Part II: Enter Isaac Kappy – Accusations, Media Smears & Backlash

Part II: Enter Isaac Kappy – Accusations, Media Smears & Backlash

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Part I: Isaac Kappy, Before We Knew Him

Though many may not have been familiar with the name Isaac Kappy, that all changed in 2018 when he came forward with allegations of child sex abuse and child trafficking against some heavy hitters in Hollywood. Virtually overnight, a number of Media Matters-backed publications villainized Kappy, linking him to #Pizzagate and other “conspiracy theories,” with Will Sommer of The Daily Beast christening him “QAnon’s Newest Hero.” 

During a live Periscope streamed from Comic-Con on July 22nd, 2018, Isaac Kappy accused both Seth Green and his wife Clare Grant of being involved in pedophilia and child trafficking in Hollywood. At one time, Kappy was in the inner circle of Green and Grant, attending many “game nights” at the couples home where their friends would gather to play different board games and socialize.

Before Kappy’s allegations, a friend’s birthday party with Isaac Kappy (3rd from the left, bottom row), Seth Green with Clare Grant (right of center, bottom row), and other Hollywood friends (including Dane Cook). From Instagram.

Later that same evening, Kappy would post from his Twitter account, “People are talking a lot about #pedophile jokes. The craziest pedo joke I ever heard was when Seth turned to me and said ‘this is where we keep the children!’ As he was pulling back a secret bookshelf that revealed a hidden room at his Malibu house.”

The “#pedophile jokes” Kappy was referring to included the massive collection of pedophilia-laced tweets that resurfaced from Guardians of the Galaxy movie franchise director James Gunn, as well as questionable tweets from other major players in Hollywood that journalist Mike Cernovich brought to everyone’s attention via Twitter and his website.

In a more extended Periscope a few days later, Isaac began naming other major players in what he described as an international child trafficking ring. “Look into the Rothschild family,” Isaac told his followers. “The higher you go, the more sick it gets.” Kappy also briefly mentioned the Bronfman sisters (NXIVM), Jimmy SavileMacaulay CulkinSteven SpielbergTom HanksOprahHarvey WeinsteinMarina Abramovic, and several others as being involved in pedophilia and child trafficking.

When asked by a follower on Periscope why he elected to come forward when he did, Kappy’s response was that “something activated” inside of him. “I just couldn’t take it anymore. I saw the Gunn allegations, and I saw him like, ‘Oh, they’re just jokes’, and I’m like, bro… you’re a fucking liar dude. I’ve watched them-they lie and lie and lie and lie and lie. Something hit me. There was a hostage situation at the supermarket near my house and there was like tons of helicopters flying over-I don’t know, something inside of me just activated and I was like, you know what? I’m fucking doing this. I’m going down to Comic-Con right now and I’ll tell these motherfuckers like, ‘Yo, if I’m a liar, call me a liar to my face.’”

On July 30th, 2018, Isaac Kappy appeared for his first interview regarding his claims on YouTube channel Lift the Veil with channel creator Nathan Stolpman. In the interview Kappy declares, “I don’t care what they do to me. I’m willing to die over it.” When asked if he had contacted the authorities about his allegations before coming forward, Kappy dubiously claims that he had been leaking information to the NSA via the QAnon board on 8Chan, as well as leaving anonymous tips with the DHS. Kappy goes on to explain why he created the hashtag #SurvivorStories, stating that it was a way for survivors to come forward safely and talk about their experiences. He proclaimed that the idea for #SurvivorStories was in no way a “honey trap,”and that he simply “wanted these stories to get out there.”

