Trump Doesn’t Understand Tariffs

Trump Doesn’t Understand Tariffs

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Trump Doesn’t Understand Tariffs

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This will cause massive inflation, he is about to destroy USA.


Dude, this is chapter one of a 6 chapter book your criticizing! if you know how this is going to work, you don't look at today as the result. This is a process that will take many weeks and possibly months. He knows what he is doing. There will be twists and turns. We will win this trade battle, you will see. Those who do not know finance and trade will not understand. Don't write the book review after the first few paragraphs of chapter one. Read the entire book, then criticize….please!

What about the huge tariffs China imposes on us all ready….China wants it all their way …they are use to taking advantage of the U.S.

Nathan, during your last report on this, I observed many saying that YOU don't understand tariffs. I hope you have some vindication now – either Trump doesn't understand tariffs or we are just being hood-winked. This is the BEST deal for international/global corporations, not for Americans. I just wish people could understand this.

Tariff – a tax or duty to be paid on a particular class of imports or exports by American importer's or Exporter's and consumer's.

synonyms: tax, duty, toll, excise, levy, assessment, imposition, impost, charge, rate, fee, exaction

I like what the Orange Trumpanzee is doing….accelerating the demise of the zioempire. Moar moar moaaaar!!!

Isn’t this exactly what Trump said he would do when he became President? If it’s a matter of paying a little more money for the shit that comes out of China to protect Americans jobs, I don’t see the problem.

Oh please – many of you are a presumptuous lot INDEED and being subtly deceived by Nathans adoption of a serious prejudice of Trump.
Nathan this prejudice is clouding your ability to see what is really happening.
Please would all of you who are of a similar view – refer to Johnny Deplorable's comments.
He is completely correct.
President Trump is not stupid and is implementing the beginnings of a sequence of events that will turn America around. Just give him half a chance instead of predetermined judgement.

Please send ur hard earned SHEKELS to NATHANSTIEN and DOSHISTIEN for cheap merchandise

Nathan's understanding of the world, trade and the China problem is severely lacking.
Nathan is a dolt! NOT AN ECONOMIST
You are talking out of your ass!

bit coin going up . sooooooo whaaaaat its going to disappear with the grid down scenario . grid comes back….. what bit coin ? wasnt that a video game or something ? better get your your fiat money now and buy ammo and bullion

Says the man child in Mom's basement with a feline sidekick.. YOU, moron, are the idiot making terroristic financial threats to weaken confidence. YOU need to STFU!! I would deal with you like any sodomite that would wander up and look to f my children.. as you wantonly verbally sodomize the economy with chicken little turkey gobble

Tariffs may hurt the Chinese economy in a way where many USA real estate properties will become more affordable (in a mass sell-off.)

Listen I can't stand Dollard Trump of make Israel great again Fame. But tariffs can protect workers. If we would have used tariffs back in the 70s 80s and 90s we wouldn't be in the situation we are today.

Are you for real? Boo hop, all products used to be American made and reasonably priced and can be again just as quickly. You've been drinking globalist koolaid. It's the reverse of the same incentives the globalists used to drive the outsourcing to China. And no, cheaper isn't always better, drives sales but undermines wages and employment. Prices should reflect value, of labor as well as materials and transportation and overhead. Chinese goods should be high based on crossing an ocean, not low based on slavery.

Ive been wary of Nathans commentary for some time now. This one seals the deal for me. Nathan is out of his depth in his true understanding of what Trump is doing.
Have fun, I'm out!

Yes Nathan he’s a complete moron and habitual liar, I’m shocked how long it’s taking a lot of people to see, but better late than never

America needs to start producing more of what it consumes. Raising tariffs on Chinese goods will give American producers a chance to compete. Yes, it will hurt in the short term, but in the long term, it will be beneficial. China's economy is reliant on the US consumer and them threatening to limit our access to their goods by raising prices, will hurt them as much as it us.


Trump once said, in trade war, we win, looks like we are losing trade war, military war, pertodollar war, the only war our Gov. Wining is war on us people, internal tax war.

