Sandy Hook / Pizzagate – The War On Free Thought

Sandy Hook / Pizzagate – The War On Free Thought

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Sandy Hook / Pizzagate – The War On Free Thought

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I sent a message to Jake to tell him I’ve lost all respect for him, and that I thought he was a free speech person. I told him he had no right to say what he did about people who question anything.

It's TRUE PIZZAGATE is a MASSIVE operation it's way more than what Jake Morphonios is calling IT. Jake's gone nuts. Maybe he's being forced by the LUCIFER camps to CHANGE or DIE. I am done with Jake Morphonios, he's lost it.


It's a claim from edited clips to destroy AJ. The deposition was ridiculous.

sandy hook was a hoax but halbig is an israeli agent sent to discredit people who believed that it was all a hoax.

So it's legal for CNN to spew propaganda but not the public?

Please GOD send blessings & your protection to Mr. Halbig & his family.
thank you

Maybe "they" are calling the questions raised about the highly inappropriate responses by some parents of the Sandyhook school kids 'harassment '. I don't remember anyone literally going after those parents directly and harassing them.

You don't understand. Halbig and Alex Jones aren't being charged with harassment rather their shows have caused other people watching their shows to harass the parents of Sandy Hook. So they're being charged with inciting people through their conspiracy theories to harass the victims one of them of course conveniently commits suicide. This adds fuel to the fire. Now they'll go after everybody that questions the event. That postulates or even infers that it might be a hoax. Classic CIA mind-fuck Op.

There goes Jake morphonios a game saying he's seen the documents he's seen the evidence. Well isn't that amazing. He's apparently the only one that's received this evidence because how they've been asking for this evidence for years. And they won't give it to him. The expert on school shootings once the evidence and they won't give it to him but Jake morphonios has seen evidence. Yes Jake morphonios is a special person without leaving his house and talk to him for 4 hours a day he is able to get the evidence that he'll big has been taking planes… Read more »

Lenny Pozner probably doesn't want to show up in court because he doesn't exist. It's a CIA op

With the exception of doing something like yelling fire in a movie theater freedom of speech has no limits and cannot be infringed upon except by tyrannical a-holes that do so by coercion and violence. Freedom of speech comes from natural law not from a government. The constitution acknowledges natural law and we live in a society today where there are many many ignorant people that do not have a clue about reality at all, their minds have been poisoned by political media operatives, big tech and libtard educators all of whom are a-holes!

You tube is wrong for saying you can not say something hat is well documented didn’t take place ! Now videos that the feel are against the mainstream narrative are unable to have comments, unable to forward and no recommended videos listed. This is wrong and is against our basic freedoms if someone wants to comment on a video.

They are saying Wolfgang is backing off on a lot of the things he said before like that shill Alex Jones did. He says he now says he is not sure if anyone died at Sandy Hook. I think I need to hear this from his OWN MOUTH!!!! What does James Tracy and Jim Fetzer have to say about this???? I am a big Amazon customer and still pissed they censored Fetzer's book. Let them know if you are ever sent a survey. We are SUPPOSED to have freedom of the press. This means we need to have all the… Read more »

what is it…what it is lol love the channel

Nobody died. They moved the families in to play the parts and they moved them out.

Thank you for airing this and supporting Jones. I don't know the other man.

Do you get in trouble for this?

I went to a "Conspiracy" Conference. I saw a complex bring down proving it was a hoax.

There was a vid that showed a "father" laughing and joking then putting on a sad, tortured face fro the camera.

The moon landing is not real. Bush and the rest killed Kennedy.

S A N D Y H O O K H O A X No children or teacher ( crisis actors and actoreeses) died at the Sandy Hook School closed school hoax. See it as GOD sees it.
Please " CHECK IN" port-a-pottie actors, carrying guns upside down. NO JOKE. a sloppy job.

The amazing thing was how few injuries there were… kid was so precise he killed everyone he came into contact with??? There should have been life flight helicopters all over that area.

Ct. Native, Sandy Hook = False Flag*. (Period).

It is ridiculous

Thought crime is a European tradition. Wolfgang Halbig is a genius and a hero!!!

Fully agree 100% on free speech

Sandy Hook Shooting, the Mothers Average Age Giving Birth = 36 Years Old – Odds of 20 Such Elderly Mothers in One Group = 109,418,989,131,512,370,000 to 1 — that translates to 109 Quintillion, 418 Quadrillion, 989 Trillion, 131 Billion, 512 Million, 370 Thousand to one — Adds to Overwhelming Evidence of Official Fraud?