“I’ve had people that have actually seen the blackmail material for a lot of really big people, that you know their names, world-wide,” Kappy told Alex Jones during his interview on Infowars. Jones questioned Kappy on his knowledge of minors being present at certain Hollywood parties, and validated his claims by expressing that he has also seen underage children at similar parties. Jones also asked Isaac to explain the “We need to talk about chicken” statement that he claims Seth Green said to him over dinner one night. Isaac told Jones he felt the comment was directly implying that Green and his wife Clare Grant were involved in pedophilia, and explained that “chicken” was code word for small children in the realm of pedophilia. Isaac follows up this interpretation by explaining that Green and Grant both admitted to being “into very young children,” but denied having ever been involved in any kind of child or human sacrifice when asked by Kappy.  Less than a week after Kappy’s interview with Alex Jones, Infowars was completely deplatformed from Facebook, YouTube and iTunes. 

In one of several hit pieces that came out at the time attacking Kappy’s intentions, writer Dan Neilan stated, “Because of his goofy hair and former connections to comedians, some have suspected him of attempting a sort of Sacha Baron Cohen-style subversion.” Alex Jones asked Kappy during the Infowars interview if coming forward with these allegations was part of a possible Cohen-style trolling operation, which Kappy vehemently denied. 

July 27th, 2018, the LAPD Threat Management division opened an investigation into Kappy after he posted the following tweet on his Twitter account:

“In light of the interesting traffic happening around my house I want to make something CRYSTAL CLEAR: while I am a VERY strong advocate of peaceful disclosure, make no mistake, assets are in place and if you kill me or even try, it will rain .50 cals in the Hollywood Hills.”

Kappy later said that he was paid a visit at his home by LAPD officers but they found him not to be a threat to himself or others and closed the investigation.

NBC staff writer Ben Collins chimed in with his own take on videos published on YouTube that he claimed “contain misinformation and propaganda” from the “far-right.” Collins claimed to be upset that videos that accused several A-list celebrities of pedophilia were coming up as top search results on the platform. Collins immediately chose to designate everyone who created such videos as QAnon supporters and labeled them “alt-right,” or “far-right,” with no evidence that the content creators supported QAnon, nor did he take the time to research their political affiliations. Several channels Collins dubbed “alt/far-right” have historically remained politically neutral, having never produced any content that mentioned politics whatsoever. Collins did mention in the article that after reaching out to YouTube for comment, the “conspiracy videos’” rankings dropped. Collins continued to lump the videos in with others that were analyzing the Parkland School shooting, questioned the authenticity of David Hogg, and videos that explored “Veterans on Patrol,” and Cemex. He went on to state that the accusations of pedophilia are little more than “disinformation campaigns” designed by “far-right trolls.”

Collins (@oneunderscore_) tweeted, “This is what happens when you search Tom Hanks on YouTube today. Last week, Qanon folks decided he was a pedophile. If you were to search YouTube today, you’d believe it.”

Clearly triggered, Collins continued, “Add Steven Spielberg to the group of celebrities whose search results on YouTube prioritize baseless pedophilia accusations first. Three of the top five results are QAnon conspiracy theorists calling him a pedophile. Pandemic levels of bullshit unchecked on YouTube today.”

Media Matters writer Talia Lavin quickly joined in on the orchestrated attack on Kappy and immediately linked him to QAnon and #Pizzagate in an article on July 31st, saying “baseless conspiracy theories” and “destructive falsehoods” are spread on social media and video streaming platforms. Lavin followed with a direct hit piece on Kappy on August 3rd after Kappy appeared as a guest on Infowars, describing Kappy’s decision to publicly accuse Hollywood stars, those in the music industry and politicians around the world of child sex abuse and child trafficking as “recklessness.”

On August 2, 2018, TMZ published an article claiming Kappy choked Paris Jackson – daughter of the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson – during a game night party. No details came from this, but TMZ made the claim that Paris was initially responsive to Kappy’s texts after the incident mainly because she was afraid of Kappy possibly being suicidal. TMZ also reported Paris blocked Kappy’s number, relocated and hired full time armed security to protect her.

In a short Periscope on August 1st, Isaac stated that he was “really glad with the TMZ article and all that stuff – I’m glad it’s happening.” He also stated that he spoke to Paris the day before his Periscope and wanted to ensure she not get pulled into his efforts to expose pedophilia in Hollywood. 

