San Diego Synagogue Shooter Blames PewDiePie

San Diego Synagogue Shooter Blames PewDiePie

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San Diego Synagogue Shooter Blames PewDiePie

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(((They))) hate 4chan because (((they))) cannot control it. This stupid manifesto it's to tie 4chan with terrorist activities so they have an excuse to enforce control there and suppress """"hate speech"""" Expect more (((terrorists attack))) of this kind in near future.

They always make mention of… "Like a horror MOVIE"

All these sin o gouge bang bang events remind me of Scooby Doo in how the perp voices the denouement

Some certain people lose certain fingertips when certain rules are broken as well.

Manifesto starts out on a serious note, then there's the PewDiePie reference. The change in tone indicates multiple writers — ADL, SPLC . "Shooter" is a model kid — "A" student, on the swim team, accomplished classical pianist. The story doesn't add up. Rabbi's index finger on each hand shot off….

They are ALWAYS SOOOO theatrical. Gag me with a spoon. Chabad is a mafia. Synagogues do not live on small budgets. Full of crap.

This is 110% a false flag psyop these khazarian nut jobs are not even the true Yahuwdi but are converts to Judaism round the 7th century!!!

Why this Rabi not shown?

Pittsburgh Synagogue Gunman Robert D. Bowers Nonexistent in the System

Subs to pewdiepie
Start shooting
Mission accomplished

Notice the god damned JEWS never account for LEV TAHOR busted in the NEWS over the last 5 years again and again in different countries running CHILD TRAFFICKING networks back to ISRAEL! JEWISH LEV TAHOR runs CHILD TRAFFICKING international rings!

There was NO synagogue shooting! It was another hoax. Besides Jews would have security on their synagogues and THEY do the shooting if there’s any to be done. And that’s usually shooting up Christians and Muslims.



"We still have Freedom Of Speech in this country.."

Until yer sternly told that ya dont have Freedom Of Speech


Notice how the Jew Rabbi said the gun man had a rifle!!!!! This is a deliberate statement to confiscate automatic weapons! All part of the plan!!!!

The Lubavitchers are like fake Jews. They are a cult, not a sect. They have strict rules and control of their members. Their leadership could be involved with government psy-ops, I woudln't be that surprised. Most Jews don't even know what Noahide laws are. I think they were from the time of Noah and meant to give foreigners rights when living in the land. Jews are supposed to live under Mosaic law. People during these shootings always quote that airhead Pewdie Pie just to promote internet censorship at the same time as gun control.

I support PewDiePie if more Rabbi's are shot.

Honestly the recurring PewDiePie references by mass murders is an absolute joke considering a mass murderer is watching a dude comment on games and mainstream garbage…. just because the media labeled him right wing…it's honestly laughable how the propagandists don't even try.

John Ernest ……J Ernest ……Journalist…….they really are taking the P

They are trying to make this seem like a religious war.
I told a coworker a few days ago, that its not coincidental that we keep jumping back and forth between religious attacks.

“Jewish messiah” = Antichrist

Not many guy are covering this. I wish more would.

man, they are going after PP big time, this is crazy

Chabad shooter's family is a cesspool of TSA and DHS agents

I don’t believe it. It was most likely to distract from Orthodox Easter holiday. They especially hate Orthodox Christians. That’s why they murdered the Tsar.

I call bullshit. Weeks after the new Zealand mosque shooting, where the shooter, (controlled operative), also make supportive remarks about PewDiePie pie and the sack of shit prime minister, immediately called for internet/ YouTube censorship. And now, following the notre dame fire, she has arranged a meeting with french president, Macron, to discuss…… Internet censorship. It is all about censorship, the synagogue was, like everything else a controlled inside job….

This is retribution on PewDiePie. He has such a massive following they needed to find a way to damage him in some way.

This is so obviously fake, it makes me sick. Two mass shooters joking around about pewdie pie before embarking on a homicidal and potentially suicidal assault? Rabbis getting hand blown off and continuing his speech. HTF are people buying this??? I mean, come on goys use your damned head! They’re going to keep treating us like goyim if we keep acting like goyim.

He didn’t ask for security he asked for shekels!!! “If only we had more government money.” For shit’s sake are you kidding me? Speaking of antisemitic tropes lmao what a joke.

They are really trying to break the popularity of PewdiePie. Looks like they're scared of him.

Damn are they still trying to shut you up? Don’t let them win! Everyone follow Nathan and doshi on twitter and twitch just in case ❤️

Possibly a blotched britz..

BAD ACTOR RABBI! YOU CAN HEAR HIS BAD ACTING WITHOUT LOOKING AT HIM. HOW do you hold your hands up, get your a finger blown off on your left and right hands, WITHOUT BEING SHOT IN THE FACE?!!!! DOESN'T HAPPEN, COULDN'T HAPPEN, DIDDN'T HAPPEN! This is another TERROR HATE CRIME perpetrated by the Synagogue, Media and local authorities.

Throughout my life, I have NEVER come across ONE single person in America who is a racist or antisemitic ! I am sure there are few who are rented by the FBI to create such lies, and perhaps few organic racists/antisemitic who are completely rejected by the mainstream.

Sounds like this guy was MK Ultra fodder…

"I'd rather die in glory…" OMG!! LMAO!!!! so scripted


With the purpose of fomenting sympathy for Jews. How can a motivated shooter with an automatic weapon, in a densely populated space, only kill one person?

Pewdiepie is being dragged into these acts so as to associate him with these supposed twisted shooters. Pewdiepie is a threat to the establishment and the establishment will do everything they can to denounce and defame him.

The Jews are scared I guess the 6 goriillion lie isn’t working anymore they’ll have to gin up some more ff

Typical Jew, "unfortunately the synagogues are on a thin budget and we cannot afford an armed guard, but if the government could step up and supply one". Give me a F'n break !!! First of all the government should be supporting any religion! second of all the Jews are always bragging about how much money they got!! Honestly I'm not prejudice, I have my thoughts but I don't hate any religion or race specifically based on few bad apples…. but come on… really? Reeaally?

Is there any group of people or "religion" that would "profit" from a "Clash of Civilizations" between the Christians & Muslims?… (BY DECEPTION THEY SHALL MAKE WAR!…)

False flag does not mean there were no shots fired does not mean no one was killed… It means the narrative given is designed to control the public… Like a flag signals a false flag is a false signal…

More Fake Jew bs

Fake af. And now a call for armed guards at synagogues?

At 21:00– one little dot of blood? That’s his “bloody shirt”?

I hate this shit Nathan! The fact that you even have to make that disclaimer in the beginning makes me sick to my stomach… And I'm sure yours is turning as well!

I don't get it.. so he holds up his hands to protect himself, lost a finger, one hanging on, and the bullet just what? Dropped to the floor? What happened to the force behind it blowing a finger off?
I've never used a gun, but have to ask if that is even possible

Only a matter of time before they start citing Lift the Veil in these manifestos. Furthermore, telling people to do their own research and come to their own conclusions is probably the most dangerous thing you can say at this point. Coming to their own conclusions is why they walk into pizza joints and mosques, etc. and shoot the places up.

Are they dragging his name into it, or is the statement at hand true… When it comes down to it who just throws PewDiePie under the bus to do a mass shooting… It doesn't make sense… Think about it man.

Weird that he refers to “anons……” Sounds a little rote. Sounds like he wants that particular word “anons” to stick out!!!

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