The Attack On Sandy Hook Truthers

The Attack On Sandy Hook Truthers

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The Attack On Sandy Hook Truthers

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Blackstone just did 2 hit pieces on your mental status..hey we are all free to listen or not.wats up? I like your channel..and dont care for his..that simple….captian hook is beyond ridiculouse.jake..leaves out the fact actors played multiple roles in the event.real or not thats a problem.but my inner knowing screamed hoax day 1…

Dig up a dead child?? Thats skipping past tons if other problems..not 1 emergency room worker saw nothing? B movie actors were parents and swat team members? A drill gone live again?? Cmon.and blacksoule jake seemed a little

Multiple shooters were covered up at parkland while a child who struggled with mental illness for years had an outburst on social media and was locked up with no physical proof of him shooting up parkland. Just because someone says something does not mean it's true.

If you believe whole heartedly nicholas cruz shot up parkland your an enemy to America and the constitution.

False flags can include real or fake victims. The real question is was it a planned operation.

Attacking free speech or claiming a mental illness discredits a person is too low, and I just told Jake the real problem.

Sandy Hook was a PsyOP.

No one died at Sandy Hook

Gotta love the information panel with Encyclopedia Britannica explaining the mainstream version of Sandy Hook. We need a plugin to kill the information panel… it insults my intelligence.

For all those who jump to conclusions…. it is possible to be skeptical about both the official story (by the state/mainstream) AND the truther's story. Neither have given me sufficient proof, and frankly, I have not done enough research. I am not going to buy into the state story by default, but that doesn't mean I have seen enough to draw a conclusion that the opposite is true.

Jake blocked me on his channel when I questioned him about another YouTube Channel he has called…. The Viking Whisperer…. he refers to it as My ASMR Channel: He comes across as having a SPLIT PERSONALITY…as the channel is SATANIC in the way he presents it….like a Satanic Worship ceremony….it actually scared me to come across it…. When I told him he appeared Satanic, he exploded on me, and immediately blocked me…defending himself….I realized at that moment, This man can be DANGEROUS…It really made me wonder about his channel…all the $$ he drags in and who knows what's real… Read more »

Jake did the best work on the Las Vegas shootings. Wolfgang did the best work on Sandy Hook.

It's obvious Jake Morphonios job is to: Shape • Inform • Influence • Manipulate • Mislead • Expose • Diminish • Promote • Deceive • Coerce • Deter • Mobilize • Convince and Attack others unfairly. Jake Morphonios is a complete fraud.

That Morpheus guy is pretty fast and loose with it. They’ve got the goods on him.

Jake is SHOOK. I unsubbed him. He went on and fedposted, boomerposted, that he was so scared for his family and the Fed's Ham sandwich indicting him, so he tanked his Las Vegas investigation due to this. Then like an idiot he goes and blabs about how scared he is. This is a man who is willing to change his tune if the going gets tough. Jake has too much to loose and let the world know it, know he is doing 180s, because he is scared.

I just have to say thank you Nathan for doing this! I had my suspicions about Jake after the drama he made on Las Vegas that he’d drop like a hot potato and when 60 survivors also survived Thousands Oaks in California.. and now this, 3h with “think about the feelings for the parents”. Well known trick they use, I have been asking question about Stockholm Truck Attack in April 7, 2017 and been accused to be why graves have been massacred. It’s a trick they use.

He being paid to do this and he’s credibility is now totally lost

Jake the dumb fuck.

I kind of understand him sympathizing with the fake parents that lost fake kids, but his child was 
"real" he lost. I lost a "real" child too, so…for them to FAKE their children dying, angers me to no extent.

Nathan, what a phony you are! Those of us who know your disingenuous intentions understand you’re a true fraud! Go to hell Nathan!

That's a hell of a punch you when you get demonetized and your videos get taking down from having Wolfgang Halbig on your show. Pieces of s*** at YouTube for censoring free speech. I side with Wolfgang Halbig to despite whether or not kids have died. I believe the event was staged just like 9/11 just like Las Vegas etc. Just another psychological operation to keep the human sheep in their "cages".

You're right to support our right to free speech. Question everything. Truth matters 🙂

Great great great great great point by saying and showing Wolfgang halbig said he don't know if people died or not because no records have been offered 4 years per his request. I believe based on my previous research on Sandy Hook that it was an inside job just like all the other insides jobs including 911. It's a damn awful deep dark State sham and the wall should be built around Washington DC to keep the real terrorists out of the country and out of the world for that matter. Would China be better at ruling the world? I… Read more »


You admit you are schizophrenic, and have psychological issues. Why are you always dividing people and causing problems. Jake has the right to not let you sell his t-shirts. That's no reason to lie and makeup shit. Keep it up and you're going to lose your Channel.

I dont believe the " story" the " carnival" show of sandy hoax . theyre the criminals. And they should be in jail and shamed.

I was shocked when he made that video saying people who believe sandy hook was a false flag and had crisis actors have a mental Illness unbelievable

Nobody is being killed in palastine . thats a conspiracy . ! Quit harrassing the jews . !

