The Other Side of #QAnon #GreatAwakening

The Other Side of #QAnon #GreatAwakening

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The Other Side of #QAnon #GreatAwakening

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Jake Morphonios until recently was a professional Democratic campaign operative which is okay, but keep in mind his Trump perspectives as it leaks out every now and then. Jake however, do some great investigative reporting and is worth watching. Remember Trump is a Billionaire who out of necessity played with the central bankers. But I don't believe he is a Rothschild puppet. Trump is never invited to the Bilderberg meetings nor has he been invited to the CFR short list membership. Trump's business strategy was to get the central bankers deep into his business so that they would be forced… Read more »

Thanks Nathan. Keep up the great work. Much love.

Jake morphonius is THE BESTNINVESTIGATOR on YT he's the I have on my channel as a mirror . me jake might have to be taken out by them . he's DEAD ON. how could you assume most people wouldn't know him. he is above all this Q shit. dosent even invest time in horseshit.

I always forget about the like button! Thanks for the reminder

Why does everyone focus on who Q is?Why don't people focus on the message? How many people have learned more than they knew before Q? Why do people focus on the negative? People are going to believe what ever their truth is. Why does it matter to you why people follow Q?Everyone who is following Q do for different reasons. Like religion, many people believe in religion for different reasons. I do not believe people are looking for a savior those who are following Q. They already have a savior Jesus Christ. Same with church, people go to church for… Read more »

Goes back to Scofield Bible, banker backed bible version used to brainwash the entire church, worked very well, zio-propoganda
How Christians were played by the Scofield Bible.

You guys loved the “conspiracy or intel” when it first started, when it got boring for you, ya turn on it so u guys can make it a “conspiracy “ and go on the hunt to disprove it now. It’s all about your excitement level. I wanna come here when the shit hits the fan and things do happen, I hope it will be an apology video with confirmation of Q or that movement. Everyone seems to say there was an “Original Q”, I’ve been on it since day one as well and Q has not changed, his style and… Read more »

For those who think Q is dividing people. I disagree. People have been divided for a long, long time.


This is crap! Nathan and mates have sold out it is so obvious!
Q is on fire guys!
Leave here and watch latest posts videos( plain reading of posts) with no bulshit input! And make up you're own minds!
Trump and q are in control!!! NOT…. lift the veil!!! Or unirock !!!
Alex Jones etc….the new cnn, msnbc etc
They have sold out! and become terribly bad puppets!
The deepstate are without a doubt in panic and failing miserably!
Patriots buckle up its getting real!

Good work I feel this is your most well balanced video.
Great Job.

Hamas: What You're Not Being Told About Israel's Arch Enemy: like American Government funded trained armed ISIS / Al-QAEDA, so too their partners in crime the Zionist Supremacist APARTHEID Israeli Government funded trained armed HAMAS. The War On Terror is all a sick fake joke on humanity. We are all being brainwashed and played against each other. Question is when will you the Christian Zionists finally wake up and face the ugly truth? That our Zionist controlled USA government along with the Israeli Zionist government are both working hand in hand together spewing lies deceit and propaganda to justify more… Read more »

u should said alot of this long time ago tho. you knew it. I been sub:D to Jake befor LTV

Psy-Op …we are over the target guys…its Sessions! Sessions must be doing something right to be getting a unified attack on youtube… And…does anybody think this guy is totally into Jesus?

I hold Jake @ Blackstone in the highest regard. His material is exceptional.

I love your style, trustno1 dude 🙂

I also enjoy Adam Green

Watch ANTI-ZIONIST videos from people like Norman Finkelstein, Brendon O'Connell, Jake Morphonios, Adam Green, Christopher Bollyn, Abby Martin, Dean Henderson, Richie Allen Show, David Icke, James Perloff, Kevin Barrett, Ken O'Keefe, Titus Frost, etc. They've already done great investigative research work exposing Zionism…especially the American Jew Finkelstein an expert on Middle East Jewish geopolitics. The truth is the ELITE POWER JEWS in Israel are SUPREMACIST racists. Dismantling worldwide ZIONISM is the 1st door to bust down to get to their control grid and depopulation extermination programs!!!

Huge concern is how influential alternative independent media types like AJ Infowhores and Doug/Joe @ Hagmann & Hagmann Report falsely portray themselves as beacons of truth…but in reality they're nothing more than brainwashed Christian Zionist shills for Israel and Zionism. AJ was bought long time ago. Hagmanns still have a chance to influence millions of Christians but their RELIGIOUS ZEOLOT FANATICISM shilling for "God's Chosen People" has irrationally clouded their thinking. Same for Steve Quayle another Christian Zionist. Take listen to this interview where both Hagmanns literally salivate over Israel and Zionism…worse of all is they downplay, excuse, justify the… Read more »

Why Q Anon never touches the flat earth and the current fake space missions?

You have an excellent way of presenting your information – it's so easy to hear. I had listened to that Blackstone Intelligence video, and was red-pilled a bit more to the truth. I find that the response to that video is that…"well, Trump is going to betray the banksters." I considered that for a while, but it does seem that with Trump's support of the Israeli agenda against Iran, nothing has really changed. I think you are correct. We must stand in our own power and through our own actions and words, do our own little bit to change the… Read more »

Almost everything he said is either wrong or twisted out of shape. I hope people do their own research and not take this idiot's word for it. He works for the other side. Seen his M.O. a couple of times now.

We’ve got to let it play out

Speaking on Soros, he gave Jared Kushner, Trump's son in law, start up money for a company called Cadre. Also, Kushner has strong ties to Benjamin Netanyahu.(watch first press conference with Trump and Netanyahu…very revealing).

