Poway Synagogue Awarded $225k For Security BEFORE Shooting

Poway Synagogue Awarded $225k For Security BEFORE Shooting

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Poway Synagogue Awarded $225k For Security BEFORE Shooting

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The synagogues should ask Israel for security money. They can use some of the 10 billion we send annually..

Try not to worry so much – just keep up the good work – you don't have to get off youtube – just keep doing what you're doing & switch over the DLive etc when you take calls. And don't change the subject matter. You're covering what we need to see.

Synagogues live on thin budgets huh? That is not believable. It is the big lies that are more believable than small lies.

As if the hook-nosed THIEVE$ don't have enough $hekel$ of their own… (BY DECEPTION THEY SHALL MAKE WAR!…)

Thanks for keeping the information coming. We need a new platform. To hell with jwetube.

Why they want me to buy their security. ? How much government money have they received? . which country receives half of all usa foreign aid. Guess…

free security checks for the fucking jews!

Where did the money end up ??

Ask members of the Synagogue to step up and guard the place with rifles and handguns and vests. It is ok to do this on the Sabbath.

These are the Holy People. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ckbsVvGl5x4

HA! We'll wait for those security camera footage, while we're waiting for the footage from security cameras at Pulse, Borderline Bar, Mandalay Bay and Parkland High School. (and 9/11)

False Flag. Knew it days ago.

Talmud teaches them to lie to the Goyim as to make them believe they are being truthful. Noahide Laws …. all of this is trying to get attention as to draw away attention from the Getty Museum .

Writing this post halfway though the video. Let me guess where the grant money is being spent. Could ot be at….. Wait for it….. Mosques?

California is notorious for pots of gold which very few know anything about.

Tax dollars are going to synagogues? Or did I miss something?

so basically they didn't use the money for its intended purpose

Zero dollars for vaccine efficacy. State of California playing favorites.

Synagogues run on slim budgets..lol they just cant help but lie.

Nathan have you seen what is happening at the Venezuela embassy in Washington D.C. with Code Pink and the invited protectors of the embassy.Opposition are blocking peaceful protectors from leaving and coming back with food and water the opposition is attacking the protectors and taking the food and secret service and Washington DC police just stand by and do nothing.The opposition are wearing blue arm bands.
Follow Alex Rubinstein @RealAlexRubi for video footage and updates.

Nathan, your still one of my favorite youtubers. God Bless you brother, I always look forward to your vids!

Jews don't have money? Whaaaaaaaat?!?

Make Israhell Great Again Goyz, shut up and keep working!!!! MAGA…my ballz. Orange scammer POS

At 2:08, why does Howard Kaye and his daughter have those inappropriate “smiles” on their faces… at his wife’s funeral?

few weeks ago it was "mosques" now its "synagogs". the jews will not be out done, and will not be stopped

Have we seen this guys blown off finger?

Too bad his bang bang jammed.

Amazing how they can have special privileges everywhere and claim they need security, yet no other religious sect is able to get such funds or protection.

…thankful that my well-read parents were aware of all this way back in 50’s…prepared us for these times that we are experiencing…they were ahead of the mainstream bs especially back then…

Our tax money gets awarded to churches for security? First I have heard of this. These people never run out of ways to skim money from the tax payers of the USA. Or is it USI?

Who awarded the Poway synagogue the $225K ?

Waaaat ??!#?!

I knew this was all about free security for temples.

Well, I guess it’s par for the course. After the jews won world war 2 by tricking us into fighting against our own interests they basically took control of our extremely prosperous, Christian nation, robbed us blind and subverted our culture until the United States became a bankrupt, bloodthirsty atheist cess pool in only 60 short years. Now they want more of our money to protect them from pissed off goyim. That’s what they lack in manners, looks, height, and conscience they make up for in chutzpah.

How much could it possibly cost to defend their satanic temple against a fake shooting?

The sin a gog doesnt have any money ? Really .pardon me while i laugh and puke .


Federal funding for religious worship events is a CLEAR violation of Church and state!!!

Wait…so taxpayers are funding Jewish synagogues? What happened to separation of church and state that atheists love to push on Christianity? Oh thats right….it only applies to Christians

I believe there were at least a couple of church shootings in the
last couple of years. And there were 2 synaogogue shootings
in the last 1-1/2 years. There are 320,000 Christian churches
in the US . . . AND . . . a measly 3727 Synagogues in the US.
WTF!!!!!!! Why is 80% of the "security" grant money going to
the synagogues? Are Synagogues more important than
Christian churches? Let's take a look at the people who
are authorizing these grants.

Legends say that Lao Tzu was conceived when his mother witnessed a falling star. He teaches you how to become a lost soul: "When I let go of what I am,” Lao Tzu wrote, “I become what I might be." This may have been the Great temptation that led to the Great Fall. His claim to fame is how to become one with nature. Nature is the Word become Matter/Material. To become one with Material is to leave behind your True Self and become that which can be born and can die, can have a beginning and an end: The… Read more »

Off the top of my head, there may be others I'm not recalling, aside from 9/11 which is in a league all it's own, I can think of 3 hoax shootings with heavy Jew involvement; this one, Squirrel Hill Pittsburg ( interesting neighborhood Squirrel Hill, look it up), and the high school in Parkland, FL.  I don't think for a minute these Jews got together, rubbing their palms, and said hey, why don't we plan and pull off a fake shooting; get some sympathy, a little $$$, and get some poor Jew anti-Semite propaganda. These hoaxes come from federal agents, maybe… Read more »

"You can tell it's real because it looks so fake" Elon Musk.


Parasitic fucking leeches

All participants (local police) receive a grant prior to or after the mass casualty event. Orlando government received millions of dollars to be dispersed among many…

The Je____h kkk

Thanks for the update Nathan. Keep up the good work.

It is money laundering. It is absolutly disgusting.

it's raining Shekels

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