The Solutions Show: Christmas Episode | Lift the Veil w/ Guests

The Solutions Show: Christmas Episode | Lift the Veil w/ Guests

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The Solutions Show: Christmas Episode | Lift the Veil w/ Guests

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I probably would have given a thumbs down due to rude and childish mod Fkn freddy censoring me, and Nathan talking on and on about himself as usual but these wonderful guests redeemed all of that and then some. God bless everyone! We are all in this together. Agenda 21 is ANTI- earth and this is not debatable. I wasnt going to listen today but am glad I changed my mind. I'm sick of the crypto sales pitch though and hope that dies down. By the way you don't have to believe our saviour is coming back to at least… Read more »

R u a troll??

Merry Christmas Doshi!

When will the Doshi shirts be available?

Glad to see you're old channel back. Happy Yuletide brother! May the spirit of the season be with you through the aether 😉

girl needs to stop saying 'youkknow'

What if they were to make it illegal to exchange crypto currency for Fiat currency? Then isn't it essentially worthless.

This is disinfo for retards. Anyone going on ltv is as credible as a Alex Jones guest.

Look man if all this is going on inside our / your head / heads go do as you will but do no harm is not a bad code along with do unto others as you would be done by, excluding masochists ; <)

Hi, great work as always. Here is an idea for you: after you mentioned Steemit I checked it out and my gut feeling was that it is too good to be true. So I YouTube searched as many negative terms that could be linked to this new social media platform and I found nothing; in fact, it was quite the opposite. Hmmm, I thought… how could this be, especially after experiencing what social media does to "truthers." What I propose here is that Steemit and blockchain currency IS the perfect doorway into a "one world" system. Even if it is… Read more »

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