The Truth About Alex Jones w/ Jesse Spots + Spiritual War, Flat Earth & Mandela Effect | 4.14.2017

The Truth About Alex Jones w/ Jesse Spots + Spiritual War, Flat Earth & Mandela Effect | 4.14.2017

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The Truth About Alex Jones w/ Jesse Spots + Spiritual War, Flat Earth & Mandela Effect | 4.14.2017

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I really want to call into your show – just started watching a week ago – A+ man! (The earth is flat tho 😉

cant hear your guest

Dude I'm so impressed with your evolution. It's called growth. Your guest hit a nail in a sure place with the rainbow and sound. How u sa tooshea

"I used to run red lights" lol dude all bad

You have to be joking – Profiled for spouting Flat Earth BS? Just watching this video, my feed FILLED UP with Flat Earth video crap. They're pushing it folks. And Nathan – If you're genuinely duped by it, you better make sure they start paying you, because some FE folks are there are raking in the big bucks to promote this psyop. I was interested in what your guest had to say, but the minute he goes off on the Flat Earth crap, he loses all credibility. Which is by design – Just another ridiculous psyop to discredit anyone searching… Read more »

Another great show Nathan! Have a great weekend everyone.

Nathan!!!!! You're losing me, bru! I'm hearing a lot of religious words that is turning me off. Religion makes well-meaning people do horrible things. I subbed you for your investigative prowess. Plus because my inner-self tells me you're truthful. You also have an inner-self that you can ask to reveal the truth. That's how you maneuver in this crazy time. Much love.

Yo Nathan your sources for flat earth knowledge are Mark Sargent and Patricia Steere? You know that they're shills? Eric Dubay is the president of the flat earth research society and is 1 of the only beacons of truth in this matter who doesn't flip flop and talk bull shit, he is legit

Interesting interview, dude had some sensible thinking on show.

what do you guys think about william mount?

AJ works for Rome and puts Swiss crosses on his products. They always mark there territory. Any action that does not take down the Vatican UN and the Zionist Satanic bloodline families is simply accepting crumbs and chasing proxies. The best thing to do is move into natural farm based communities near fresh water so we can live simply and ignore the system into collapse. Psychopathic power mongers do not like the fact we know they are impotent failures. All leaders are Royalty bloodlines and there loyalty is other bloodlines because they would rather another bloodline rules than no bloodline… Read more »

"Barbara Bush considers George Clinton her son." Best verbal slip ever.

All the folks u talk about AJ Seman and anyone else that has a mainstream national or alt propped up programed victim of personality separation usually by torture or rape in early years. I actually thought Jesse may be one of them and after hearing about theatre im still observing after all lots of us need rescuing.

If you are a real athletic person or athlete to be at your best you would have to eat meat trust me I tried both.being a veg is fine if your a normal person though

"There all having these theatrics" Best way to describe it.

what the fuck The russians have nothing to do with anything

Jesse has so many brilliant points. This show completely changed my thought process on multiple things. One of the best show so far.

Marijuana has kept me on a lot more positive path than I may have been on otherwise entirely, it has kept a naturalistic desire in my life in the aspects of wanting to be in nature more, live more naturally, more aware of waste, consumption etcetera. More spiritual through nature also.

Talking about conspiratorial-angles is like counter-politics. Which is basically anti-fake-mainstream reality. We can't take what they say is real as actual reality.

right on guys

brexit went through because we the older generation grew up when we were outside the european union.Then when we joined in 1973 they began to wreck our economy take our steel and coal industries away .Made our pound crash in the 90s when our banks were controlled by the central european banks.They changed everything.Brought in there own rules we had to abide by.
Thats why we voted out of the europan union





How ignorant! "Happy Good Friday" indeed! How extremely inappropriate! Good Friday is the day on which our saviour, Jesus Christ, suffered and died a horrible death, for the sins of the world. You lost credibility immediately with me with your idiotic greeting.

his name is Bill hicks

I have had a personal audience with AJ twice and I know a lot about his personality from those experiences. Of course I will never be invited to share what I know. My comments on here are always invisible.


Alex Jones is NOT Bill Hicks….Come on Jesse…!!!!!!?????

