Saturday Phone Calls

Saturday Phone Calls

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Saturday Phone Calls

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Truth matters

Sell any t shirts today buddy?

Jake is having a hard time, losing all his youtubers. More Phony ness… that is so funny, I never caught on to that.

Love you Nate dog!

Dude, Nathan definitely came out on top shining after this stupid Jake attacking competition thing. It was pathetic on Jakes part. Can’t people just get along? I don’t know what these people are thinking when they attack Nathan. It was a great great interview Nathan.

Didn't Jake get an all expenses paid vacation to Israel with Adam Green a few months ago?

Never going to d live. They ripped off to many people already!

duckworth burela

Hace 1 segundo

Wolfgang's questions are legitimate questions that need to be answered. It matters not the integrity if the questioner, be he Mr Halbig or even a schizophrenic, zionist, necrophiliac, drug abusing zoophile, the questions remain legit.

ANYONE who thinks that Sandy Hook was real >> IS A SPECIAL KIND OF STUPID. The WORST Crisis Actors in history PROVE IT.


Even if the swat man was not David Wheeler (which I believe it was), the swat man was dressed in a costume that was different from the other swat uniforms. Also, no trained swat team member would carry a rifle in such a cavalier fashion, therefore this individual is more than suspect, he is an imposter.

Not too mention David Wheeler is an actual actor who in the end helped people coin the term 'crisis actor'

Nathan, could you start a new line alongside your tee-shirt? Jake underpants?

Jake is a repulsive joke and obvious liar,and plays LARP with a ski mask on like a creepy ass pedo…also his grandmother judge he gloats about had to step down over not disclosing bribe offer's…weird how he never mentions that corruption.. Hamas apologist shill.

I gotta say Nathan, you are a class act, and I really mean that. You're not about drama, you are genuine, and you don't put getting views before the content. You try to come at everything with logic and evidence and try not to make assumptions without it. Also, you remain loyal to the truth. You don't flip flop like all these other channels. You're steady and real and I think that's really cool.
Taking the Mormons to Court: Defending Sexual Abuse Victims against the LDS Church: Tim Kosnof

Another A Plane Truth Channel exposing Jake's intentions on hit piece…

Prof Fetzer has a lawsuit against him from a Sandy Hook parent. He’s looking forward to it to prove no one died at Sandy Hook and it was a hoax

David wheeler
FBI man and also grieving parent at Sandy hook?

Like the term "conspiracy theorists" became weaponized to use against those of us with questions…. it seems like the term "Hoaxers" is the new one…. thank you so much for that Jake. [sarcasm]

Jake went off the wall. It was crazy and unhinged. He had no right to call people out for exercising free speach

Debbie did Dallas

Jake is a fake always was always will be. I've been saying it for two years

Nate has had many YouTube personalities challenge him. He has defeated all of them. I've witnessed most of it. I've been burned over the years by some of these "truthers". Nate has been pretty solid so far. Good job nate.

Hi Nathan, I'm having a lot of problems getting my likes to last on certain videos….I like over n over n as soon as I scroll down or leave, they're gone n over n over…. I'm also not getting certain people's notifications n it's been going on for a few months….Grrrr…Gets so old, but I won't stop! This is Crazy, but if I watch some music video it never happens! These people suck! I'll keep checking n everyday! Will check out DLive!!!!!! N your Shirts!!!!! Thanks for all your doing!

WTF is jake? Lol

The legitimacy of a public event isn't nearly as important as the freedom to ask questions about it.

Jake is a total hypocrite to say the things he's said then to try to convince people he's a good family man while slandering another man's wife! The icing on the cake to call himself a Christian at the same time was all I could take. Sorry – just being honest.

love that intro, it is wicked groovy and cool. nice one nate

Can anyone link or explain how to find Lift the Veil on the site? I'm unable to find the channel. Thanks

damn, if sandy hook happened we need to see if it was misreported or mishandled by the cops and authorities. we should not be unpleasant to the parents but we must investigate. did it happen? we must investigate carefully and with respect until we know what happened and maybe even why.

