The New Art of War–Mind Control 2.0

The New Art of War–Mind Control 2.0

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Mind control is a concept that has been around for countless years as a construct of thought reform, with different techniques being used to shape certain narratives or ideologies based on propaganda, and in some cases is used as weaponry.

Psychologist Philip Zimbardo, who is best known for his work on the 1971 Stanford Prison Experiment, describes mind control as the “process by which individual or collective freedom of choice and action is compromised by agents or agencies that modify or distort perception, motivation, affect, cognition and/or behavioral outcomes”.

In the Spring of 1953, CIA director Allen W. Dulles gave a speech to a group of Princeton alumni that would be the precursor to the top secret government project MK Ultra, which was signed and released only three days later. Dulles explained in the famous speech that project MK Ultra would be absolutely necessary for intelligence gathering.

The 1953 internal CIA memo described the programs Artichoke, MK-SEARCH, and MK-ULTRA sole purpose as “attempting to gain control of the will of those being experimented upon, while at the same time studying every conceivable technique that can be brought to bear to prevent others from extracting information from our people or gaining control of the will of our people.” 149+ sub projects would soon follow.

Among other substances, LSD was widely used in the MK Ultra project by scientists, physicians and psychologists who were all part of the weaponizing of thoughts and ideas via mind manipulation.

The following documentary gives an extremely detailed look at the inception of mind control, including verified documentation:

Truthstream Media’s “The Minds of Men-Official Documentary by Aaron & Melissa Dykes”

Over the years, mind control slowly started to morph and began to rely more on technology and social engineering to achieve the goal of brainwashing the masses.

The internet and specifically social media platforms use “groupthink“, to shape public responses to events where the individual’s common sense is overridden by a desire to be part of the group’s consensus.

During a TEDx Talk, “expert on Undue Influence, brainwashing and unethical hypnosis” Steven Hassan M. Ed. LMHC, NCC illustrates his Influence Continuum model:

Hassan goes on to explain how the internet is used to control behavior, information, thought and emotion (BITE model).

From Combating Cult Mind Control (2018) by Steven Hassan:

According to Live Science, The Department of Defense’s research program DARPA is now looking into using technology that has the ability to instantly read an individual’s mind by using a combination of infrared beams, genetic engineering and nanotechnologies.

Battelle’s Neurolife concept is called BrainSTORMS (Brain System to Transmit or Receive Magnetoelectric Signals), and involves magnetically guided nano-transducers that can complete tasks by converting the neural electrical signals from the brain to magnetic signals via communication with a helmet-based transceiver worn by the user.

Harvard University’s Dr. Robert Duncan describes how he’s personally worked on programs that use magnetic nanoparticles to access and manipulate the senses and thought patterns of the human brain via injection. He also speaks on his regretful participation in the development of the “Voice of God” weapon, which the United States military successfully deployed on Iraqi soldiers during the war in Iraq.

Harvard’s Dr. Robert Duncan on Voice of God Technology, Mind Hacking and Game Theory

The website reports:

“Battelle will use neural decoding, artificial intelligence, hardware engineering, in vitro electrophysiology, and systems integration to combine the various aspects of the project.

The company has won many contracts with the US Army, including one contract to improve the modernisation of support technologies, and another two contracts, worth $192m, to support the army’s CBRNE missions.

This new contract is worth approximately $20m over four years for the Battelle team.”

The excuse that mind control is simply an idea concocted by someone in their mother’s basement who has read one too many Sci-Fi novels, or a conspiracy theory with absolutely no merit, no longer holds any weight. Since the late 70s, the public has had access to government records laying out the specific tests that were ran on willing individuals as well as some that were implemented without consent. Over the years, their desire to both infiltrate and weaponize thought has continued to intensify. Today, they are bragging about the latest advances in technology that will allow access not only to our waking thoughts, but our dreams, both of which can be easily manipulated by said technology. With the ability to remotely control our senses, project images and voices directly to our skulls, and create a hive mind online, where does it end?

For more information, see the CIA website and read for yourself.

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