Surely you guys know the differance between a "boogie man" and a bogey man" lol

Great work! Expose the fake truthers

The idea of "decentralization" resonated with me also. The discussion surrounding this, I found helpful. They could no longer govern at this growth pace this type of people and so many without a much more thoughtful creative innovative – courageous plan.

I think it would be more efficient to find decriminalized approaches to smaller groups to support as a governing structure. NO more of this same that has culminated for over forty years now – NO MORE. How we ever managed to maintain what is left is sort of a mystery its pretty bad sounds like.

Hi Nathan. I don't know if you seen Zachary K Hubbard here at YouTube. But i think you should watch up his work on numberlogy or gematria. He goes into deep with word gematria and dates on almost everything. He shows how all our history is made by the numbers and how this gematria is used like a tool of ritual murders and wars by the Freemasons. You have really to watch up this guys videos, he's really onto something and it's nothing small. But really something that is unquestional and mindblowing. You should really get him to a interview… Read more »

Alex Jones is a New World Order Shill, he is part of the project for the new American century.

yeah I don't trust any of them let alone dracula the impaler. …
they want power and status so bad I can taste it. asymmetric warfare.

Children of the grave!!!!! No wonder we're all fucked

Where's the audio for your guest

Yeah dude you totally fuct up the audio

It's called "disinformation"! Been a lot of that going around. If you listen to the President, for a change, you'll get more truth than from those who do not know, or have a vested interest in their version. I know that's difficult based on the past, but it is, in fact, true.
So, listen to whoeverthefuck ya wanna. I listen to them all, then use discernment. Your "opinions" are no more valid than anyone's truth. Good luck with finding your own.


Nathan, I like you for some reason. But you have to read up on geopolitics and international relations before commenting. Your musings make very little sense. I do believe you have the potential to seriously analyze world events, though. Also, please get off the flat earth topic. I have never heard a dumber and more easily discredited theory in my life. It wouldn't surprise if it was planted by an intelligence agency to poison the well and make truthers look like buffoons. Don't get me wrong, I am open to considering many radical ideas… as long as they're not demonstrably… Read more »

Flat Earth is easily discredited by this thing called time zones. Call a buddy in another country and ask em where the sun is.

This non-sense has gained popularity thanks to internet warriors who grab a mic and automatically think they are contrarian scientists and broadcast to the world an otherwise easily debunked myth. But thanks to like-mind internet warriors, confirmation bias fuels them to keep telling people everybody is incorrect.

the 'Fourth Political Ideology' is Technocracy. Brzezinski wrote about this in books…after fascism/communism comes the 'scientific dictatorship called technocracy'. It's almost like Orwell's 1984 meets Huxley's Brave New World.

Hi there! I found U through Jesse. Check out my spiritual Podcast "The Kosmic Kore". I'm near DTLA.

Im receiving zero sound from Jesse. Am I the only one?

phantom stalkers, zombies, flat-earth, Alex Jones is Bill Hicks, nukes aren't real, everything is an illusion/fake … There's opening your mind, and then there's losing it ..

What kind of pcp laced weed are you guys smoking? Never heard such retarded crap in my life. Please share some more examples of your hallucinations. If you think you're hallucinating on weed you are just plain stupid. Take some acid and watch your little mind get blown.

what the hell is up with this can not even hear the other guy at all

Did you patricia and mark sargeant all do your cia training together? Just curious, your so similarly disgusting, slimey parasitical maggots and you all were total nobodies with VERY thin background stories and you all 'introduced' each other and now you all pretend to be self proclaimed leaders. like it's kinda pathetic how obvious it is that you are militarized talking heads sent to confuse and dilute FE by making it really really boring and meaningless when it's actually fascinating and makes sense. please consider answering honestly before your Field officer tells you to delete this, you disgusting taxpayers cash sucking… Read more »

Great show, this validates a lot of what I'v been personally picking up on. Noticing the little things, cause they have the biggest implications. This world was conceived to separate us from our own consciousness. Reading through the comments, you see a trend. If you keep your mind closed, you don't absorb the information that you were originally supposed to. Just listen, if something sounds way too out there for you now, just put it on your mental shelf to come back and think about it later when you come across another topic that plugs into it. Everything is connected.… Read more »

Are you a goyim? You look like the hybrib baby for seth rogan and james franco!!!!

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