The Daily Beast’s Will Sommer echoed Lavin and Collins’ claims about Isaac and officially appointing him “QAnon’s Newest Hero.” Again, Kappy is painted as a D-List celebrity who spent one too many hours on 4Chan and 8Chan and thus became radicalized by the QAnon movement. 

Isaac returned to Periscope once again to address the attacks against him:

Enter Michael Whalen, an alleged Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) victim who was interviewed by Nathan Stolpman on Lift The Veil (LTV). Whalen, who goes by the nickname “Vegan Mikey,” told Stolpman he attended parties in Portland, Oregon, where he witnessed children being taken to private rooms with adults. Whalen alleges that at least one of the parties was at the home of Voodoo Doughnuts co-owner Trey Shannon. This interview would also trigger an immediate reaction from the mainstream media, with relentless attacks on Vegan Mikey’s character mirroring the attacks Isaac Kappy endured. Within days and with no reason provided, YouTube removed the interview from their platform. It can still be viewed on Bitchute here.

Several articles were published by the MSM in a continued effort to link Kappy, Whalen, and now Voodoo Doughnuts to Comet Ping Pong, wild QAnon conspiracies and all things #Pizzagate. Here are just a few:

Media Matters:



In an interview with Stolpman on Lift the Veil (shortly after Kappy and Whalen appeared on the show), a man by the name of Robert Messmann alleged similar abuse had been happening to children in his hometown of Auburn, Indiana, adding that leaders in the small town were complicit in covering up the abuse. In the following interview, Robert says he was physically abused first by his father and later sexually and physically abused by others in the town who he claimed were in a Satanic Cult. *Warning: The Following Audio Contains Graphic Descriptions of Abuse* 

Only a few days after Robert appeared on the Lift the Veil show, another citizen who lived in the same town as Robert and whose family attended the same church as Robert’s family called in to LTV and corroborated Robert’s story:

In September, Isaac reached out to Vegan Mikey and they recorded a Skype video in which Isaac attempts to clear up a few things, including what happened with PayPal freezing Vegan Mikey’s account, the attacks by Gabe Hoffman from An Open Secret and the rumors that Mikey was a convicted felon.

Gabe Hoffman, producer of the documentary An Open Secret, mercilessly attacked Isaac on Twitter using both his personal Twitter account (@GabeHoff) as well as the @AnOpenSecret account. It should be noted that Hoffman claims to be an advocate for victims of child sex abuse and child trafficking, but spends a percentage of his time on Twitter harshly criticizing victims and whistleblowers who have come forward with information

There are several videos archived on YouTube where Isaac addresses Hoffman’s tactics. In a video from March 9, 2019, Isaac explained he had been attacked by Hoffman for months, and asked that other victims of Hoffman’s harassment come forward.

From the moment Isaac went live with the allegations against Seth Green and Clare Grant via Periscope, he attracted a lot of attention – both good and bad. He soon found himself surrounded by “new friends” and it became increasingly more difficult for Isaac to elucidate the intentions of everyone who suddenly seemed very interested in what he had to say. As time went on, Isaac’s level of paranoia intensified but he continued to share his thoughts with his followers via Periscope and built a group he lovingly referred to as the Famalam. This support system would prove to be vital in the last few months of Isaac’s life. 


Part III: Kappy in the Land of Oz

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Ben Collins is about as credible as Gay Wonk.


I miss Isaac greatly. I agree with him,the truth movement can be so petty it misses the priority, which is the message. When you have been a victim, when you have been gang stalked, attacked, discredited, hacked, terrorized, not protected by the police? You understand how much courage it takes to talk about the truth, the danger you subject yourself and your loved ones too. Michael Whalen? Mad respect. I know Portland. I spent years in Portland. I am glad he spoke up and I am thankful he is safe. Terry Bean? Caught. Epstein? Maybe this round the dominoes will… Read more »

[…] Part II: Enter Isaac Kappy – Accusations, Media Smears & Backlash […]


Does Part 3 exist?

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