PewDiePie & Lift the Veil Move to DLive

PewDiePie & Lift the Veil Move to DLive

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PewDiePie & Lift the Veil Move to DLive

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Pewdiepie is the most subscribed YouTube creator…. I'm subscribed… I'm switching to DLive… Pewdiepie couldn't give a sh#t about Chris$ch&rich. Blackstone ripped u one today… What an A H#ole

I came here from Jakes channel to let you know you are a 4 eyed nut job f##got…. Down in your dad's basement jerking off you weirdo

Really enjoy Dlive. YouTube killer.

To be fair to Nathan there's a lot of content that he has put out that i completely disagree with and so i say so in his comments. Never once have i been blocked or my comments deleted. I was banned from MorPhoneyous a couple of years ago for daring to ask what qualifications he had in order to diagnose a psychopath like he had with Stephen Paddock. Notice that he has disengaged the like/dislike features on his channel. Youll also notice that every comment that there is on the hit piece video are all blowing smoke up his ass.… Read more »

I can't get dlive To play any videos

Pretty disappointed the way you went after Jake. Liked your channel but I’m with Jake on this. Unsub.

What gave Jake away was he didn't even stick to the topic he just turned to personal attacks and that says a lot about him very surprising though

Hi Nathan. I joined DLive . I love the live streams though I rarely speak there, feels like taking to rather than with because it can never converse back and forth. I noticed youtube has been discouraging conversing, seems like YouTube has switched to commerce before community,therefore I’m looking for a new way to listen to others expressions of ideas that may even be different then mine, YouTube discourages that too so I’m looking for a new place to spend my time with others. It’s funny but I think this action of mainstream internet will bring the people back together.… Read more »

Great news, hope they allow free speech over there

YouTube has no real competition so they don't have to be competitive in how they treat content creators, their Super Chat cut, TOS, ect., ect. Competition is always good for everyone.

I tried signing up. Doesn’t send me an email confirmation.

1:20 cat cleaning his anus as pie taking live stream

Low key trying to act like he don’t know who pewdiepie is

DL’d it before u finished ur sentence. F TheirTube

Wait it’s not Doshi licking his *bleep*?

Dlive doesn't work

Great !!! I set up my account this morning….

Ride dem coat tails

I just singed up today. Can't hurt to have another option.

LIFT THE VEIL DID NOTHING WRONG! Jake was uncalled for in his personal attacks. I never questioned the official story BUT IMHO Jake did not take the mature way out in his handling of those who did, resorting to direct personal attacks on his own fans. I was not among those being insulted but saw today's "profile of nathan video" as petty & just as divisive as he claimed Nathan was. Nathan has nothing to apologize for. There is nothing wrong with having questions. Jake wanted to attack his fans personally. I don't agree with that given ppl are entitled… Read more »

Confirmed psyop

@0:30 the producer of the show in the back just gettin' it!

I didnt even bother watching Morphonios hate fest of videos on Nathan, you can feel the hatred coming out of the titles. If that guys an example of what following an abrahamic religion does to you, im glad i give it and him a wide birth.

The problem with DLive is that it’s controlled opposition. It almost certainly uses a honeypot for ‘security’ which btw is literally what the feds use to bait suspects for a STING OPERATION! If I were you, I strongly suggest not only stopping your usage of DLive, but also delete any accounts you have on that site if you have any so no one can access your account and potentially invoke a frame job against you. They need an excuse to put us away, that would be plenty

You can't search channels on Dlive which is strange.

No thank you another elite move

DLive looks good



who the fuck is piew die pie ? what is so special about him ?

Jake did a nasty hit piece on you tonight. It’s sad to watch him come undone. I use to enjoy his work.

You have my love and support, brother. Morphonious is now trying to lash out like a cornered rat – no shill likes being exposed! His latest videos smack of sanctimonious hypocrisy, it's hilarious. Thank you for keeping it real and bravely speaking the truth Nathan!


You have not been censored so why move? Hmmm
Im not following there.

you dont come up when i search for you there. not a great start

Are you gonna address that slanderous disgrace Jake The Snake and his hit piece on you, Montagraph and the truther community as a whole? That dude is a dangerous man.

Just followed you on Dlive!

Jake's "live stream" tonight was clearly pre-recorded. Jake is so far out of line, it's not funny.

Sandy hook?
What about the father of one of the murdered children, who was also an FBI agent?

How do I use dlive?

I don’t know him. But I love LTV.

I’m not going there.

I’m part of bcain but I’m not going there it’s not ready yet to change.

It’s not ready yet.

You should all be boycotting YouTube.. all truthers should dump YouTube for good.

Doshi is licking his dick in the beginning.

Wow Jake is so butthurt

Keep your eyes out for GTube

DTube censored Highimpactflix.

Hey weirdo, when are you going to move out of your parents' basement? Oh and you can stop the phony act about being schizophrenic. We know who you really are. If you think we can't identify a plant when we see one, you must think you're a really good actor. You're a really crummy actor, and you have the nerve to criticize people you claim are crisis actors. We know what your real agenda is. Obviously your parents don't know what you're really doing down there or they'd be embarrassed to claim you as their own child. You were planted… Read more »

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