President Trump Reacts to Veritas Google Investigation: “they’re trying to rig the election”

President Trump Reacts to Veritas Google Investigation: “they’re trying to rig the election”

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This should be treated like the treason against our country that it is. Google is trying to control "we the people" and hoping to prevent another "Trump situation" which is meddling with a presidential election. Let's hold them accountable please!

It only shows, everything from school books, news, movies, social media is manipulation.

Boycott all advertisers on Google, Facebook, etc…

we MUST break Google up

Dinesh D’Sousa went to prison for making a factual movie about Hillary’s shady dealings, they claimed it was an unreported campaign contribution. If that is the standard the executives of google, facebook, utube and most MSM should be in chains. Their hands on the scale are a thousand times more egregious.


I hope he goes after them and that someone opens a class action suit and millions of people sue the hell out of them. Basically anyone that has used Google since the 2016 election has been mislead and lied to from Google and that's not right

I hear that Google hired over 30k people to "train" their AI to learn how to weed out conservative views. Dirty, rotten, scoundrels they are!

Google, should be ran out town hard and full investigation.

Will Trump deny Project Veritas after he wins the election like he did with Wikileaks?

Many of us had said this all along that they will make sure to rig the election in 2020 in their favor they have tried for 3 years to get trump out we seen what happened in 2018 we all know they rigged it then and it's all leading up to 2020 now they have been working behind the scenes to make sure they get what they want that is why they have kept us distracted by the MSM with all the bull sh#! With Russia and the Muller report….. I have no faith in our government or our justice… Read more »

Global industrial Media complex have Still not said A POSITIVE WORD ABOUT PRESIDENT TRUMP here in Sweden. They make us think all Americans hate the President and very few must have voted for him. They do the opposite with Merkel and Macron. Thanks for being so Strong Mr. President of the once greatest country of the World. Make the World Great again.

"I'm sorry to tell you folks, the system [everything] is rigged!"
– Trump 2016 Presidential Debate

It's getting traction!

No Mr. President, they should not be sued, they should be BROKEN UP! She said it herself that's the only thing that would stop them!!!

"Break them up!" "Break them up!" " Break them up!"

Google and fb are just tools of the deep state. They will never be truly regulated or condemned for their actions. It's all a charade.

PRESIDENT you must create laws for these tech giants… they use the internet…. witch is public property…. something like the tv licences…. they must be fair and straight….and not acting like this…they are traitors of the democracy..


Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and most other Big Tech should be categorized as Domestic Terrorist organizations!

They said they can beat the lawsuits in the video.They said they are big and a little company couldn't hold up to the heat but they can.

Watch this quick before the tolerant erase it.

…break them up!

Project V..thank you.!!!

Time to get China's big Tech off of our soil. They are un-American.

It's Outright TREASON! At the least… Election RIGGING.

Project Veritas has become a beacon of true journalism. There needs to be reprocusions for those involved in this disgrace to democracy.

All the people whose freedom of speech has been hindered by these 'social media' monopolies should get together for a class-action suit. Are there still laws on the books that haven't been, but could be enforced? This thing about 6 corporations owning 90% of the media is definitely not healthy for our Constitutional Republic.


And yet you choose to publish to youtube as your primary outlet? Are you SUICIDAL? Please, for the sake of information – please post to BitChute BEFORE you post to YouTube. Because Youtube is going to outright BAN you during the election and your followers won't hear a word you have to say.
Remember: BitChute first – YouTube last. Or you will vanish during the election.

"Google is trying to rig the election", well put.

Google screwed up big time.

The stakes are extremely high now. More Tech whistle blowers need to come forward!

In Sweden strange stuff happend at the election night. The Sweden democrats had a big lead and then something happend to the tecnique and all things went dark, after that the numbers started to be alot lower for the Sweden democrats. And its strange that in polls before The election they were over 30%, but on election night it ended with around 17%

We must find ways to somehow secure election-votes

Even if you're a Democrat and hate Trump, do you really want a big tech company deciding who'll be PRESIDENT ?

I guess is time to sell my google shares.

Trump Situation 2020!!

So it’s not really the Russians trying to influence the election
It’s a lot (closer to home) with Google and mainstream media , CNN….MSNBC….the FBI …..the DOJ the IRS etc etc ,
God (MUST BE) on Donald Trump’s side , when you consider what he has battled through .

Clinton some Google Execs. A lot more Simple than Indictments, in which they'll just plead the 5th 1000 times.

Great work by Maria!

Trump, like many Americans, use the democratic party to make all their money, then flip to Republican. Something a real-man, like me, would never stoop down to.

We've known for over two years that Google has done this. The question to President Trump is what are you going to do about it? Talk, talk and more talk. Take a page from Obama; use an executive order, have it challenged in a very conservative part of the country so that it becomes law. obama wrote orders and had them challenged in the 9th circus knowing they would allow it to stand.

Well done Project Veritas!!! Bravo!!!

Gee, I wonder what OTHER corruption is going on right NoW while this Google corruption has us distracted.

twitter is doing the same they block me because I defend Trump arrest them for treasonist activity….I am CMV CHEMTRAIL KILLER

BREAK UP google! google is FU*^ED!!!

All these tech companies have become digital terrorist!!! Probably the largest digital attack on the American people and the United States!!!

President Trump will win again because he has the respect and heart's of the American people.

PLEASE re-uplad. Blur what you need to blur and direct to external video sources. It doesn't really matter if we see her face – people can look to other sources (like bitchute) if they need it for something. I am surprised you didn't learn after the last video. (or was it intentional to prove the point?) They will use this "privacy" excuse to take down your videos. hundreds of thousands of views in 1 day wasted.


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