San Diego Synagogue Shooting Doesn’t Add Up

San Diego Synagogue Shooting Doesn’t Add Up

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San Diego Synagogue Shooting Doesn’t Add Up

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Just as you EXPOSED the hoax surrounding Jussie Smollett, you’re probably spot-on with this one as well.

Auto Hoaxers are such sad and lonely people.

It is called a 30 round magazine get your terms correct. Clip is a storage device used to load magazines.

Meme's… and 'mimes! Mimes are so much worse! Just awful!

Watch this mans hands who just the day before 'had his hands shot off' (his own words) to decipher for yourselves. I don't know about any of the others but this Rabbi is a bold face LIAR.
Chabad of Poway Rabbi says call from Trump was 'so comforting' –

Inept Hollywood plots & bad Crisis Acting are to distract from event's purpose, eg nobody opposes the intended gun grab law…..


If the actors are involved in something dark or occult or ill-conceived, I believe that would explain a rash of suicides among the Sandy Hoax “parents” and other groups like that.

Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Barf O C have done more for anti semitism than the Jews themselves. Let's not forget who hates the Jews…. Mozlem! They worked directly with Hitler to eradicate Germany's population. Just know the powers that be have 1000 people at any given time to drop their lives to destroy yours! Protect yourselves! As soon as they get away with this, which is moments away, the next stop is your front door. At least we have saved Gaza right? Not.

They fear the power of the meme… Not the power to radicalize. Rather, they fear the power memes have to wake people up by succinctly and effectively pointing out obvious untruths. THIS IS WHY they are now being demonized. THIS IS WHY memes are now appearing in these fake manifestos…

'But Stepan said investigators will soon have all those answers.

“We will look at whether the ammo was obtained legally, whether the gun was obtained legally, whether whoever sold him the gun complied with everything they're supposed to comply with,” Stephan said. “All of those things are the subject of the additional investigation and the (search) warrants."

It's also possible the suspect bought his weapon in another state, like Arizona, where 18-year-olds can buy rifles and ammunition.'

I just love you & Doshi for prez

If the violence in the gaming world hasn't caused up tix in violence,who can expect a meme to cause it either.

Earnest = 33 ChristChurch = 66

Does anyone think the woman, Lori Gilbert-Kaye, they killed was targeted? Maybe she wasn’t toeing the Zi0nist line in that Chabad cult.

30 round mags were legal to buy for a few days a few weeks back when the law was overturned.

Come on! Radicalized by memes!!!

He could have already gone in 10 days prior? They didn't specify that he just went in that same day to get the AR and got it without a wait period. Correct me if I am wrong..

Great points man. Definitely points to it being a hole-filled false flag op, a bad one at that.


Lemme guess the one victim probably happened to have a government career. Was she a teacher? Ten bucks says she worked for the gov in the first place.

An off duty officer … again ?!?!?

Always the jews…..

Nathan I love you man strong supporter but it's a magazine not a clip magazine not a clip….

By California law it's not an AR-15 it's something else it's a butchered AR-15 but it's no longer an AR-15 not even in appearances

@ 13:05 ….5 loaded magazines total of 50 rounds it sounds like 10 rounds in 5 magazines total 50. It sounds sounds like to me a bunch of conflicting stories

By California law illegally purchased Black rifle / AR-15 is some type of hybrid but it wouldn't be called an assault rifle any longer

K9 officer and a border patrol agent let me guess they're both members of that synagogue

We need to be careful that we don't end up like Venezuela.

Think, who's says I've been radicalized… People will argue what ever there believe is but they just don't say I've been RADICALIZED….

Somewhere Soros Is Smiling.

Baked Alaska tried riding the Alt Right phenomenon to make money and when it didn’t pay off and people called him out for the shill that he is, he flipped and is now trying to make money as a “reformed Nazi”. He’s a shekel grabbing POS

Same 10-day waiting period for Louisiana. Even from a pawn shop.

Dude stop self censoring today more than ever

The rabbi should’ve protected the woman ,poor woman…..It would be safer for all Israelis to go to Israel and get the fuck out of here!!

By booting me off your live stream & channel on Twitch you proved that you are just another hack playing the same game as the other partisan channels . One by one the frauds are always shown for who they are.

Your cat totally has it made! Love Love how chill she/or he is. Thank you so much for bringing WE THE PPL TRUTH!

Stop paying your taxes LEGALLY – Get a PAYMENT AGREEMENT – 3% per year, everyone qualifies. use the money to pay off your credit cards – OR BUY A GUN!!!

I’m loving all the comments in this comment section. They are the best I’ve ever read on a Nathan’s video, and also in general. Why is viewers on here. I’m glad I’m part of this tribe.

At the same time this happened in Canada – makes you wonder how many hate hoaxes were accepted as real, even from past history – absolutely despicable. –

Funny how they can SHUT DOWN CIRISTIANS OR CONSERVATIVES on FB or YT account in 2 MINUTES citing community standards – BUT if you are a TERRORIST RANTING about murdering people in school or running a LIVE VIDEO FEED MURDERING PEOPLE IN A CHURCH- ITS OPEN FORUM BABY – NO HOLDS BARRED – OPEN CALL FOR ALL TO LISTEN and FB or YT will step in in a few days to describe how its a gun loving rush limbaugh lover names RASHEED MUHAMMED and DONT LOOK AT THE VIDEO because it will make you CATHOLICS HATE MUSLIMS!!!

I think im still aloud to say the ff word and the h word I think . Lets see , FALSE FLAG & HOAX .

It's not a "clip". It's a magazine.

Remember that girl in Texas that supposedly got her finger blown off and they show her the next day with all her fingers giving the devils horns hand sign. ? Lol

Meme made me do it.

These things never add up. It's all just coincidence.

Until one of these shootings is actually directed the people responsible for instituting the policies that the shooter is so upset about, it’s safe to say they’re staged.

You are so full of shit your eyes are brown.

New Zealand shooter was a Mossad agent. He loved Israel

There is a good reason why a vast majority of “mass shootings” occur in GUN FREE ZONES.

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