#QAnon: Insiders Speak Out

#QAnon: Insiders Speak Out

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#QAnon: Insiders Speak Out

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Funny… I tried watching 24/7 soapbox… I couldn't because it was simply [BORING]

It is sad to see americans so easyli manipulated:)

To much tv brain washing hehehehe

If people think Q is fake, why would they watch a video about why Q is fake?

I don't like twitch.. they practice some government level double standard shit

And remember trump said he will not telegraph his moved. So I kinda feel this q thing would be telegraphing in some form since the deep state could read the same stuff we are.

Here's the deal. Unless you are a seasoned chan board veteran, you will not understand how we know for a fact that this Q is the original Q. This Q is the original Q. Period. Q is a psyop? Please provide your evidence. Because I, along with many other researchers; who have all been on these boards avidly for years, have gone detail for detail and have dug into the crumbs. They check out. The information is legitimate. The material is legitimate. The photos are authentic originals. I mean I really don't know how much Q or us researchers have… Read more »

There is No stopping what can't be Stopped there's No Killing what Can't be Killed.

This Bastard is making money out of tell people by telling them they don't need to know what he knows. Only a Cunt would fall for that shit so if that make sense to you give him your Money buy a Tee Shirt see how quick he asked to fuck you in your ass.

This cunt is selling Tee Shirts and collecting Mugs

I am a troll but its better than being a Cock sucking treasonous pathological lying paedophile supporter.

It shouldn’t be about Q! It should be about the information getting out to as many people as possible! Working together to inform and improve our world. Unite in that!

What it is! You're a flat earther?

Everyone do your own research !Thanks…

Its been a psyop ever since Corsi and the Kosher-servatives at Dis-infowars took it over

We are Q and Trump .. We drain the Brain! 🙂

Its ok to ask questions, but I didn't think you liked to waste your time. If it's not what it says it is what is it? I think you guys are on a tangent, you guys are wasting your time with these frauds trying to discredit Q, I think they were in on it with Corsi. Treaterous greedy POS. How is he not as advertised? You don't even know who it is. All your doing is covering the frauds. You are listening to Liars. Fake ass, jealous people.

explain the dipping do bop shit the trump [email protected]!

Still….smh. Defango shined light in this situation weeks ago, and I stopped following the dumb stuff shortly after New Year's. I don't get why some people refuse to look at the reality of this thing. It's sad that some people got so absorbed in a ghost poster in the Chan boards that they couldn't see clear. The people who darn well knew about Chan ops, never should have let this happen. Real Anons wouldn't ever stay on those boards for any time. They've had to be a lot more creative about communicating. As far as Isaac, exactly. He's very young… Read more »

Everybody be Shillin' ps nobody wants Your stupid cat crap (sell something with a message at least)… most people got mad at Q for calling out the Q Capitolizers… hmm $$$$ making money is not patriotic, Being a Patriot and Making Money, the two are mutually exclusive, separate fields and right now Capitalizing on Q is not what the true focus should be. It's okay You've been wrong before.

Nice job breaking it down to thought digesting parts well done!


People buy into myths like 'Q' or '2012' or 'The Event' because they feed their hopes and dreams of salvation.
True believers are driven by alienation and dissatisfaction and longing. These myths offer them hope of justification and salvation. That's why they become so upset and vicious if you question the myth. The appeal of the myth is deeply irrational and any rational questioning is naturally viewed as an attack.
Usually the main movers behind these myths dont themselves believe them. Their motivations are often mercenary; sometimes more sinister.

Whoa, jordan Sather's whole channel has been taken down. I was just going to ask some of his fans if they would consider watching this video. But hey.

Hey… Tracy Beanz was involved with setting up their now banned Reddit page as she says herself in her video posted Dec 19..”Behind the scenes at CBTS”

I never bought in on Q but I would listen at the Patriot soap box for giggles and any time I’d ask a question or comment in chat I’d be attack and muted

More cattle being lead by the nose by PSYOP deep state operatives whose only goal is to sell merchandise and make money on the back of TRUE PATRIOTS. WHERE WE GO ONE WE GO ALL STICK WITH THE PLAN

Nathan, I have a few questions that I would like to ask here so others can read. I hope you will engage. First, you obviously believe we create reality, so do you believe that big changes to reality require a critical mass of people believing a thing, a tipping point?

