Trump Tariffs Send Markets CRASHING – Dow Down 500+ Points

Trump Tariffs Send Markets CRASHING – Dow Down 500+ Points

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Trump Tariffs Send Markets CRASHING – Dow Down 500+ Points

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China can't just raise prices willy nilly IF there's competition enough to limit what they can charge. Their goods will go unsold if they are too expensive. However if there's no alternative, they can raise their prices and our consumers will pay it, that's true.

You're an idiot and you don't even understand what you are reading. I'm sure in the next segment, you'll blame your ignorance on some kind of Jew mind control conspiracy. Maybe you've just been huffing too many of those chem-trail fumes that you're always so worried about. LOL Also, for the record, it isn't that YouTube keeps people from tuning in as you say. You're just losing subscribers because we have all learned over time, that you are completely full of SH!T. Speaking of which, I think I'll unsubscribe now in order to help that number. Peace

Do not back away from YouTube, they will still get you traffic on your other platforms

And now they call
Its all planned

Markets crashing, oh my, I guess my huge Investment Portfolio it's going to take a hit. Well at least I'll have a damn job.

Nah its the deep state destroying the midwest crops to tank the markets Trump tariffs are good. Anyone saying Trump doesn't know what a tariff is, is a total fucking retard. Its like a sports analyst telling lebron james how to play basketball. Trump is a fuckin billionaire and the economy is doing great. YES IT IS HOW TARIFFS WORK YOU FUCKIN MORON. The country selling the goods increase the price automatically based on tariffs and china has to pay the extra price for the goods or they dont get the fuckin goods. This allows the american business owner… Read more »

tariffs funds infrastructure… funds the fair trade true cost difference that causes real loss of wealth. it forces us to be more dependant on ourselves by having to pull up our boots and get back to work repairing our group of 50 Republic Nations … Join you State Jural Assemblies and stop 5g tech with physics and force

I see all these Q Tards posting on here. Q folks are delusional, Hillary has not been arrested, pedo podesta is still roaming free, julian Assange is arrested, Israel gets 38 Billion, and trump can't secure 5 billion for the wall, they also get their own antisemitism czar so you cant criticize Zionism or israel, in addition they get the Golan heights so that dick Cheney and the gang from genie energy can drill, they also get more Iranian sanctions do that big international oil companies can raise the price of crude and our gas prices go up. Trump, John… Read more »

Level 1. Earth and water. Grow veggies.
Level 2. Gold silver
3. BTC on a trezor

What I learned today on lift the yamika.. living with your parents at 40 is the human condition.. a "just" new world order should happen that follows the "laws" of economics (whatever the fuck that means).. and guys with cats are not necessarily gay (but you can raise an eyebrow)

This retarded shit will require a video response.. stay tuned

China is a centrally planned ("communist") economy. For 30 years we've been systematically ignoring free markets to transfer virtually our entire industrial base and most of our highest technology to China — wittingly and "unwittingly". Trump is not stupid. To reverse this means economic war. He's (so far) handling it brilliantly. The alternative to his economic war is just plain war… or submission to Chinese domination.

Nathan, other than your economic analysis, you''re really good.

What it is everybody

What don't you get about buying USA made? This is the point.

Needs something to blame the crash on. The reality is that the economy is horrible, corporations are fine, all an illusion….

If ya didn’t get it already, Trump is a con man and not bright. Geez, wake up sheep people and stop believing this idiot….

They've been through the roof all day. Closer at almost record high… Fake news.

Trump is a self-made billionaire, I think he may know more about financial matters than you. Why spread the hate. Are you a double agent?

Moon hoax?

Quotable quotes for 500 Nathan which famous president said never import only certain goods if needed only export to keep the constitutional republic strong he didn't mention democracy either i'll give you a hint there is a portrait hanging behind President Trump's desk and the same gentleman in that portrait hated the banking elite.

China "pays the tariffs" when American importers of Chinese products shift away from China to lower-cost suppliers.

