#QAnon: The Same Old Scam #GreatAwakening

#QAnon: The Same Old Scam #GreatAwakening

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#QAnon: The Same Old Scam #GreatAwakening

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"This is not going to be an episode exposing Q.. but about the psychological operation behind the great awakening" (exposing q). Lift the veil, just stop. Its clear you're being a social engineer by finesse with words. About 10% the viewers can see through this. Just stop it.

after the last 30 years you have at least 1 generation that does not trust the gov., much less its spy agencies, the war is cia vs nsa, q has said he is nsa, you un coverd nothing, but the nsa trying to change our mindset. agree with you, Q is a good thing. nsa is good, lmao thats the entire point, yes q changed my mind.

What we all have in common is, that we might not believe in Q – but we do believe in swamp creatures.

in the big picture of us taking down the pyramid, the roman empire, the 13 families,the banking cabal yes we , with nsa, Trump, the military, can change and bring down 6000 year rule, yes it can be done. we will see.

I cant believe some still do videos on Q everyday like it's real.

I've been pointing out for a while that Q only puts out breadcrumbs. Which is great if you're a pigeon.

Forced Black pill.

As "conspiracy theorists" many many years deep we have been Q'd many times. Myself I fell for
-David wilcocks 2012 crap
– Alex jones
– Ben fulford
So don't get all pissy about Q being crap and welcome to the crazy "truth" world we are on your side. Nobody will save us but us!!

So, a new kid on the block arrives, a LOUD Squeaky Wheel [Q], gets observable "attention". The obvious panacea is the withholding of "desired [Q] Oil" to grease its Boast-y self-assumed Groundswell of LOUD squeaks. Q is merely testing to "see" "how many" are INCAPABLE of DISCERNMENT a.k.a. "critical" thinking skills, toward a semblance of relevance. Q is a "play toy" of (((their))) Controlled Opposition. If the "Q BORG Experiment" fails…and it will… It will magically be "discovered" that ONLY "The Individual" determines the Future….. not the madding crowd….. or mob.

… like a big muddle of confusion until we resign and no longer believe anyone. A mockingbird game or what?

Nothing new under the sun.

Ah Love my Benjamin Fullford & David Wilcock. Unirock needs to see this to correlate to Jordan Sather, QAnon and the current BS truther movement!

hope can be abused and played on for ages. remarketed as as Q. Espesially on a Stockholm syndrome dimension. they walk on hope, trust, truth, wisdom, liberty like unholy things. they dont comprehend the eternal dimensions these words represent and who they represent.

Montagraph really deserves much of the credit in uncovering the Q deception. He called it from way in the beginning. He's been at the forefront in exposing many of these frauds.


I'm going through and un-subing all Q. 5/4/18 Q changed and the crap on redit about infowars and other people . Alex Jones predicted 9/11 2 months before.

I think the psyop backfired on them and it actually shook more people awake then dubed them down with falsehoods. Because now that they're awake they don't need to listen to Q anymore – they can do their own research.

You nailed it. This is one of the oldest scams in the book. Apparently it works quite well on the low info masses.

An important reminder there is nothing new under the sun. What's old is new again. Thanks for this, Nathan.

Excellent video, Nathan! You were on the ball too! I like how you tied in the New Age false hope and people like Ben Fulford and Alex Jones. I was slow to catch on. You want to have faith, but you don't want to have blissful blinders on either. All of this has been a great learning experience for me.

I'm SO glad you mentioned Benjamin Fulford. "In one month, 10,000 Chinese Ninjas will be sent by a Chinese secret society to get rid of…" the bad guys. Or, "Within the next two months, every human being is going to be given…" some amount of money–CASH. What attracted people to Fulford were the following things: 1. He had been (or claimed to have been) a crack economist and had "actually" [maybe so, I don't really know] been a former journalist for Forbes Magazine. People were saying, "Wow, he must be telling the truth!! He was IN the system. So, he… Read more »


Haha old skewl fullford and zublick and the old guy I forgot his name.. It blows my mind that ppl still Continue to actually believe that some how the bankers and politicians are going to all get swept up in a massive sweep and the swamp will get drained.. America is bad and getting worse and nothing is going to stop or change that.. It's all been for told in prophecy

So, Q isn’t really connected to Trump? He doesn’t have any more info than the rest of us? Is that the point of all this?