Trump must Psyop Israel to LARP Netanyahu until they catch him in the Trap set for the Zionist.
Then Macron and Merkel will fall. The last three!

I am one of those interested to know what the Q thing really is
I am willing for it to be whatever it is
you know – the thing they call truth
truth is whatever it is – not whatever you believe or want

why would anyone ask you to trust sessions who started to rule by whim or dictate outside of his jurisdiction oath and duty of office. stripping state rights according to his own moral self-righteous agenda. than distract from the real issues of traitorism to other lower level issues. THEY ALL BREAK THEIR OATH TO CONSTITUTION TO A FALSE IDEA OF TRUTH OR THEIR RELATIVE IDEA OF TRUTH. THE CONSTITUTION IS EASY AND CLEAR TO FOLLOW LIKE THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD. THEY TOOK THEIR OWN PATH. THE END JUSTIFIES THE MEANS. TO WHAT END? AN END THAT THE WORLD REVOLVES AROUND… Read more »

UNIRock is right about the banking cartel, which is the apex of the transnational capitalist imperium.
The transnational capitalist imperium is a confederation of transnational corporate empires. A transnational corporation is a private global empire and many are richer than most nations. What they want is total global control through the imposition of their market system. The new transnational trade deals are part of the gradual transfer of power away from sovereign nation states (democracy) to privately controlled transnational institutions (oligarchy). The euphemism they use to cloak private control of nominally public institutions is – independent.

Israel is a military colony of the Western financial oligarchs – the bankers
Israel's mission is war
Jake is v good

nathan did you think JESUS was lost and found his way to TRUTH???? youtube video of Carl Sagan on 4th dimension will give you a little insight just apply it to 1/2/3 and UP IS 4th. WORD UP! IS WHAT IT IS NATHAN. CAME DOWN TO MEET YOU AT THE 4 DOOR. LOWERED HIMSELF THAT YOU MIGHT SEE THE TRUTH INCARNATE. A CROSS SECTION OF INFINITE DIMENSION IN YOUR DIMENSION. WORD UP NATHAN!!!! AMEN IS THE STATE OF MIND OF THIS DIMENSION. some Korn in this Qrap

if your owned by rothchilds your owned by reserve

Q is encouraging people to THINK! PERIOD some will get it, some won't.

I am at that point! This info has lead me to another reality! we are living within a coup of long term planning Agenda 21 – complicated by Islam (still not sure how that got in there that actually thwearted Agenda 21) being thwarted by another coup Trump Military – Actually America indeed WAS/IS THE GREAT SATAN We ARE the bad guys! Can Trump /Military save us? Or do we deserve what we get?

In other words, it's Yanny vs. Laurel.

I don’t think it’s fair that YouTube makes me watch a paid advertisement but yet you get no $$.

You want to cut the truther community in half? Then make it PARTISAN. This is a common public relations technique. By making it a purely "right-wing" issue, you attract right-wingers to these useless rabbit holes that don't remotely threaten power, and in turn shut off any Left leaning individuals suspicion of hoaxes, psyops, banking, dissent in general. It was pure infiltration and sabotage, AND, it gives something for "conspiracy theorists" to chew on who have suddenly lost 80% of their original REAL content.

This is much worse than we could have imagined. It is obvious the fake Q bans the posts put out by the Anons trying to get the truth out – – the fake Q having to work their board 24/7 so none of these posts get out – – because the fake Q is either govt intelligence (CIA) or foreign intelligence (mossad), They cannot allow their crimes to be exposed, so they put a stronghold on the flow of info. The Crown Corporation, the City of London, the twelve banks that are headed by the House of Rothschild's Bank of… Read more »

Palestine is not a country, does not have statehood. Hamas and Iran are the problem in Palestine. Israel has the right to protect themselves. Trump has done what every President has promised to do in the last 20 years with regard to Israel. Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Harry Truman was the first to recognize that Israel is the home of the Jewish people. Now is now and then is then. Blackstone referring to articles about Trump Organization and bankruptcy is history. It was all legal whatever was done.

Q targeting Evangelicals????????? That's why many are turning away from this nonsense and unsubscribing to many channels. I thought Lift The Veil was a cut above the rest, but I would suggest not going down the manipulation of Christians road. Look into David Crowe and Restore America. He spearheaded getting Evangelicals out to vote.

RED PILLED? maybe BLUE PILLED? NO! BLACK PILLED? sounds like it, very dark path

Q was designed and implemented to divide the masses even further than we are at the moment. The whole process is hoping to start an uprising and maybe even a civil war…….the people associated with Q have admitted this if u listen closely to their interviews.

What social media sites are q on ?????

LTV == Corsi. No better, different message, same outcome.

All your going to attach now is the Crazy Zombie Left or is this your real plan!!

Nathan, you are seriously an intelligent man, regardless to what some may say about you.

come on guys how the fuck can you think that Q is legit?? you guys are worse than the flat earthers!

ask Jake about Vegas. Jake can tell some stories

It would be nice if the original person from a board on 4chan could set the record straight. And from what I'm gathering he didn't originally call himself Q. He kept anonymous.

Whelp that answers that “I only pay attention to the people that are interested in exposing Q” . At least you’re honest about your bias.

Is it possible that Trump and Hillary both worked for the same people, who probably promised her a Presidency but had second thoughts when they found out about her Kuru? It really doesn't look like she'll make it through the Trump term, she's too fragile physically and emotionally. I consider all politics at that level to be like Fake Wrestling anyway, they all work for Vince McMahon and plan the scripts together. So, if Hillary and Trump were the GlobalPedo picks, who was the Candidate they really didn't want? Why and on what terms did Ross leave Rothschild, did they… Read more »

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