SpaceX Lands Rockets & Elon Musk is a Genius

SpaceX Lands Rockets & Elon Musk is a Genius

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SpaceX Lands Rockets & Elon Musk is a Genius

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I like how he checks his invisible earpiece.

Elon Musk is a fraud.

That's what is called duping delight.

1:03 woman on the right F9 -69 as above so below. She was put there .

Nathan….I subscribe and enjoy your shows……BUT….I Am not understanding…..I watched this video from you a day or two ago ….this one says uploaded TODAY. (4/2/17) but is the same content from a few days ago. You doing multiple uploads of the same stuff days apart ? ? Reruns?

That is weird, it cuts out and suddenly it appears.

I used to work for Dish Network, trust me, we didn't have a meeting to inform us that satellites are fake. In order to get a signal for service, it has to have a perfect line of sight of the southwestern sky at a 45 degree angle at a very precise point in the sky or else the dish will not get signal. The amount of people that would have to be in on the scam would be in the tens of thousands for Dish Network alone let alone the dozens of other satellite providers out there.

I swear they need to evaluate people before allowing them to post videos….. dude, you sound loopy as hell. either your out of meds or a disgruntled former space-x employee.

Uh, it could happen, right? I couldn't whip up that much enthusiasm for the second coming of Christ, but no heavy lifting required for fake rocket industries. . . designer drugs, orgy at night, two week old beards, thin midsections, kinda gay.

I would love to see how they "land" that…..

Hear her say. we all know the Earth is a ''sphere'' right at the beginning~ nice catch~! is she backhanding the Shaq.? lol is ''we all know'' a brainwashing term? i like when you use the term,. and lets not forget they would have the real footage taped in whatever form, wi-fi is not an excuse . funny how that giant toothpick does not rattle or shake. it was like a David Copperfield or Cris angel made for TV production.. great work~! glad your safe brother we all know Doschi likes to steal the show.

Elon Musk is now into transhumanism, what a surprise. LOL!

what a bunch of dim zombies

Hahaha what a joke


Don't reproduce.

You have such a great personality Nathan! Thanks so much for the work you do! 🙂

So the camera on the Rocket keeps broadcasting, but the camera on the platform freezes everytime the rocket lands?
SpaceX too dumb to show the money shot? Maybe because there's noting to see.

Elon is the shit, the way they skirt the uncanny valley with his ass is amazing. When I was kid I thought chucke cheese was a good as it gets. fake space is way cooler than a fake rat playing a banjo.

a fake rat playing a banjo….right on

THIS IS REALLY FUNNY. WE THOUGHT NASA WAS BAD AT FAKING THINGS. With todays modern computer generated special effects, I thought they could have done a better fake vid, lol

lol…what a joke!

please don't tell me ur still a globetard lift the veil?

Wow that's like a David Copperfield stunt lol

So as it is landing !
Not much of a scorched platform !
I have seen blow torches with better results !

landing on a barge in the middle of nowhere just to hide the fakery…I feel sorry for anyone who believes this

That's sounds like crowd clapping orchestra ! If you hear it . . . it sounds like different sections of crowds being told that the decibels of cheering and applauding is getting low or is not as high enough !

I guess they don't need a heat shield no more…everything else always needed one

This, SpaceX business, among other things, makes me very depressed. The government, the media is so deeply evil, and the populace is so naïve, it makes me completely alienated. I guess those in power think this is the proper path but I don't know what their reasons could be. The SpaceX fraud shows of course that NASA is a fraud, at least in large measure, it further shows media to be a fraud.

the tension to the barge should be frantic in the water when the rocket landed even before it land due to the thrust before touchdown.

SfakeX is just another magic show.

I guess the name of the drone ship 'Of Course I Still Love You' is from a sci-fi novel called 'The Player of Games'.  Musk might be hinting that this is all a game and he is just a pawn in it.  I don't get the feeling from his statement after the landing that he is particularly happy with his involvement in all of this / something seemed off about it and I get that feeling a lot from him.  Pray for Elon.

Everything that was said here is very much important no doubt, but, apart from that…I love cat people 🙂

thunderbirds are go

I like when the rocket comes back the altitude gets bigger xD fun stuff.

Opening video clip was pretty funny, crazy, kind of SNL spoof.

I beleive it's real…but whatev

Gotta have faith! Foolishness

So…mo–fokking fake as fudge…. its..its…….. has to be fake… :P.

a goddamn moron

We always need skeptics, science is built on doubt that something is true, and is constantly updating it's view of what must be true.
But idiots are idiots…

I've recorded videos out in the Atlantic, then uploaded them via wi-fi later. Live video isnt the only option. smh

I smell bullshit

Was this recorded before 12 noon on the 1st of April.

That guy keeps covering his ear, but there is NO EAR PICE THERE!

Respond with your questions here, and I'll answer them if I have the time. Can be anything, like why the stage doesn't flip over or burn up during reentry.

Elon is a con… but let's use paypal to make money (am I the only one who sees the irony?)


Please go and see a doctor. You really seem to have some kind of psychological disorder.

It makes me really sad to see someone act like this.

Lift the veil: I thought it was not possible that someone could be as stupid as you are.

they cheer like they are still amazed it landed. was this a delivery (to god knows where) or another test? Not very pro

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