3rd comment, sorry but i saw my parents lose my sister in a car crash, she was 17 – no way they could speak to a film crew right away, they never got over it but no way could they have, no way. just saying.

The UK GOV should clean up the CiTY OF LONDON LLC and there own pedo issues.

If jake is so convinced, he should get halbig on the show and start giving him the answers to his questions. No logically thinking person can listen to halbig and go hmmm, this mans phychotic and stupid. There’s just far too many grey areas. Didn’t follow jake anyway thankfully

Go watch Monographs last 2 videos. October Reinzs. He will dig all this info out. Jake is black ops. Monty is not someone to go up against. He is highly skilled and motivated. Look what he has so far. Blackstone is disinformation. I fell for it and subscribed up to 2 weeks ago. Truth is coming out.

Assange the Zionist puppet will take the fall and set the precedent. No 911 leaks he probably turned in re leakers that turned to him to leak real info

GM Nathan, please check out this "EntertheStars" Channel. His work just incredible the true symbolism right in our fsces & he explains the associated accident/religous history. His reach is "lifting the veil" pointing out what's behind so many things like the new Sandy Hook School Design & location coordinates.
I think having him on as a guest to reveal his discoveries & have caller discussions would make an incredible show. I believe he lives in Italy. Show link…

we want to see the yearbooks that went missing from sandy hook !

Don't worry about Jake. The guy is a fruit cake. He shadow banned me months ago bc I called him out for his Trump derangement syndrome. You have every right to defend yourself against these vile attacks directed at you and your dear wife. We are all in your corner brother!

Fake Mr.PhoneyAss

I watch all of you guys. You are both credible in certain subjects. Socrates and Plato argued that the truth is not an exclusive possession of anyone. more so everyone holds a piece of it.

For me, dignity counts. That's why I USED to view Jake's videos. And that's why I CONTINUE to watch Nathan's videos here at Lift the Veil. Jake used to consistently project dignity. He reflected that he was very proud to be a dignified person. Then, the other day, came shock to me. Now, had he presented his case in a dignified matter, I would have listened to it and maybe believed it. But I'm an older person, and I CAN'T STAND people that act undignified. That's ONE reason I can't stand Trump. If Trump announced that every American was going… Read more »

D-live won't work for me. The video stops and could only see the chat…I kept refreshing, but it didn't work. Twitch works better.

Nice. Dlive has Nathan doin porn. Much love bud. Gonna step over there n check out some of your Xrated content.

Must be exhausting having to deal with all the drama from ThemTube, shills, and others that cannot agree to disagree. Keep up the good fight, the truth will win in the end. #Doshi2020 Tulsi as the running mate.

Doshi and Tulsi have about the same odds of making it to the big race. The country is sad, but just for now. More are waking up and fighting back every day

The UK has stopped investigations into high profile people and pedophilia, so they have no business telling anyone how to keep children safe! I hope all these governments realize that the further they fall into tyranny, the closer they are to their ends. They fail to remember history and what has befallen every other government that took up the tyranny banner. History will repeat itself. And I WILL continue to question “coincidences” or oddities, especially when an event with lots of coincidences or oddities is being used to push an agenda. Every cop whom I’ve ever seen interviewed has always… Read more »

(Human behavior) in times of crisis. Understanding how the brain, the conscious mind and the subconscious mind works, may help those who might judge a situation based on false assumptions gain a little clarity. I am making a statement regarding all the comments about appropriate behavior or "natural response to the loss of a loved one or a tragic event. 1st just to be clear, I don't doubt there are staged false flags being conducted by secret agents with an agenda. However if people are going to engage in sleuthing they might want to get caught up on how the… Read more »

No worries. are a great guy. Who cares you have always been polite and use discernment.

Start showing some sex if it's X-rated

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