries through financing wars. Kill the guilty bankers, and a large amount of evil in the world will end. Those bankers who escape the electric chair, can be replaced by Crypto.

  26. The killer could kill few before he get executed.
    Drugs dealer could be responsible for thousands of lives.
    American President often responsible of the life of hundreds of thousands if not millions of , not drug users, but innocents. and he get a Nobel prize for that.

  27. So is he going to be going after the Cocaine Importing Agency, and Bill Clinton for his alleged drug running in Mena, Arkansas? What about the absolute biggest drug runners in the world – BIG PHARMA AND THE FDA?

  28. Trump sells bullshit. I'd rather have drugs than bullshit. Even bad drugs are better than lies you have to pay for. You can choose not to take the drugs; but the bullshit is coming no matter what. Then if you disagree with the impossible, there's something wrong with you.

  29. I was hoping that you would know something about a plan president Trump may have with 5G and if it was true that President Trump has committed to an upwards of 80 billion dollars to deploy 5G microwave communication systems in rural areas? I heard that the gigahertz frequency that they have chosen, is 60 gigahertz and 60 gigahertz frequency is an oxygen absorber frequency. It absorbs the radio frequency admissions which affects the electrical spin properties of diatomic oxygen. These millimeter waves that are coming out of the 5G affect your body's hemoglobins ability to uptake and transfer oxygen to the cells in your body. It also affects your body's ability to produce vitamin D, it destroys the melanin producers and also affects your nervous system.
    If this is true aside from the fact that we don't want anything to do with 5G if there is a big project to put this in rural areas we know it's already in cities and coming into cities there will be no escaping. It
    This is a weapon that will slowly kill us not to mention what it's doing to the wildlife right now. Why isn't President Trump doing anything about it? Why does it look like he's funding it? What can we do to stop it?
    Thankyou, Kathi

  30. I wonder how much Xanax Melania takes to deal with him? I wonder how much Vicodin he takes for his athritis and how many Ambiens he takes to sleep?Or how many lines of coke his kids sniffed during college. Probably still do. Wonder who's dealing his son- in- laws cocaine? Who provides Donald's meth to get him up and going in the morning. He's taking something to be "on" 24 hours a day 7 days a week!

  31. The solution is legalising it all. You can't ban something that people want. It's better to regulate it and make sure the drugs are 100% pure instead of driving the market to a black market who cut the drugs with toxic chemicals. People die because heroin is cut with Fentanyl. If it was a regulated market people would know exactly how much is in each pill and overdoses would drop by 90%.

  32. why are Nazis so demonized when most of the holocaust has been proven scientifically impossible by many kinds of silence???

    i propose that the worst of the Nazis were brought to US in paperclip & melded into the CIA & Nazis are scapegoats

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