Good research Nathan. Necessary back story to biggest *scam/psyop* in recent history. Am so disgusted with soulless cynicism and lack of ethics and integrity involved — I thought the techies in that **community*" were white hats but appears the black hats out numbered the good guys as the ends justifying the means is SOP . In case of new Q the ends include huge monetary gains at expense of TRUTH .

YT was suppressing your videos, and promoting others, like 'JustInformedTalk'…

I just want to thank you for the time you put into your vids and rese9.. Great job, please keep up the good work..

Remember the Cobra psy-op? I think that came out right around the time of the Occupy Wall street movement, which was obviously meant to distract everyone from 'ending the Fed'. They were going to round up all the bankers & throw them all in jail. I think David Wilcock was involved in that fiasco too. Why anyone follows him any longer is beyond me.


Ready or not…..Here it comes!

Q warned us about people like you

Many people seem to think that just because an entity is working a psy-op that said psy-op must necessarily be a bad thing. But think about it: if you were President Trump, how exactly would you fight this massive Deep State armed illusion and long-running psy-op? How exactly does one go about taking that down? You can't just "arrest" them because the Justice system is already part of that Deep State manipulation. Wouldn't you fight that operation with another weapon of the same "type," something that also is a psy-op? Unfortunately, we are all caught in this war of Wizards.… Read more »

I remember this one.

People keep joining opposition groups they don't fully understand.
Q is a great distraction. Imagine how many hours of human effort that it takes for all the Q puzzles. It's great people are digging for truth. But Q is not pointing out the biggest picture, just a small piece of truth leaving out major game changing information.

Not pleased that, in order to expose Truth, a bunch of inept persons attempted to perpetrate a scam on Millions it Americans, trying to lead them to believe an “Insider” was giving bread crumbs to follow. Disgusting.

Thanks, Nathan, Isaac and Uni. My favorite guys.

I’m glad you are alerting the older people who did not know there were other larps out there….and, larps happen. They may have never heard that term. Many are patriots and will continue, but appreciate being educated on these things they are unaware of…like the Chan boards, etc. It’s good to explain. Cheers.


Fantastic Shirt! The Truth is paramount!

I am actually grateful that those who had no idea of the multiple layers that exist in our reality are starting to get a slight clue that will spark their curiosity forever. I hope that we are all able to reach a level of meaningful enlightenment.

Patience..blah, bla, bla, Trust the plan…bla, bla, …April showers..bla, bla….Trust Sessions….Trust Hitler….

Everything in the final video actually rings true and sounds like a future event, like I wouldn't have watched that in 2012 and thought it was speaking about tomorrow. The mass arrest being televised promise was also made by Q as "coming soon to a theatre near you." So I see your point. Frankly, I see it ALL as part of the plan. Before Q there was no NWO support from Christians or blacks. I put out a poll on twitter to Q followers: 87% claim to be Christian. The NWO now has Christian support – and Christians won't know… Read more »

I am curious to see what the end game is. lol even if all this is a system reboot exercise, the aggregate experience should be enough to alter our states of consciousness on some level. It's our choice now to decide whether we positively apply the little we know to impact more lives or use it to further extend negativity and confusion. Of course, this is merely just my POV.

“T-Witch” Go Figure…

Support local economies and promote the use and creations of things like the Berkshire dollar or Berkshire bucks.

lol you guys, you keep on falling for the same traps and magic, hollywood has got you by the strings..
that goes for you too Nathan, im starting to even get sick from hearing just your voice …

Great job getting this out Nathan, we can't have a Truth Movement built on lies and deceptions…Now a short rant.I'm wondering how many people down in the comments actually watched this video or understand what they are seeing. This same story put out in 2012 by David Wilcock and Drake Bailey is not SIMULAR, it is EXACTLY THE SAME as "The Plan" put forth by Q Anon… the thousands of sealed indictments, the house arrests of Cabal members, the pedophile networks, the days of darkness, insider military intelligence, white hat and black hat war within the Government….and , of course,… Read more »

Q is fake and dummies still believe in it

Lol yeah: "Q is a scam….I have no more knowledge than the average person, but I'll tell you I'm SURE it's a psyop, b/c that attitude of being SURE about things is what builds alt. media followings. It's all a scam!! BUT don't forget to watch my video about it, donate to my patreon, and buy a t-shirt!!"

Q has done a great injustice to Assange, claiming he was free, while he is suffering in exile with various illnesses. Assange is in very real danger. Add to that, Q has been aligning support for Mueller! And Q claimed some traitors are not allowed to leave the country, way off base. Something stinks in Denmark.

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