TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE: All Charges Dropped Against Jussie Smollett

TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE: All Charges Dropped Against Jussie Smollett

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TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE: All Charges Dropped Against Jussie Smollett

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I'm sorry, but the guest doesn't know wtf he's talking about. I don't care if he lives in Chicago, someone who lives in North Korea has enough common sense to know Smollett wasn't let off the hook because Chicago is "thirsty". I lived in Chicago for a few years and over a decade ago $10,000 is what a lot of households require A MONTH to stay afloat. I think the most likely scenario is a coverup involving prominent politicians, mixed with good ol' fashioned black leftist types flagrantly breaking the rules to cover each other's misdeeds. "Fairness" isn't in their… Read more »

what happened with the fake anthrax letter he sent to his employer? It's a federal crime! 18 U.S.C. § 1038 – U.S. Code – Unannotated Title 18. Crimes and Criminal Procedure § 1038. False information and hoaxes..

the guest keeps bringing up cops the topic is not about cops sheeeesh .i guess he dont want to finger a brother?

More than ten grand was behind this. Believe that.

I don't think that first guest is all that sharp. Can't take the unfocused pace of this, I'm out.

What a joke

I think someone in the Obama administration called over to get him off. An aid. Guess it worked.

Remember Watergate

It works like this, if bail is set at 100k, you pay the bond to get out, which is 10% or $10k. Then that money goes to your lawyer or toward court fees.

Everybody needs to call Kim Foxx's office tomorrow morning and complain and take up her staff's time and call for Foxx to be removed from office ! Somebody look up Kim Foxx's office number and post it here !

Kim Foxx's name is now Kim FIXX !

He tells us what we want to hear ! Emmanuel is an Obama/Clinton and the powers that be …puppet!

Lock the lying scumbag up! 16 felonies, lying to the whole nation, almost starting a race war, willing to convict any innocent men if the cops happened to randomly find a few white guys. Luckily he had black friends help him orchestrate this hoax. Imagine if this was a white guy who committed such lies, he would get life in jail.

Jesse thanked God…which God Jesse? He claims to be a Man of faith? Faith in who? Satan? News flash Jessie, God doesn't like liars…nor does he like sodamites!!!

So the cameras and witnesses don't exist ??? WTF !! Yea…right !! OMG !!

He’s friends with the Obama’s and Kamala Harris. Need I say more? SMH.

Well a part of me feels like they want to gaslight white people. It's obvious that this goes pretty high up. For a prosecution to drop this case he must have been at least talked to and promised something… very disturbing…

I think it's a left heavyweight intervention to balance up for the Mueller collusion case going up in smoke.

Well, now we see why Chicago is in the shape its in. Fuck Chicago! Demolish yourself in your crime, you filthy white hating ghetto state.

Yes, "just imagine'. We have the Nigerians buying the rope etc…

It's just a plausible set up for some "Alt-Right Nazi White Christian Male" to flip out so they can spin a FF around it and take the 2nd. These were my thoughts about 30 minutes in.

If he was white, republican he would be crusified.

Kid got molested my media for a smile….

Hipocracy….He may get away as guy and black communities are well conceded, but public knows..and God knows. ..

Nathan is not on the left, caller. You are miles to the right of… nearly everyone!

People in 'high places' had to get him cut loose before he spilled his guts on his connections!!

Someone should lynch the fucker for real

Jessie should host his own post criminal after show series. But seriously this shows just how utterly corrupt the system is.

Jussie Smollett & Chicago Prosecutor Kim Foxx just proved what I've reproved.

is there enough info to do a video on Owen Benjamin's fallout with shill ALex Jones?.. i imagine there isnt that much info to it… I cant tell you how good I have felt about Owen proving himself to not be a shill at all… he has consistently blown my mind over passed few weeks. Starting with calling out the j's… which… that shit blew my mind.. THEN calling upon E Michael Jones the MASTER… NOW (as I have waited for each Monday since Owen has hosted 3rd hr. of AJ).. NOW he gets kicked off show. I have waited… Read more »

If he was innocent why would he have to forfeit his bond money to the city?

Do the crime… Don't do the time.

gotta love that privilege


WHO TOOK THE BRIBE! looks like the only recourse now is random silent street justice, MAKE IT SO!


Cuz he will lead right to obama

Funny how this happens after the Mueller results.

Left didn't get Trump on Russia + Right didn't get Smollett on false flag = Right/Left MSM stalemate

The public should make his life hell come on Americans… The left would've done it, they did it to the boy in the Native man incident at the high school where the guys was waiting for the bus with their maga hats on…

If Smollett had not been a well known TV entertainer few would have ever heard about this story. What he did was no more than a hoax. People commonly go to jail for 12 years or sometimes less for murder. A white person would not have gone to jail for a hoax unless it endangered people or cause somed kind of damage. Bigots out there are desperate to seize on this story to discredit black complaints about racism. It's a non story being politicized.

Why does this BS require a 3 hour show almost as goofy as the MSN

This isn't related to the video btw but…not only do you look like a jew.Your content screams disinfo agent.

Some ppl are more even than others.

Nice kitty!!

Here's another commentator Nathan – he's talking about the power in being gay in the Jussie Smollett case –


Where did you get this guy with his half facts? Get Amazing Lucas.

We'll just have to boycott any movies, tv series, plays, musicals, etc forever until he comes clean.

Have you guys forgot about Brock Turner!!!

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