I hope trump burns it down. Fuck china.
China has been ass raping the USA 500 billion dollars a year. Moron.

You have the comprehension of a child.

Its all no good and a setup soapbox, Trump will betray the American people and get impeached, then they'll put Hilary Clinton and Obamanation in the white house all upon a war with China Russia and Iran – then the FEMA concentration camps and Civil war to come…! All this is a step by step plan to an American Holocaust.

Our agricultural need to grow food for hungry Americans not to sell soybeans for large landowners profits

You have fallen for Hollywood lefts bs. Trade benefits other countries at our expense

You know nothing how we have been screwed by Chinastan

Trump is probably lying. He has top economists advising him. He is levying a huge tax on the American public. The net positive result could be that with higher prices for imports, US manufacturers will fill the gap with locally produced goods, creating more jobs.

We will buy less be less dependent on evil foreign surveillance oppressive state that we ahhhhhh had no business doing business. China one party oppressive threatening state. You people do realize this???? WTF people

You people think to much of yourself and endless purchase of product. Get your priorities right this is good for America. Idiot

Are your tshirts made in China or something [email protected]??

If he wants to attack the reserve bank then forcing China into crypto currency and USA keeping all the excess $$ then banks lose out. This seems multi faceted

Wait so, lift the veil, are you anti government then if you are against taxes that redistribute wealth. (All taxes are meant to redistribute wealth. Some of it in services, others in monetary redistribution). You can't have an argument about only some taxes being such while others are not. Also no taxes are free market at all, especially if you are required by threat and use of violence to pay them. That's not free market. You certainly can't deny that. I'm with you there if you believe all taxes are theft and not free market and socialist. If you don't… Read more »

You think the entirety of trump's administration doesn't know what tariffs are?? Hes got people all around him that overlook his actions. It's silly to think NONE of them know what tariffs are. Even if trump isn't communicating the info correctly

Today we were researching prices in my botany class for landscaping supplies and my teacher said "because trump has 25% percent tax on all Chinese products the things you're researching will probably cost double" DOUBLE?! 25% = double???? I wanted to slap her

what a buffoon

a tariff moves the supply curve, resulting in to some extent: – a price rise; – a reduction in margin for the producer; – a reduction in sales volumes; – a replacement of some of those sales by domestic producers; – more income for us & less for overseas; – plus the government gets some money. so to the extent that domestic incomes increase & foreign incomes decrease trump's wording isn't wrong

trump is SUCH a MORON…. no surprises/////

Of course he knows. He's hoping the general population don't.

i don't think you get it

you would have a point if the worlds cash was based on the Chinese dollar (Yuan)

No YOU dont understand smart negotiating. Leave this stuff to the adults

Yea let's listen to a liberal youtuber who knows nothing about this stuff

China and Trump are working together to screw the American people, check it out

Trump just reads from a script, handed to him from his Zionist handlers. trump was INSTALLED to manage America's downfall…and it is coming soon.

Trump is NOT talking about your local farmers, that money goes to the giant Zionist owned GMO/antibiotics ridden corporate "farming". I worked in the financial end of farming, and saw the bankers steal land in conspiracy with corporate farming to destroy small local farms. The farmers Trump will help are not the ones we think he is talking about. BTW the same filth that will get the money, are the same who advise Chump. Trump is a Zionist puppet, period.

The Zionists are behind the NWO, and to make Isreal the center of that NWO. Of course to make Israhell the capital, they need to take out America. Trump was installed to do just that.

Trump's tax plan was a scam too, no one I know got more back this year…of course I am not a 1%er. And while the tax breaks for the 1%ers lasts forever, the "tax breaks" for the rest of us are set to sunset. Trump is a CON MAN, anyone who still supports Trump at this point should just move to Israel because that is the only nation Chump cares about.

China steals more than it buys. Theft doesn't need tariffs.

His business failures should be a clue to the fact that he doesn't know jack.

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