Synagogue Shooter Couldn’t Legally Buy Gun

Synagogue Shooter Couldn’t Legally Buy Gun

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Synagogue Shooter Couldn’t Legally Buy Gun

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God help us

So at 18 you can shoot someone and die for your country, but you can't protect yourself until 21…?

MOSSAD is getting sloppy. Good catch Nathan.

Conspiracy fact

yeah this story has more holes than swiss chesse !

Someone's getting fired or heart attacked.

If they did 9/11, you dont think they would have the chutzpah to something like this?

Just signed up for your patreon. Margaret OC

Thank you so much for covering this Nathan. PLEASE do not stop man. Appreciate it!

To sell more, put a clothing mannequin with your one of your t-shirts behind you so its visible all through your show.

Well, you do the background check, then come back and buy it. So he applied way before, right? I think this man was smart enough to get a game license.

America is not a sovereign nation but a colony to Israel. To become a nation Americans need to get independent from Israel. That will never happen as brainwash is an irreparable brain damage.

Can you database check to see if he has a small/large game hunting license?

he could have filed the paperwork 10 days before, & went in & bought it when they said he did, & he may have already had a hunting license. It's probably pretty easy to get one. Not saying there's not suspicious stuff going on, but best to not get too worked up unless you know the facts.

sloppy job mossad

How powerful is the Jewish Lobby? One Jewish death and the law is changed.

Oh vay the goy are stupid

Justice – judge says Casterate him

I think groups should Talley around national guard and army recruitment places and say can’t join until your 21 years of age 18 isn’t old enough

All these gun laws are just ramping up the sales of illegal guns throughout the entire country

Probly wouldn't have any mass shooters if the media would just shut their fucken mouth about our gun rights

Soon it'll be illigal for any Goy to own a firearm. This new law will be implemented to pay respect for the 6 trillion Jews who died at the hands of evil white people.

Please do a story on RECYCLING PLANTS catching on fire. Pomona recycling center yesterday, Ontario recycling 3 days before that. And when I searched it here on YouTube, they have had fires in both those facilities 3 years ago. I asked Google why so many recycling fires and it's documented. Strange

I just watched on YouTube "the price of honour" (crime doc.) Real stories. And all I can think about is the unresolved and very mysterious limousine "accident" that killed the wedding party . I think it may have been a sort of honor killing. I'll revisit

Solid reporting. This doesn’t pass the smell test.

They had a week when larger capacity mags were legal nor sale in CA after the law was overturned. This was only a week or two before this shooting.

sounds alot like oswald's mannlicher carcano..alos a Dallas Police officer reported the rifle found on roof of either Dal taxs (sic?) or DBD was a MAUSER! quickly attacked and the officer who knew guns all of a sudden didnt know the difference…feels like we have been here before imo

Good catch Nathan! I'm the one that closed their finger in the car door…

They can't go into detail because it would reveal how nefarious actors inside the law enforcement agencies allowed this to happen, it's that plain and simple, whether it was local PD or the feds either way someone allowed that kid to get the gun. That store he bought it from would be a good place to start as far as piecing things together goes. It should be very clear by now to everyone how our own government is false flagging us into getting rid of our guns. To bad the majority of income slave americans can't/don't want to see this… Read more »

Just another F.F. in a long string of psy ops in 'Merica.

Im not anti gun, but why do you idiots think that having guns is going to protect you against the government? They have paid for military's with jets, tanks, nuclear weapons and wayyy more guns. Your pussy ass gun isnt going to help you for shit. I understand protection against other criminals, but the government? No

Convenient propaganda

its meant to have holes by design


Hey. It would be awesome to interview this guy, The Boston Bomber, or the Parkland Shooter. Remember in Parkland there was tape of the guys in all black that threw the huge bag in truck and took off? What about the lady saying there were police shooting in hallway? I dont trust anything anymore and withe youtube censorship we arent even going to be able to talk anymore

The old head ✡ guy with the blue casts on both hands is also the county sheriff.

All these FAKE eff'n "shootings" are probably MO$$AD ops' to further the Official Jewi$h Narrative of GUN CONFISCATION in Amerika so the Zioni$t eff'n TERRORISTS of I$rahell can finish their CONQUEST of eff'n Amerika – "By DECEPTION they shall make war…" (MOLON EFF'N LABE!…)

Hi Nathan! Thank you!


Looks FTM to me. Just saying. Baphomit?


I wish this story was real

Tell Israeli citizen, Feinstein, that we just want sensible bomb control in Palestine. Tell Israeli citizen, Schumer, that we just want open borders for Israel! #DiversityIsTelAvivStrength
Sensible gun control in Jerusalem!

Is it illegal to watch the video yet? oh wait….no video. Ar-15? why no MAGA hat? or Trump bumper stickers on his bicycle? and where is David Hogg?

Well we should be hearing about tons of lawsuits if this guy was able to purchase a gun in a day later walk out the store with it! The strict laws in California will prevent such transaction so the strict laws in California will prevent such transaction so gun store owners would be held liable!

My soulless selfish never present father reached out to me after 20 years of ignoring me and quickly let me know that he wanted me to legally purchase silencers in TN where I live and mail them to him in CA. What a loser! Putting his only spawn in such a spot so he could have something he isn't legally allowed to own where he lives. Didn't even try to deserve my allegance. He is having heart health problems now..I wonder why lol

A real terrorist uses a knife and does far far far more damage silently than does the illegal 'rifle' toting 'bad guy'. Sorry chef boy r false flag. I mean, shooter mcpatsyjob.

Police are exempt from the waiting period. Police may also buy "large" capacity magazines.
At 19 he is old enough to be a cop.
Is he a cop? Are they covering that up?

Sorry, no specific at this time!

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