The INSANE Economics of YouTube #VoxAdpocalypse

The INSANE Economics of YouTube #VoxAdpocalypse

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The INSANE Economics of YouTube #VoxAdpocalypse

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New flooding in N. Carolina, Louisiana, Texas and Colorado. Power outage in Los Angeles and the runoff from the Mississippi river is filled with toxic waste from multi state land flooding. Will create a giant wildlife, dead zone in the gulf of Mexico. Nineveh aka empire of death America, is going down fast.

Giant rats in California and New York. Giant is an understatement. Pestilence hitting now. 300 earthquakes in Fontana California. In center city Los Angeles, tar oozing from the ground. They think seismic activity is going on.

Youtube is run by the "deep state!" They don't care about lost revenues;
they have the ability to PRINT money willy-nilly! D-live is probably owned
by them too. Don't you think they can project the possible reactions? This
has been all planned . . . they have numerous scenarios projected out to
infinity. The resistance has to be more clever . . . very clever . . . even

Don't you think they'd be subsidized by Soros or Clinton or whatever left wing nut to make up for the monetary loss of content creators they've cut? Don't you think that the left BOUGHT the demonitization and bans? Why else would YT cut off it's nose to spite its face?

Isn’t the basis for all religions an idea of supremacy?

JuTube. Fact. Revealing facts – causes being BANNED.

What matters is the nation the company exists in. Its the internet. EU can try, but YT can Ignore them. That is unless the company opens up offices in that location.


Why don't you Back Up your videos onto a separate drive.

I ran into your rational self during your exposure of the Zika scare some years ago. You NEED to bring your grounded look at this nightmare…

…particularly FM's video's since April:

Serious serious…

Who cares? We want to hear from those who ARE NOT all about the money! Boohoo boredom speaks volumes. Zzzzz

What about tony rotham death… they call it unknown sure sounds like bourdain parts unknown..

Doshi chilling out.❤️

hits the bong
If everyone smoked a lil…..we'd have world peace❤✌

YouTube tested who's in it for truth or money an a lot of people failing. YT is getting a complete overhaul after the 4th of july. Watch an see…YouTube has a whole team dedicated to FIXING the platform but keep free speech. Might be a bumpy ride. BTW what happens when crypto crashes the fed an fiat currency pops. All the people not involved in the lap deserve to go broke bc they are busy working providing for themselves an family?? That's fair??? Yeah btc decentralized ok…..Lotta forks all at once right before the first btc huge jump. Implying it's… Read more »

Hey Nathan, if I donate or buy a t-shirt from you, will you protect my identity?

Watch David Byrne True Stories

Whats up doshi

Question? Don't you think this was planned? Sounds orchestrated, contrived to me.. Just asking..

Fuck Revenge of the Cis

You talking about "Brand Safe" and the advertisers? The advertisers are the problem. They want everything to be bubble wrapped "safe" content. They want to remove all creators that "problematic" i.e. could be in anyway reflect poorly on the companies running the ads. Adam Curry of "No Agenda" was been talking about how they were going for years. You can counter by reporting everything for hate speech. If everything becomes "toxic" then the network can't be monetized and thus will collapse. We can force them to give up by running up the cost by forcing humans to review all content… Read more »

What's happening?

Doshi protects the infinity stones

I love the cats position lol

Im with doshi on this one bro…just dont give a f

youtube cares more about whats in our minds than money

I don't care for Crowder. Typical neocon GOP trivial stuff. Never gets into the real stuff.

dont agree with the censorship but Crowder is just a shitty human being, according to everyone who has worked with him. He is most definitely a grifter and a homosexual himself

You are very funny. Clive? Ok I'm in.

hang in there Nathan

I finally got a notification of this show at 12:26 AM on Wednesday morning. hmm I was watching live yesterday when you made the show on Dlive and Twitch.

No white nationalist channels say whites are superior. We just want to be left alone to live in the countries we established for ourselves. On the other hand zionists have an apartheid in Israel where they exterminate non jews all throughout the year. But if you point that out your video gets censored.

Also, think of this. It is insane to think that youtube loses noteworthy money by axing these creators. The people that watch right wing youtube think it is alot, because it is basically the majority of what they watch. Youtube increases its data capacity by almost 8 PETABYTES per year. That is 4x the capacity of the NSA's super computers. They lose basically nothing by axing this small section of youtubers. Youtube has been around for 14 years; take out the early years, lets say a generous 4, and the total capacity of youtube video hosting is atleast 80 f'in… Read more »

Someone is paying the difference. What kind of business refuses revenue? An out of business, that's who.

Watched on dline.

Good Show Nathan. Thanks!

Shekels for Nathanstien and Doshistien

Doshi got it!

If we agree that Google/YouTube is deep state created, run, and owned, then it's obvious that this isnt about money, it's about regaining the narrative and passing that narrative back to the gatekeepers at the MSM. (Note how much MSM channels are shoved in all our faces on YouTube now) It was pretty obvious with the timing that the latest attack came right after the Bilderberg meeting, that in my opinion is no coincidence. Money has nothing to do with this, they have all the money in the world. This is simply taking power back, regaining the narrative, and crushing… Read more »

Get on bit chute bro

I've done powder w/ crowder!

Bro Mug Club is his show 99 bucks a year and u get 1 mug

More economics lessons from Nathan. Remember 30 days ago and his “crash” of the economy and stock market prediction due to Trump tariffs? Classic.

Hundreds of thousands of people know Sandy Hook didn't happen. Why should you tube assume the event did happen? At least a dozen phoney actors prove the event didn't happen.

Hitler and the Nazi party was not an aberration, it was the natural consequence of the end of Germany leading roll of Western Civilization from 1810 to 1942. Decline, decay violence, fascism, expansion, stealing resources, censorship. This youtube, google, state media censorship is the simple progression of decay. Quigley's "Tragedy & Hope".

Susan the Jew Is making hard for me to stop disliking Jews. I don’t hate. I just dislike the rejected race

Red Sea pedestrians

Livin' The Dream!
"I Don't pay no Stinking Taxes!"

Word is, Crowda is "Owned and Operated"! And he is Incapable of being "Grateful"!

I Never even watched this Crowder dude!
But, he sounds like a dipshit !

Nathan your analysis of YouTube's advertising wrong. If Youtube stops placing adverts on your video they will still get their advertising money because they will place the same advert on someone else video. Furthermore, companies like Johnson and Johnson do not want to associate their products or company with right wing content providers or false flag shooting conspiracy videos and are prepared to pull their advertising revenue if Youtube do not comply. You will get targeted if you do not comply with the mainstream narrative and you are a pro-alternative content provider.

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