Sen. Cruz Grills Google on Allegations of Politically Biased Censorship

Sen. Cruz Grills Google on Allegations of Politically Biased Censorship

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She's lying.

This woman appears very smug and duplicitous to me..

Lying cunt!

Wide eyes. Whiney voice. "I don't know." pretty much after every question. Where have I seen this before?

Censor Google.

Target this bitch and her family!!!

Does anyone know where the full video is?

You can see her start to panic when he asked if anyone in Google voted for Donald Trump. Literally started out with, "Thank you senator, but I have to remind you that Google is vERY DIVERSE AND-" she didn't provide a straight answer. Which as far as I know is the wrong thing to say when in front of a jury or in court or while being questioned by a lawyer. We all knew censorship was happening, what with the recent Louder with Crowder event against Vox. Big Brother Media companies are now being exposed for the snakes they are.

Am I the only one that thinks "thank you…" every response was the most robot shit ever.

Another well payed puppet for the interest of the elite ….

Ted, she never blinks….
She is lying!

My God, please sit up straight with your hand closer to the button!

ugh, what an awful woman

I wonder if Google will remove this video next… >_> Although it's nice to see them getting grilled for one. She answer nothing in this hearing. Funny she can't speak on about anything in her organization that she works.

Soon, GOOGLE will be turned into GAGGLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This woman conveiniently doesn't seem to know absolutely anything


Why aren't the Google Execs there answering questions ?
They would Lie, of course, but they would be on the stand, instead of some poor lackey.
Personally, I switched all of my search engines over to DuckDuckGo and have Never looked back !
If only DDG would provide a video storage and sharing domain, like DuckDuckShow, or something, that would be a great alternative to censorship.

Disgusting liar. Break up google and throw these social engineers in prison for perjury.

Thank you Ted Cruz!

You need to help us out on this because if you don't then they will control out lives in the technology era and we will never see a Republican senator ever again. This is America and we are the last Country to have freedom.

It takes a Texan.

What a slimy weasel that shows just how bad it is and she is part of the satanic agenda, period!

Thank you sir…

This is useless, well being lead is full of Bs. They sent her on purpose.

Because the Google SKANK, isn't smart enough to speak,,,, on her own, without her Handlers !!!!!!!!!!

Look at her smile. It says "I don't give a single fuck about anyone of you or the people you represent, I'll just answer bullshit and you'll have to take it". That's what her smile says.

Google.. neutral? LOLOL.

She is a LIAR< LIAR, a fu king LIAR!!!!

Go Ted!!!!!

Lying. Sack. Of. Shit.

People need to change there iPhones android phones and other devices to DuckDuckGo

I almost cant even watch, I know they are going to give every non answer and lie they can to obfuscate the truth.

Save the PR work you are BUSTED Bitch!

This is what is ridiculous – Google as a whole really thinks they're too big to be bothered by this sort of thing. I really wish we had alternatives other than Apple for mobile – thankfully I use duckduckgo/metager/others for search and email… sadly I don't have many more options for mobile…

There's no smoking gun where Cruz can accuse Google directly, rather than just "rogue individuals" within the company, of political bias and censorship. You will get Google representatives, one after another, denying that they engage in political bias and censorship. They will deny deny deny until they're blue in the face, so long as there's no smoking gun; so long as there's no "gotcha" evidence that proves it conclusively.

get this woman a lie detector!

Oh my I dislike that lady so much. Her fake customer service voice is so annoying

Sen Cruz please make Google disappear.its time to break up Google.they are obviously very biased and they are also working along side YouTube. Time to take down google.i dont trust them.they are spying on us conservatives.get rid of them

this lady is a liar and everyone that works at Google should be fired and Google should be split up into a million pieces

Fuck google

That woman is well programmed. She's an NPC robot poster child.

Get em Texas Ted!! Thank God everyone can see the censorship now. This type of censorship is bad for ALL OF US, regardless of political belief. YOUTUBE!!! Be more responsible! Let us think.

It is not a requirement for her to insincerely say, "Thank you, Senator" after every question.

Lie, Lie, Lie, like a rug.
We know they already said "nothing's going to stop them, & for google, they don't even worry about it" BREAKING UP THE COMPANY, THAT IS….
I say we bust them up into teeny tiny lil bits!!!
Like they won't even recognize themselves afterwords.
They should be in the dust bin of yesterday, & taken out with the trash.

Good job man, glad to see someone calling them out.

She‘s lying. Also, she‘s a Fembot. A lying Fembot.

"Evil, what is evil anyways?
– Google's new motto

She is lying her ass off, she damned well knows the answers to all senator cruz's questions. Break google up.

An english major whose first gig was at msn. Why am i not surprised.


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