Quit harrassing santa clause . he is real. Your just a conspiracy guy. We will sue you with ruthless jew lawyers . how do you think santa feels .? Shame on you.

Thank you for being an honest news source Nathan!! Sandy Hook is CIA bullshit and anyone with a brain that has looked into it, knows that to be true!
Be careful though I’m sure this channel is your livelihood!

We the people know when we have been lied too as much as is possible in this deceitful world we live in!!

Blackstone intelligence/young Turks=same audience.

Burning time for the truther community is the modus operandi for the dark side. Truthers are "gifted" with the tabloids while mere "normies" are consigned to the sports section.

No Jake you are not getting negative reaction about their belief about sandy hook one way or another. It is about your attack on the listeners. You made videos about the Vegas shooting and a lot of people think it is crazy that that was a hoax. But if they think it about something else they are idiots and you use the other side's ridiculous "tin foil hat" wearer moniker. Stop confusing the issue. The anger is about your treatment of your listeners after many times on your show discussing the wickedness out there including in the comments and we… Read more »

Nathan fucked with the wrong man. I guess he didn't see what happened to the last dude who fucked with Jake. Good luck rebuilding your audience after he exposes your bigoted ass.

People just don't seem to understand that False Flag does not mean no-one died. Just look at the World Trade Center people died there and it was a major False Flag. No body from the USA ever landed on the moon.

If they exhumed the bodies all you’ll find are Jewish sacrificed gentile boys.

That Jake guy looks transgender. He has an FTM fluffy beard and has no jawline or browbone and very close to the surface eyes. Sorry but with the secret transgenders you literally cannot trust a single word that comes out of their head. They were born to deceive.

The thing is you can't prove no children died. you could prove tjat they did with bodies.
It's the rest of it that shows it was a false flag: people doing loops 'helicopter circle sandy hook's, payments to parents before the shooting, crisis actors, weird behaviour at press conference and interviews, Robbie Parker's smirks and smiles, jokes by the medical examiner, eye witness and radio record of multiple shooters, pulling the school down so it can't be investigated, too much was off for it not to be an operation


Lenny Posner has already taken Wolfgang halbig to court.thevideo of court proceedings were available on you tube.anyway posnercdropped the case ,when he was finally required to appear in person at halbig won the case .it's remarkable how much this event has been overlooked by most commentators.although halbig won the case ,the judge incredibly contrived to deny halbig costs.tovadd insult to injury,within days of this victory halbig was named a co defendant in Posner and others action against Alex Jones. I have a bad feeling about Jones authenticity in this case.i think he may settle with Posner and co.this will… Read more »

To me, it seems a lot like, making correlations to you, with regards to q, and judiasm…

Morphonios used to be good during the Vegas shooting. Then he either cracked or was intimidated. How could anyone listen to Halbig and not doubt the story we were told?

Too many people listen and believe the news they hear, oh… they would never lie to them, like they are special.. We need to get rid of people who were trained at the top of these networks to report nonsense and lock them up. U.S. Freedom of the media world wide ranks 41st. Pretty poor score for "supposedly" honest U.S. media. A joke.

Jim Fetzer has a SH lawsuit also. He's in the middle of it now.

The actual law of the land will be ignored and only used when it serves them. the outcome is already assured. Who runs the country…. and US law is ignored carte blanche.

Morphonius is a complete worm. If Halbig is fake, then Jake is playing their game. He knows because he has inside info, certainly nothing we have, but won't prove it. Same shit. Jake is disgusting and his lies are off the charts. He's totally not a legitimate truther. He is completely avoiding the known truths that make this situation more than suspicious. Just prove it and stop the whole "suffering" . If they have the proof then they are continuing the "suffering" and have done so for years now.

hochsprung twitter just surfaced. Um yeah

Someone is certainly guilty of libel, but it isn't halbig.

Sorry for all the comments, but let me put together what you are not allowed to:
"Posner" the poser put his friend Smelly Kelly up to befriending halbig, who, overwhelmed, let her manage some of the elements of the case- including correspondence with poser. She indeed did respond as such, and may have even extracted the supposed statement verbally from halbig, in a moment of hyperbole or drunkenness perhaps. I doubt he would ever make such a statement publicly, if at all.

The media had checked into the hotel two days prior. A big hotel group bought them out and brought in a whole new staff.

Jake has another channel named The Viking Whisperer, weird.

Expose all the sweet deals all the victims of S..H….got on their homes. Look into who paid off their loans and bought their homes.. Why did all of them get those sweet deals? It's a cash cow that continues to get money to fight our 2ndA rights.

There is so much evidence out there that this is a huge scam. I am coming to the point that I believe that they are planting all this evidence that it was fake. It was fake but they want questioning people to know that they are scamming us and there is nothing we can do about it and we have no rights, power, or protections. In other word they are committing a psychological warfare strategy to demoralize people to a degree where they realize there is no law, no justice, and they will dictate reality and destroy who they please.

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