I'm at the 18-minute Mark and I agree with you 100% so far. I don't know what the hell Jake is talking about I watched his video and I'm skeptical about his attitude in bastardizing Wolfgang Halbig or you for that matter. Keep up the great work. We can't please everyone all the time.

I have been a solid fan of both you and Jake Morphonios. I'm at the 21 minute Mark and you read Jake's comment about Sandy Hook etc. Either he is just under educated or miseducated about the Sandy Hook situation and Wolfgang halbig or something happened to Jake like CIA had a visit with him or something really weird because it's not like Jake to say stupid s*** like he said on your YouTube page. Keep up the good work. Peace.

Blackstone seems to be on the warpath he is releasing a barrage of personal attacks… Hmm. What the hell? Why so defensive?

Nathan, honest question….are you jewish?

Isaac knappy nappy sank your shitty channel along time ago now give it up and go back to your day job pursue some happiness in your life again before you loss that wife of yours to a much funner guy than your self

My harsh comments about our evil Government is meant to bring down the Government, …one truth at a time. Likewise the EVIL PIGS, and main stream media, and the LGBTQ Educators, etc. SHEEPLE, speak harsh words to end the slave masters hold on you

Thanks man for what your doing..alot of folks that could join the fight don't.. out of fear i guess.. and it makes since but damn, speak now or forever hold your peace! litterally guys, its now or never.. screw these people.. if it looks like a duck, quacks like one then its a duck people!! Either we win this battle or America is over!! To ALL the big personalities with a voice ..speak truth and defend what is right! Have courage and speak your mind!! I cry happy tears when you do!

Wat the hell is wrong w/ u bad mouthing n harassing Jake – some1 who helped u out?! Geez can u just do ur own damn thing n don't get off on shading other YT'rs?? Ur not defending FS by trolling on other YT'rs, genius!

I'm going to miss my twitch thots

Gay taxi.

There is such a thing as slander and libel. Freedom of speech has its limitations.

Hey Nathan I think it's terrible that Jake is making smear videos about you. I listen to you both. I disagree with him on a lot but I still listen to him. I agree with you on a lot of things and I hope you continue to make your videos. Fight the good fight.

This event is troubling. Reasonable questions and a irrational response! Wolfgang halbig iz a brave man. He is hugely qualified for everything he is saying. If something is true you dont get people threatening your career and sometimes their very lives from high places. There are many anomalies about this issue. When normal protocol is ignored and things are not logical there always is some type of reason. God bless Wolfgang. When you do something that you believe is right it can be a lonely road.Another one is on the day this random incident happened who rushed out to order… Read more »

"When you want to get away with something make it so diabolical that no one would believe it is true." J EDGAR HOOVER

The globalists are afraid of Wolfgang Halbig. I think it is more than just losing the money for the vaccines. I think they want the ability to add toxins or binary toxins to the vaccines and they will lose all of that. Think of that and you should talk about it.

You're a "bad" person only if you don't agree them.

Cuz your full of shit

I pegged the scraggly bearded guy as a shill in 10 minutes….

Unfortunately, most truthers don't wanna face the fact that yahyew had it's own son sacrafised.

I've seen the video deposition and I'm not a fan of AJ, he's a sold out shill but there's nothing there and the lawyer tried to make him admit that he caused "tremendous pain" to the alleged parents of the this alleged event and AJ was like "I was just bullshitting my way through the shows like I always do" and, of course, wouldn't admit to the conctructed arguments made.

hey Nathan! the death certificates are there and the documents are there! are you and your crazy hoaxer cult denying reality? are you mentally ill? look at the evidence instead of covering your eyes cowards. nathan, you are a failed actor thats trying to make money off deceiving people and causing drama. you are scum and you should be ashamed.

Nathan, Jake is a liar and fedposter. He's a Mason, he's bad news, you know he said he intentionally tanked his Vegas investigation due to the FBI? He lied to all of us including me about being a Christian, he's a Mormon, and why would the Sandy Hook Family, who is a CENTERPIECE in the push for censorship and shutting down speech, be working with Jake. Why select him of all people? He's fedposting. So Jake is banning all my comments, and removed his thumb up/down display. He is using strawmen and herrings, and not addressing the stinging areas, Jake… Read more »

Sounds like Jake is trying to take free speech typical controlled opposition Jake is obviously a total phoney

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