Once an importer shifts, they typically don't shift back, so China's losses will continue to mount even after the tariffs are lifted.

Honk Honk

I just wanna know who really shxx out all these "Trump tweets". Kushner, Caligula junior or his tra n n ii daughter?

fake crash….. prices will rise straight up…

Tariffs are leverage over a foreign party who wants access to your market.

Who am I going to believe? You or Trump, a billionaire with advisors. I’ll side with Trump. My limited understanding is China PAYS tariffs to the U.S. thanks to Trump.

Trump is wrong here. China pays nothing. Imported goods are expensive, but that's in order to get people to buy locally-produced goods – which makes sense. The tax on imported vehicles in China is 200%, so only the very rich, or very stupid, buy them.

almost every thing is made in china. the average factory worker in china make $3.60 an hour while an equivalent American make $13.04. Not to mention china has less regulation on pollution and so manufacturers can spend less on that area. inproper disposal and no polution control procedures or equipment equals a very large amount of savings. america can not compete with that and mantain the disposable lifestyle we have engrained into our culture. companies dont have to pay directly for employee heath care. its not equal at all. all this does is generate more money for uncle sam at… Read more »

Time to buy?


Why do looks like a Jew

China owns us.

Nwo???. Unsuscribed.

Cheetoman on a rampage, what a scam.

Don't know exactly what the truth is. But back before NAFTA/GATT kicked in, in the last year of reporting, 1998; the monies that came in from Tariffs was 483 Billion dollars. The news reporting this fact, the commentator stated we should have "no problem" making this money up. Climbing deficit numbers would indicate otherwise, methinks. When this was being stated, same year of 1998, total revenues from income tax were 510 Billion. I'm, like, Guys drop the Income Tax. Leave the frigkin Tariffs. We'll make up the difference if it's so easy. Of course, nobody was listening.

7:42– fortunately out of that chaos and despair, we'll build a new world order? What???

What goes up always comes down in the end. .. market is fully rigged by fed and Rothschild's anyway so wtf.

Frankly you don't know as much as Trump about traffics!!

I spread bet forex and this isn't anything like you are making out. Get a grip

A new world that is more just?
That is definitely not the plan.

China didn't have to pay the tariffs. People who are buying the goods importing from China are paying the tariffs. What is Trump trying to punish Chinese is to make "made in China" products less competitive price wise. But he totally didn't understand or more accurately speaking he didn't explain why there are so many Chinese goods importing from China? Chinese manufacturers didn't choose to manufacture all goods for US. It was the US companies who realized that manufacture their products in China can help them lower the cost so they can make more profit. Any manufacture in the world… Read more »

Always good reporting, It's important that we send a few dollars to people that report on the real news.

The market is on its peak what better time to put pressure on China?

Understand that low interest rates hurt regular people.When I was young you earned %7 to %12 on your savings. The market is way above fair value. We need it to reprice to fair value. Interest rates need to go up. Low interest rates are a bad thing people. Learn how printing money only makes everything worse for the inevitable market reset.

Except it wasn't Trump's tariffs! It was IRAN dumping the DOLLAR!!
Crisis management team currently headed to Iran, via aircraft carriers battleships!!

What if both China and the US are aware that a Grand Solar Minimum started last year. The Chinese know that each dynasty fell during a GSM, they were not so good to Europe either. Consider that the big olive branches handed to the US were to buy more food. Including China buying rice from the US for the first time ever. Do a bit of research on food inflation. What happened to last years potato crop in Europe and Canada? How many percent was the world grain forecasted lower? It is concerning you point to get a gun, ammo… Read more »

Trump is an idiot

All the west countries are giving false economic stats unemployment and welfare aren't included in jobless numbers anymore so everything is always perfect.

I'm Sick of Tariff! I'm in it 2-3 Hours a day! The "Big-Dig" did Nothing to alleviate Tariff in Boston! I'll have you know! (IMO)!
My Commute Still SUCKS!

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