Wait, Potter says I'm supposed to believe this experience over the info from Q?? Smh

Five minutes in and I don't see any evidence. But I have to say that I have a hunch these channels are taking money to speak against Q…

Who is the money making money? Or looking fame that's why im askig myself. Hummmm

So I'm going to leave you, Potter, Monty, seaman, green to jack each other off and gulp each other's vomits. Go back to sleep.

Love Anti School

Q Trolls are always in Dr. Corsis livestreams and they are like a Cult.

Q cant tell us the plan for a couple reasons:1) he can't give away classified info, it would be death/prison for life for him breaching national security. That's why he poses questions instead of outright telling us.2) he can't give away the plan because the bad actors are watching Q constantly. Q is walking a tightrope and so far has stayed safe. How about we help him keep it that way?Just because things aren't being done to your satisfactions doesn't mean you need to give up on Q, who has proven himself to be the real deal many times over.… Read more »

the occult world has remained hidden from the history books. (Publishing …. 1. Bloodlines of Illuminati. By. Fritz Springmeier. Chapter 1: THE ASTOR FAMILY.

Even if your right…the "new" q is still against what we all are? The annons still constantly bring up the zionists and globalists…q says that's/ their last? So what exactly is the psy-op here? At the very least its still the right direction, still getting more and more people to understand that there IS a level of evil control in the us and world…AND if the psy-op is exposing that, how does that not then leave only the next level your talking about to be exposed? What we shouldn't expose pedophiles , drug dealers, human traffickers now? Are you seriously… Read more »

What I find hilarious is those who scoff at Q are the very same people who listen to Alex Jones as if he's a God. LMFAO!

Dave Acton, George Webb, Jason Goodman , defango, Quinn Michael, both of the Greene characters, Jordan Sather, … Would love to know the back story on these guys. Nathan, I believe you (95%) don't let me down.

Q is the Riddler.

Indeed. The future is inside us, it's not somewhere else, especially not Q aka pamphlet, pay tree itz soap box, etc

When Trump discredits Q that’s when you know for sure. So far our incredibly blunt and outspoken President hasn’t said a word. In fact people are showing up at his rallies with Q signs. Obviously he knows and he approves. Period! What next? Are you going after the President too? This sounds like Deep State opposition to me. Again I repeat, When Trump says stop then we need to take notice! . Until then you all sound ridiculous.

Anti-school is still the only real “Qtuber” Who came out and spoke the truth about what was going on. Everyone else like myself that spoke against it we’re not one of the people that gained in benefited from it.

Felow [former & otherwise] Q-sters; please get over it–it's over…the jig is UP. Stop hanging on to fake beliefs and fakers faking for 'fun & profit'…SMH.
This ain't no game or social thang…wake up.

Only Trump can say "Q is not Trump".

I notice LTV and UNI going out of their way for this Isaac Green kid. I dont trust him just because he was outed and now he may be pretending not to be a Zionist operative like Beanz. You cant trust any of these Q clowns. Trump is beginning to look as fake as Q. Perhaps Q was a puzzle at first and not a pfy-op in itself but eventually the Operatives and the Psy-ops got involved and used it as a vehicle to push an Israel agenda before America First.

Q said up front he is Israeli. Probably took them about 10min to figure out who he was. Since then it has been a total ziop. Hello!

Q saving our country !!!…Yeah Patriots, look at the pen picture !!!!…what kind of moronic games do we play!!???many desperates/useful idiots forgot how to live their life,take responsibility !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…live by the basics !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!that is how you fight the evil !!!!!!!!!!!!!!but no !!!!…counting spaces, counting x's…..what a capitol letter mean?…what a "bracket" means…???…what a joke on the poor, uneducated, all for free crowd this theater has bestowed!!!what a sorry arse amerikans has become …un-fudging-real !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…waiting for someone else to pick up their chestnuts out of the fire !!!… PATHETIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…buy some more cola, chips and don't forget Nike shoes !!!!!LOLI saw… Read more »

@Lift the Veil,
good reporting, Thank you!

Should be enough to prove Q is utter distraction..good series though, help me understand info wars better. Excellent.

prove your wife is real..Nate I don't believe you. you.never spoke of her prior to a little over a week ago

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