Notre Dame Fire PROPHESIED By Cicada3301?

Notre Dame Fire PROPHESIED By Cicada3301?

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Notre Dame Fire PROPHESIED By Cicada3301?

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nothing but pp i think. that's predictive programming, not urine.

OMG are you for real? Hahahaha

Those larping fools didn't predict anything

Total rubbish this vision is not original it's a plagerised mix of older vision I've personally seen in at least 3 other places you're peddling bullshit !!


Is it prophecy or is it foreknowledge of a pre-planned event couched in the guise of an invented "vision"? Is it predictive programming? Or am I being redundant? Or both? But alas, I repeat myself. Darn it! There I go again!

After having viewed your channel for a few months to be fair , it is my informed opinion that you will use any event or occasion sensationalise it in an attempt to draw people in confuse them all with the intent to SELL BLOODY T SHIRTS !!!! This channel is a veiled psyop that's soul aim is to sell shirts and make money , no truth here it's time for me to end my study of you and unsubscribe , Addios so insincere !!!!!!!!!

Also in the I pet goat video we see the Christ figures crown of thorns disappear, and the alleged real crown was on display that month and rescued by one of the Bishops or clergymen.

Ive now Unsubscribed from you now my friend, it's actually been coming for a while! See ya!

maybe they are all just students of Nostradamus..after all he predicted this 500 yrs ago with help from familiar spirits. even named himself after this goddess worship Babylonian gargoyle ensconced temple.
Video of person starting the fire.



The Simpson also predicted future happenings

The zionists are thumbing this video down.

TS is obv really gifted with visions that come to pass…ive heard/seen it before✌

all the spirits of those molested by catholic priests came back to burn there little sanctuary to ashes

Don't confuse prophesy with an insider being told what's going to happen soon…

Predictive programming from an old Supernatural TV episode had a 9.0 EQ striking Rome the triggering an earthquake and tsunami on the East coast.Boston hit the worsted anyone remember the North and South Carolina's being evacuated because of storms but seemed more like practice

France just had their 9/11 & it was probably perpetrated by the same "cho$en people" ba$tard$ that took down the WTC… (BY DECEPTION THEY SHALL MAKE WAR!…)

Nathan check out Dr. Pieczenik’s Opus 141 on his YouTube channel.

Cicada is the shit…very clever decoder…

I claim to be Joan of Lorraine and I have come close to shrieking, but take yer thymes…

ALOHA LTV!! I id a video response of John X Army and I mention YOUR Channel, Funny, I i the response BEFORE You publishe this,, Its renering now!! Anyway Ill post the link.. My latest english translation of the I Pet Goat II reads as "As the church falls to Ruin all eyes open watching flames and the crown of thorns is replaced with the blood of imposter KANE!".

Lift the vail? Um the reason people are tripping out about I PET GOAT II is multilayere. Number one is many researchers saw the falling of the church as a future event, something thaqt we are waiting for. An id you fail to notice AS the eyes open, the church falls the CROWN OF THORNS VANISHES OFF HIS HEADS? The timing connects all three as does hin sight of Natre Dame.. Hence my latest english translation.. As the Church falls to ruin all eyes open watching flames an the crown of thorns is lost". We all know that priest did… Read more »

The Notre Dame fire operation was intended to pit the Christians against the Muslims as "rumors" abound that it was radical muslim terrorism. Then the Zionists destroy the Dome of the Rock and make it look like a radical Christian did it in retaliation for Notre Dame to give the Zionists plausible deniablility. The Muslims strike out against the Christians and ki11 a bunch of Christians. Christian Zionists (a type of Protestant) are literally making it look like the Catholics destroy the Dome of the Rock and they don't care about a church dedicated to the Virgin Mary because they… Read more »

Were there 3 men in a white van filming the Notre Dame fire before it started I mean 3 men in a white van filming before the first plane even struck the WTC?

ND is and always has been a pagan building. It has nothing to do with the real Christ. Who cares what they do with the evil buildings?

Melting lead doesn't smell of gunpowder. Gunpowder smells of sulfur.

The very poor peasants of the Renaissance era gave freely from the money they themselves needed to create something they believed gives great glory to God…knowing that they would not live to see Notre Dames completion but built for their great-grandchildren….what a project of love.

Pleased to meet you.. Hope you guess my name. .

1968 – Paris riots. Perhaps <insert name> saw Paris burn in a report at the time, then dreamed about it…

We are being set up again to hate a group of people and there still are dummies out there who are clueless. jesuit nazi jews starting a holy war

Today in NYC, in St. Patricks Cathedral, a man was arrested with lighter fluid, gasoline and bbq lighters. He had one way ticket to Rome, Italy, He was a professor at Seton Hall and lived in Hasbrook Heights, NJ. He was staying in a motel past cpl. of days. Was chased out of a church in Newark also. Jesuit signature.

Did you say he was/is part of the government? The devil plays the long game.

It's not prophecy if it's scripted like it is…

They should sell small pieces they can't use in the restoration as relics to help fund the efforts. Such was done in the 1920s when the U.S.S. Constitution was overhauled. On a different note, why do people act surprised that Germany didn't destroy this cathedral in WW2? National Socialism aimed to preserve the diverse cultures of Europe. I'm not a National Socialist, but time will prove that European peoples and culture would have lasted longer had Germany not been defeated.

Mr Lift, Zachary K Hubbard thinks 8.11 [August 11th] is significant.

That EMAIL you discuss is dated 8.12.2018.

Here is Zach's talk:

al-Aqsa Mosque &
Notre Dame burn
April 15, 2019,
118-days before
August 11, Tisha B'Av

YouTube video
Link Below:

London Nicole Breed
Mayor of San Francisco
Born 8.11.1974


Robin Williams
Born 7.21.1951
Died 8.11.2014


I have reoccouring dreams about a Roman type city with the giant arcitecture flooding me and others fighting for higher ground. Then space ships attack. The only other reoccouring dreams I've had we're personal but have come true

look aT the pyramid in the hand. ..freemasonic propaganda

BTW in the I pet scene referred to, there are the reflection of flames in the "jesus" figure's eyes.

Kim Clement did as well in 2010!

take your crappy t shirts and stick them up your a$$

33 thumbs down……..

Thomas is a reluctant prophet, he doeesnt seek any fame ann is humble. He is miracle and his music is from God, just listen to his songs

I pet goat gets me right in the astral everytime.

Oh come on Nathan. I'm sure the money is good, but what are you selling.

Wow. And I thought I was paranoid.

Let's see if I get this. The church in Pet Goat has two spires and comes down not as a result of a fire, but merely crumbles down as a result of something that is not a fire. Notre Dame had two towers and one spire which came down as a result of a fire. How anyone can say that this Pet Goat video in any way prophesizes Notre Dame and the fire is delusional and only says how desperate people are to find something where it doesn't exist. This is just a good example of milking the cow for… Read more »

OMG What does it mean Nathan. SPOOKY?

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