Persian Gulf Tanker Attack: Iran Guilty? False Flag? Cui Bono?

Persian Gulf Tanker Attack: Iran Guilty? False Flag? Cui Bono?

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It's legal to lie. That's a problem.

Amerikwan pee-poh alert? C'mon Dr Paul…you know better. Or perhaps, irony…

Remember when the U.S. was desperate for a pretext to invade Syria, and it had the terrorists it supports stage the false flag "chemical attack" right when the international investigative agency was staying just a few miles away? This is so obviously from the same script book. Cui bono? It's obvious who: the eternal warmongers Bolton, Pompeo and the war criminal Netanyahu who are thirsting for an attack against Iran under as false pretenses as the attack against Iraq and Libya. These criminals have also caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people, and are thirsting for more innocent… Read more »

Remember USS Liberty 1967, USS Maine 1898, Tonkin 1964, Lusitania 1915, Lockerbie 1988, Babies in incubators 1990, WMD's 2003, Lavon-affair 1954, La Belle 1986 , Bologna 1980, USS Mason (Yemen )2016, Operation Northwoods 1962, Douma 2018….These are but a few of hundreds of such incidents that have been staged to blame political enemies for attacks that they did not commit. The tactic will continue to be employed as long as the public blindly believes the lies they're being fed.

This proves frm the beginning Trump's administration stuffed wth war mongers and war-criminals was set up to go to wars, and now more than ever since his polls are dropping and DEMS r unleashed on him abt his COVER UPS, he'll try anything to divert, how abt just GET OUT, the scam is up! He'll be THE example fr all arrogant deniers n transgressors.

Israel done it by there new subs purchased from Germany

Israelis Planning of the another September 11

War with Iran brought to you by Erik Prince.

Oh Great Mr. Ron Paul, if you would have been president we wouldn't be having these problems. Thank you for your great unadulterated program.
It is such a wealth of knowledge such excellent intuition, very good aspects I am grateful.

Next time it could be a
US Navy ship that gets
hit – will Iran have had
enough or a false flag?
Either way, it will start
a war.

Somebody is trying to raise the price of oil.

You blame the central planners why? You don't understand that everyone has to amputate the human spirit in order to maintain this 4000 year old Monopoly over the economy and money supply system? Why don't you reach out to the central planners? So that we can all begin to heal the injuries and damages of our human spirit? Whether you facilitate this world or you are facilitated over oh, you are all forced to amputate your human spirit of sound mind, self-worth and maturity and without these components of human spirit there is no capacity to Foster and nurture love,… Read more »

Trump's next big 'deal' is war. Secretary Mike on tape admitted he liar and cheat.

Dr. Paul you're a dreamer, US leaving the world alone? How will we manipulate all economies like that. How would we force "democracy" on the world, accept on Saudi chopping off heads and executing gays. There the good ones.

Some 3rd party actor is probably involved. Make news and drive up the price of oil and they all benefit.


Dr Paul, how can America Just leave the middle East? I laughed so loud when he suggested such a peaceful move.

Their stupid Satanic tactics are getting really old. They need to stop this insanity and let people live their lives. Non of this wickedness makes any sense.

Thank you for all of your work and I really appreciate the rational and truthful perspective.

– – OPERATION AJAX 1953. (Google it, folks!) – –

You love your goverment. Take

Ron Paul Tate’s goerment $$$$$$$$. Why?????

False. Flag we are a tyrant joke.

One source of corruption

They must swing. Deus vult, deus vult!

One evil

Pompeo and Bolton both Criminal want war with Iran for benefit of Israel tank you for telling the truth.what is with Democrat shut their mouth now shame

I am sure the torpidos have Israel’s or America name on it

The ensign on the back of the ship is not a saudi ensign .. what ensign flag is it?

We all already who is responsible! And it’s definitely NOT Iran .

I suppose it should be possible to find fragments and larger parts of this torpedo, possibly the explosive materials can be identified too.

Mossad/Netanyahu written all over it.

By Way of Deception Thou Shalt Do War, comes to my mind. That is the Mossad Motto.

Mullas do silly things.

False flag

"Israel Lobbyist suggests False Flag attack to start war with Iran"

Let’s see we have
The Lavan Affair
The SS Patria
The USS Liberty
10 million dollars a day from USA
and who benefits???????
Christopher Bollyns work is the best, he names all the players and their goals. So does Know More News and TruNews exposing the true problem in the world today. I just bought the book “Erasing The Liberty” still reading but I highly recommend it. Proceeds are being used to help them get their story made into a movie.

Tulsi gabbard talks about non intervention foreign policy
Maybe she can do something if she makes it to the 2020 election

Gulf of Tonkin?–Maybe!

I wouldn't be surprised if this was the work of Black Water

Counting on Americans on what they no is a big if .but eventually when the Zionist neocon luciferian monsters are done killing christians under the mantra of fighting terrorist come home to start all over on Americans.the American still wont wake up .because there will be the American boogie man mantra.where the right is the boogeyman .right after the Venezuelan operation.then only the Russian Chinese will be the new bullseye

Dear Dr. Paul.
I'd be happy to vote for YOU for President and Trey Gowdy for vice.
American's need to be able to trust our leadership and unfortunately we are lacking in men who are unafraid to tell the truth and hold their heads up high when questioned on any given subject.
Deepest respect and many many thanks.

I saw this on the news. They said "Iran has denied involvement. "
Here we go I thought.

Gotta love these two guys. There like Batman and Robbin.

yanks cant help themselves – "I hope most americans are more alert" – geez, really?

False flag operations exposed in my name.

No one will believe this…. Iranians are rational.

Falseflag for the greater is.real.hell. project


Israel false flag, you left them out of conversation and what Israel gains from another False flag, after they invented it and are the absolute best at it….


Truth Matters
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