Rep. Crenshaw Grills Google Executive Over LEAKED Email Published by Veritas

Rep. Crenshaw Grills Google Executive Over LEAKED Email Published by Veritas

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Just love how google sends an underpaid house plant to answer leaders of congress… whats the points Crenshaw may be a badass… but he aint gonna put so much as a Q-tip blemish on googles operating procedure

Why is Jenai not being grilled..

The ADL/SPLC should be brought before the committee since Google uses them for a source of their guidelines.

CONGRESS MAN " I don't know whether this content is radicalizing people".

How can the largest corporations that became the largest due to dealing in information have employees that have so little information and know almost nothing?

He went easy on them, sad he should have hit them hard!

Even with one eye he's See's the BS

Full discussion?!

5k thumbs up and 15 didn't like it. Wake up you fools, your infected media is on the run while the MAJORITY of people laugh at you. Go to your safe space and go fuck yourselves.

Ever think the genesis of these platforms. the original intention was to "control" speech???

i love this man so much! I hope he gets to VP and then president.

The Liberal cuck is running with his tail between his legs!!!

Mr. Pickles!!!!

All these executives do is; divert, play ignorant and act like nothing is wrong in what they're doing.

If I didn't know any better, Google are inciting hatred towards those they label "nazis". This is "hate speech" they are clearly engaging in. This… Needs to be pushed to the front. Google are breaking their own rules and guidelines for political and ideological dominance and supremacy.

Eyepatch 2024

Google and Facebook are practically asking to be regulated

I love their bullshit answers, stop lying!

Seems like they ought to be treated and regulated like a Public Utility. They’re already not like a “private” company due to their special relationships with the government (in both, receiving money & contracts, as well as being provided and disseminating government data). So the “private company” argument doesn’t hold up.

Then why is antifa allowed to spread terrorism and still has platforms

Watched this live all morning. History in the making. Thank god for Project Veritas.

1:35 Google: Yeah but you're thinking of the old definition of nazi. The new definition is a person who does anything we don't like.

They won't give a straight answer, just tap dance around it like anybody else who wants to avoid a topic.

Rep. Crenshaw for president.

From what I have seen from Crenshaw this far tells me he would make a better president than everyone running in the next election

So congressman we don't have a clue we just want to censor speech of those who we don't like

Project Veritas is an example of what true journalism used to be. Thank heaven they are out there fighting our corporate fascist overlords.

When confronted with a REAL American, Google looks like the fascist cowards and morons they clearly are. Just look at the mouthbreathers Crenshaw has to interrogate, and their disgusting double-speak and evasion.

Any Democratic party member that gets help from Google should be held along with Google with campaign violations for illegal contributions to a campaign. That is what they are doing by doing this propaganda.

Mr. Crenshaw has voted 10 times against his party lines. So not a conservative but a rino.

so basically the same nothing , google reps show up , just say they are not familiar with the point in question and nothing .

They absolutely have the obligation to uphold the first amendment if they want to retain their status as a platform versus a publisher.

Question our Party (and TechLord) betters is double plus ungood hate speech. Slavery is Freedom.

I guess we have interference with election! FBI do your job! We have a domestic threat.

Thank you Rep. Crenshaw. Bravo.

Crenshaw is a great political and sharp mind.

Communists, and socialists have been given positions of power. There will be no good consequences.

Crenshaw 2024?

Enough talk. Time to take a baseball bat to big tech and break them up into tiny pieces.

There is no such thing as "Hate Speech".
There is speech which expresses the hatred a person has for something or someone, but the idea you're going to ban a category of speech you've invented, defined, and pulled-from-thin-air, violates the 1st Amendment.

GREAT QUESTIONING FROM REP. CRENSHAW! These SATANIC organizations, like GOGGLE, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, are totally out of control and yielding to much power! We the PEOPLE must bring under control!

Now everyone calls him Dan the man not just his wife

I always remain sceptical of things like this, particularly because they're so easily made available to the slaves(public).

Mr. Slater is the personification of a beta. Good grief.

Frankly, I'm getting tired of the 'ignorance' defense. Claiming to not understand basic English words used in a manner that conveys a clear point. They are using this as a loop-hole to avoid directly answering pertinent questions that they don't want to answer. If they don't want to have a reasonable, intelligent conversation about what's going on, break them up and be done with the entire thing. There is plenty of evidence against them without their testimony. Since they don't want to explain their true intentions with honesty and integrity I say its time to wash our hands of their… Read more »


I'm liking Dan Crenshaw, even more. Anyone, because of his wounds, can sport an eye patch, and deliver that kind of well, thought out offense, against radical censorship, deserves respect.

I think it's unacceptable that Representatives of these companies are allowed to answer a question with "I don't know," and people move on. I think that the official who receives these types of answers should mandate that the person giving I don't know statements goes back and finds out definite answers and reports back within an acceptable frame of time, day no more than a week.
I don't know kills me, what the fuck are you here for, and how are you doing your job if I don't know is an acceptable response?

Public social media and other companies are out of control and it is time for some government regulation to make them fair, non partial and bipartisan to every user. Like mainstream media, academia and the entertain community they are very biased liberals/leftist/democrats and use it against conservatives on their platforms.

Rep. Crenshaw is a impressive operator

You should also highlight Clay Higgins questioning google. When Mr Higgins was through formulating his question he turned to the representative from google and said "let's have your SCRIPTED answer". Call it like it is Mr. Higgins.


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