Part I: Isaac Kappy, Before We Knew Him

Part I: Isaac Kappy, Before We Knew Him

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With small parts in television and film, Isaac Kappy was all but unknown prior to bursting onto the scene in the summer of 2018 with allegations of child sex abuse and child trafficking against heavy hitters in Hollywood, the music industry and politics. Isaac would soon find himself surrounded by a cast of characters – some of whom may have had nefarious intentions. The mystery surrounding his death on May 13, 2019 raises many questions, but in order to understand why there’s so much interest in this case, we must start at the beginning.



Kappy was born on February 17, 1977 in Albuquerque, New Mexico and attended Sandia High School where he would play basketball almost every afternoon with a group of friends at the nearby Bellhaven Elementary School. One of Isaac’s friends from the group said they used 6′ hoops that allowed for “maximum dunkage”.



Music was always prominent in Kappy’s life. He was an accomplished violinist, performing since the age of 12, and a member of the Sandia High School concert band. In addition to playing music, Isaac also enjoyed singing and songwriting, composing many pieces of music in his late teens and into adulthood.


High School Band Group Photo, Yearbook

After high school and before he started landing acting roles in Hollywood, Kappy was a musician and frontman for a group based out of Los Angeles, Monster Paws, whose sound was described by the band as music that “sounds like yer winning something.” Along with fellow bandmate Nathaniel James Reed, a.k.a. Nate Santa Maria, Monster Paws released several tracks and played in venues throughout Albuquerque and Los Angeles.

“We want to express pure joy in sound form,” says Kappy. “It’s about getting over yourself and having a good time.”  

Kappy and Reed hosted Baby Ketten Karaoke in Portland, Oregon for years prior to their first album dropping in November, 2010. Their sold out album release party was the first time Monster Paws performed as a band in front of a live audience. Though at one point you could access the entire album on mediums such as Spotify and Soundcloud, it has since been removed from several music streaming platforms. A few of the tracks can still be found on, and a handful of the band’s videos can be viewed on YouTube. Music by Monster Paws was also featured on several television reality shows including Bad Girls Club, Real World: Las Vegas, and Khloe & Lamar.


In addition to Monster Paws, Kappy formed another musical duo based in LA with Tom Sandoval named Charles McMansion, whose first official video T.I.P. debuted in 2015 on the fourth season of Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules finale.


Sandoval and Kappy of Charles McMansion – T.I.P.

Kappy began his acting career in 2006 with several minor roles in films and television shows, but arguably his most memorable performance was as a pet store clerk in the 2011 action movie “Thor,” part of the “Avengers” and Marvel empire. In addition to his acting roles, Kappy also contributed to writing two short films in 2007, Time Cougars and The Surrogate.  


Kappy in Thor

An even lesser known talent Isaac mastered was carpentry. Kappy created much of his artwork over the years using wood, and his followers will remember the distinctive diamond-themed piece on the wall behind him in many of his Periscope streams. Kappy also dabbled in digital artwork that he would occasionally publish on his personal Instagram account.



Archived from Isaac’s Instagram account


By the summer of 2018, Isaac Kappy made headlines for an entirely different reason after posting a short Periscope stream calling out his one-time close friend, actor Seth Green, as a pedophile. This would prove to be a turning point for Kappy, and in subsequent videos and interviews more accusations would follow, with the mainstream media relentlessly villainizing and attacking his character shortly after.  


Courtesy of Black Pilled – YouTube

The following year would be the most challenging of Isaac Kappy’s life, one ending in tragedy, and leaving those who loved him with more questions than answers.

Part II: Enter Isaac Kappy – Accusations, Media Smears & Backlash

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Very nicely done. Looking forward to part 2


Thank you for this article about Isaac. I was one if his followers from the very beginning. I adored him as a creative genius and i hated what being a whistleblower did to his life. He found out how hard and lonely it was and he was banned so quickly from social media sites, i thoughr that was so unfair, especially since these social media sites let those who follow their agenda get away with posting anything they want. I miss Isaac so much, I wish he were still here. I hated the way he died, I absolutely feel that… Read more »


You took the words out of my mouth


What an accomplished man. You could tell he was highly intelligent by his conversations and focus when challenged. Whatever the issues he will be remembered by many.


“I think that we should live in a world that is not run by violent pedofiles who uses,
abuses, rape and sometimes murder our children ”
Isaac Kappy


Enjoyed the article. bonus footage.. thanks.. great job!!


Isaac is not dead.

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