Tim Pool Is Wrong – YouTube Is Suppressing His Channel & Others #ProjectVeritas

Tim Pool Is Wrong – YouTube Is Suppressing His Channel & Others #ProjectVeritas

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Project Veritas is funded by the Zionists.

Just do some digging people.

Tim Pool looks like a chick that transitioned into a dude

this is a joke right??? It literally looks like a comedy bit.

Can anyone see my comment? Been SB for 2 days now. Actually I posted on Tims channel I even stated Lift the Veil channel and said he was wrong,

He's one of them

Tim Pool is wrong about a lot of things. Unfortunately, that Asian admixture didn't include an IQ bump.

I believe (((they))) also shoah'd James Allsup's video he uploaded today exposing Anqueefa journos. Can't find it anymore…


Veritas still showed the dude's skin color. You can see his hands on one portion of the vid. Why the hell wouldn't you hide everything and give them nothing to work with??

Tim not smart enough to realize you can be up in subscriptions and views while still being throttled.

I got a notification today. Some days I don’t

As Adam Curry says, "you can't monetize the network"

AND their connect with Google. I started watching you late 2018. IM shocked I get any of your videos. Facebook did the same thing to me in 2017. I LEFT. Tim Pool just said that so YouTube won't target him so much. PUSSY!

People in the advertising business see the value in advertising, even "people" advertising, some even unaware, led in a way to speak a certain narrative, even if it is contrary to the truth and negatively effecting them, and they believe it won't, in error, of some vague imagined "mutual understanding" that if you tow the line you'll be rewarded- and maybe some are like Tim. Its like thinking they are clever petting the Lion so he don't get eaten– ironically, the Lion is only allowing it because he's not hungry at the moment.

I tried to pull up a chan. that I saw at a friends house . I could not find it any where .

It sounds like YT is overstepping proper bounds & even violating their own rules against "harassment & bullying". The name & slogan "YouTube Broadcast Yourself" implies that YT is a platform for anyone to say anything. Content creator views may be right, wrong or a mixture but the main point is that they are supposed to be on a platform that allows them to broadcast themselves. It is bullying if this same platform is manipulating data & therefore controlling whose broadcast gets to be heard. This creates an unnatural situation. YT needs to keep their nose out of it &… Read more »

You are flogging a dead horse with this subject. If Google, youtube and their puppet masters cared about free speech then the internet would not have been censored and content providers would not have lost their channel. It is what it is and there is nothing we can do about it.

# Ban Youtube

And Advertising business is about the numbers, mainly the results, of measure, of numbers of sales in return for Ad bucks spent, measured in the way of direct clicks, on ads for a demographic set. But that is a way of error because ads familiarize a person to a product that when they do make purchases, those ads come to mind… The problem is youtube has new manager whose under pressure to fix– what wasn't broken… they were told to cut back on payments because it was eating into profits… so they are cutting channels all together rather than explaining… Read more »

Great to see you active Nathan. Disclaimer that you dont push bitcoin is always welcome. 😉 Cheers!

hahahaah what a fuckin joke he is sitting on a bunch of cube (hexagon) on his "truthclothing" website hahahaha "question everything" hahah what a bunch of bullshit you keep ppl distracted in this jew owned political space so people are spending their time looking at this shit thinking they are getting somewhere while their time is wasted where they could be looking more in depth of who the jews really are and how they operate (at least towards the top) we are dealing with saturnian cult here, and the hexagon and cubes he is sitting on is not helping his… Read more »

I was only on his channel for only a quick second! Don't like him at all! If he's whining about this crap when he know's it's NOT TRUE he's looking for the sympathy to get "Likes"!!

This is absolute PROOF that crowder was NEVER the true target

right, your "Suggest" tapers down to the already subscribed.

Why would a tech company wanna hold a meeting at a Masonic temple?? That’s what I want to know.. #Doshi2020

Tim pool is a twat

Pool's response to the Veritas video was such a cop out.

He's basically gaslighting YouTube creators who are being suppressed.

(((Tim Pool))) (((Crowder)))

Good idea for Youtubers to support eachother and recommend new channels.

This is yesterday's news and bad news…
People calling for POTUS to do something about it.
Can he??

tim and owen are always recommended to me and i dont subscribe to them. any time i leave youtube unattended, while viewing unrelated content, it will autoplay owen vids. just saying

Folks have been warning the Government for a long time that the censorship online has gotten out of control but they're too worried about fighting Iran or something to see the enemy at their gates.

If you ask your subscribers to ask for for $$ back on your videos you might get it back. Some other youtubers did and got their $$ back…

Hi lift the veil, i'd like to say that tim pool isa bit sneaky he is very careful in what he says so no doubt you tube wont attack him like they do more honest content providers…perhaps you tube are manipulating his figures in a positive way to encourage a less truthful content…thats my view

No he actuall said he was, I know what you're talking about. He said he should not be affected but the next day or two he said he seen his numbers drop. I think dude is ok so no bias here either…just saying what I heard

Thanks for your hard work, Nathan. I share your work with pride on my little sites all of the time. Where I live they were planning to distribute bio-sludge just five miles from our house. I ordered your 'Truth Matters' shirt to go protest this, but the response was so negative from the community they quit before they even really started the permitting process! Y-a-a-y! That's OK! I'll have another chance to wear the shirt soon–so many causes so little time, lol. Blessings, man. Over and out.

Do seriously expect people to follow you around on a bunch of other crap platforms and then pay you to listen to you whine endlessly about how Youtube demonetized you? LOL Good luck!

They had a meeting in a Masonic temple?? Did I hear that right??
Of course the video is already taken down. TRUTH HURTS, right Goolag?

Tim Poole is an ass hat and I am done even giving him a chance!!!

Tim can't do math. that explains it

I don't trust anyone that never takes off their toque

He was way more attractive before he spoke.

Love your show. I bought a couple of your shirts, but I don't think they are "premium" or even "quality." Maybe my tastes are outdated, but I like the feel of heavy and high cotton shirts. Just my opinion.

Tim might be a cuck?

………don't cesspools all ways form next to 'main streams' lol

Tim is acting as if him not being censored on YT is some sort of badge of honor – When it appears to be quite the opposite… I respect his dedication and worth ethic but I’m not really a Tim Pool fan anyways. Does a lot of talking without saying much.. Reminds me of a young Mike Cerno faux edgy & faux principled

All that masking and u can still tell he's super gay

Your too paranoid. Youtube is peaking and your not going to have unlimited growth if subscribers unless you want to count Martians and bots

Thank you LtV – despite YouTube – keep up the good work

Oh WELL ! He can say ANYTHING,,,,
Well it doesn't make it TRUE ,,, can't you see they're just trying to distract you from what's important ,,,,


Truth Matters
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