Steemit for Dummies, vol. 1: Getting your feet wet

Steemit for Dummies, vol. 1: Getting your feet wet

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Steemit for Dummies, vol. 1: Getting your feet wet

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Hi Nathan! I had a great Christmas. Have you had too? ❤️ Listen, you should cover the chemtrails issue, since right now it’s become so dangerous for all of us. And maybe we could talk about the vaccine stermination – depopulation Agenda21 plans. Anyway, there have been other hoaxes in my opinion, these days, whose reasons are beyond my knowledge. I’m talking about the false flag in Moscow and the gas pipeline that was said to be an ISIS terror attack. Kudos, Nate.Btw, I wanted to tell you that, since I thought and researched about the NASA’s lies, I can… Read more »

Hi Nathan. Can I interview you on my channel? Thanks

Btw, I've called in a couple of times and we had great conversations.

I just did my second post on steemit with my own content but not much traction ?

Thanks Nathan! This is really helpful. I'll give you a follow !

Is it against steemit protocol to multi post an article as in on my YouTube website Facebook etc ?

Steemit is cool

Oh this is great! Thanks for posting this

Doshi fan here!!!!

I've had more trouble logging into Steemit than any other application EVER!

phuck this! stop pushing bitcoin, it's allready down.

But I can't sign up I need the safelink cell phone to get reception and we have no cell towers near us and the old iPhone daughter gave me for near our internet to use on Roku has no cell internet plan to use it out of the house who can help me out to get an account

Love you man but you’d better start looking and talking about Hashgraph

Thank you Nathan, for listening to your trusted and verified Executive Producer, amazing KryptoKitty, Doshe.This means your hard knowledge Is softening into spreadable wisdom for all.For Doshe comes from the Golden Royal lenige of Siam. If he is kin to the Golden Appleheads which I sense he is, you Nathan will become wealthy by your sweet service to your producer and director of your show. Thank you for this share about Steemit.Very usable information.Maybe my first article will be about you and Doshe''s wonderful symbiotic relationship of love and prophet-sharing 😉 that Roseanne shares about. Clue:If Doshe has the Magic… Read more »

Up voted on steemit

Is there a good app for iphones to use for accessing Steemit? I saw one in the App Store but I was afraid to trust it.

I might be to dumb to use steemit, but would love to give it a try.

Good info dude, I just topped up a few steem and I now follow.

If one has divested oneself in the use of a cell phone (emf's, spys etc) then one cannot be involved in crypto anything because one cannot employ SMS…bummer pour moi.

Sir can you please help me growing up in steemit I'm very new here please give me only one up vote I'm on steemit as @ismailali

Appreciate this video. Thanks for the info

Thanks for the info! It helps a lot!

I need STEP BY STEEP how to sign up, how to post articles, how to post videos and pictures. Your video is not for dummies, you are assuming that people already in steemit and know all about how to post videos, etc.

Follow me on steemit and read my blog. Here's my latest. one

thanks for the vid, I just registered, waiting for confirmation, can't wait to write my intro!

Great outline. I've been on the platform for a few months and I've been a lot more active on DTube. I gave you a follow on Steem. @buzweaveryoutube

Does NOT show the STEP BY STEP process on HOW he did the above. Worthless video.

Great video! I joined last summer, but only today have finally started to get active at I liked the video, subscribed here and followed on Steemit. Thanks for the help. All the best

I got a confirmation text on 2/22/18 but still no account approval. How do I get approval?

Great tips. How do you know if if the guy is a "big shot"? lol

Hi LTv, tried watching same vid on Dtube, but its buffering n not starting. Y so.? is it slow?

Thanks Nathan. Good review for a newbie like me.

Thanks for this video….If you like Steemit, you should check out Refereum. It is similar to Steemit but this is for Gaming video(Gamers). User get paid for streaming/watching Gaming videos and it allows anyone to make money playing video games or streaming video. They have already partnered with Twitch which is a subsidiary of Amazon. You can sign up via this link and you will earn points for joining.

GST on crypto currency

Any free ways to earn steems bro, I apply but month over not approved ,so I need to go paid version, any site except eobot paying steem

Dtube seemed like a cool place, i wanted to register, AND it wants my phonenumber, NO way jose, you never gunna make it big asking people for their phonenumber, take that away and ill join /register)

Vice Industry Token the porn fork of steemit coming soon!

Could you possibly give me any tips on what to do for content? I am terrible at thinking of something to do to post.

that cutty producer cat made my day.


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