NBC Caught FAKING Measles Pic

NBC Caught FAKING Measles Pic

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NBC Caught FAKING Measles Pic

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Its funny how they seem to understand that a few people can have a peanut allergy or a fish allergy and there immune system goes wild at the slightest touch of it and in some circumstances kills them. But mention the poisons used as adjuvants in vaccines might do this to some people and they no longer seem to understand.

Depopulation it’s all engineered from water to everything you take into your body here in America wake up dumb asses

Measles is not DEADLY!!!!! Vaccines ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow just frigging wow!'

I suspected that the "measles epidemic" was contrived to force people into taking their poisonous vaccines and you've proven it. Thank you!!!!

What if a person is an adult who has lifetime immunity to the measles? I had, just about every other kid growing up in the1950's and 1960"s, got measles. What I remember was being elated for getting off school for a week. By the way, I do not have any skin blemishes as a result of getting the disease. Wasn't Hitler credited for saying that if you tell the big lie enough to the people, they will begin to believe it?


Excellent analysis Nathan ! Same all horseshit from the government and pharmaceutical industry !

If I was holding a baby that had measles I would be wearing gloves.

The bigger question is what's in the MMR Vaccine that they are so hell bent on everyone getting?

LOL – in the baby measles photo you can see the same "measle" shape being used over and over!!

The government says they put fluoride in water to prevent cavities (people still get cavities). People have been vaccinating against the flu for years, people still get the flu. Measles was supposedly eradicated, all of a sudden makes a comeback when people don't want to vaccinate anymore. Coincidence? I think not…

oy vey 6,000,000 cases of measles outbreak!!!

So you have measles … you'll get better. Good for your health.

And media need emotional content. I think that's what it's about. People in emotional fear all the time.

Measles Kill EveryONE… Just kidding . We're Fine!! (I had measles…)

Measles protect you from cancer. Guess who does not like that! Almost nobody dies from measles. Hundreds died from the vaccine. Fact. http://www.medalerts.org/vaersdb/index.php 463 deaths from the vaccine. Those are just the reported cases. There could easily be 20 times more deaths. Now to the real measles death numbers straight from the CDC: That's right! The mortality rate is almost zero. There is on average less than one person dying from Measles per year in the United States. The CDC says so: The CDC's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) Table 12 (on page 112). Headline: Number of deaths from… Read more »

Five kids in my family had the measles in the 60s. It is no worse than the flu and once you have had it your own body gives you future immunity. None of us ever got it again. The people pushing this fraud are dangerous criminals and need to be prosecuted by humanity.

4:45 I knew it was the joos. I bet they don't have vaccines or 5g, etc.

You should really consider having someone else be your 'on-air' personality or just include the audio.

So you pay the fine and don't have to get the shot?

funny that the odds of getting struck by lightning is also 1 in 5k in a lifetime…or 1 in 700k in the US. " Lightning Odds. The odds of getting struck by lightning in the U.S. in any single year is 1 in 700,000. The odds of being struck in your lifetime is 1 in 5,000. Using an umbrella in a thunderstorm slightly increases your odds of being struck. If your hair stands on end during a storm, that’s a bad sign."

My daughter is 26 and we use take our children round to catch up when it was going around. Anything is ok if you keep the temperature down with cold wet face cloths

I’m 61 and have 3 siblings close to my age. We all had the measles, a few varieties and did fine.

I hat em…..so what????

It used to be that if you got measles or chicken pox you just stayed out of school for a week and then that was it. I mean am I missing something here!?!?

Images are used all the time for illustration purposes. It clearly says that on the Times of Isra-hell page and no claim of that being a real baby was made. No parent would give consent to show their dead baby either and a real photo isn't palatable to the usual snowflake audience. Stock photos are used and edited and many times a grunt worker handles image selection for a website's churn and burn web content. I run a site and edit stock shit for illustration purposes all the time. Focus on exposing vaccination truth, yes, but too much focus on… Read more »

I smell the Gate’s’ Foundation behind this again…don’t you?

I’m a retired RN .. I SHOULD BE A PRO- vaxer, but I am not any more. My career choice was Pediatrics and OB/GYN NEONATAL. I have a cousin with lifelong brain damage from acquiring measles-encephalitis as a child. We happened to have a Grandfather who was a Doctor, and diagnosed Jim with a typical case. The problem was that it was mid-summer and quite hot outside, and Doc said as long as Jim felt ok and the light didn’t bother him, it was ok for him to play outside … his temperature spiked while outside and he evidently had… Read more »

In my opinion they're testing the waters with people to test the level of ignorance and to see the popular reaction's, they're trying to implement this everywhere else. They might have some tactics and strategies but no common sense at all. Vaccines are "number one" reason for autoimmune diseases and all sorts of other illness. Appreciate you're covering this topic today, Lift the Veil

There is an old Brady Bunch episodes that practically extols the virtues of getting the measles. Not available on the Hulu Brady library, of course.

Your children are your property… Look up word property… Have standing in law. . U.S CITIZEN was created for freed slaves !!!!! You must be a state citizen !!! Why do u think each state has its own CONSTITUTION… The founding fathers where not US CITIZEN they where state citizens …. Read the SLAUGHTERHOUSE CASE .. GOD BLESS WE THE PEOPLE OF OUR REPUBLIC

I'm on your side so don't take this the wrong way but I would assume the pictures of babies with measles would be photoshopped considering the real babies would be held under quarantine so no pictures would be available

Those poor people of Williamsburg I hope they’re paying the thousand dollars and putting up with having to not be able to catch busses

LTV rules! Thanks Nathan.

Ever since I can remember in the state of Louisiana, your children can not go to school without having all of their vaccines first.
They vaccinated my son without my permission.


YU are going to heaven bruv.


We've had this same "measles" scare here in Australia with the call for vaccinations.

Trumps family DOES NOT vaccinate. That should tell you something.

How the M$M fifth column rolls..

I was born in 83 and did had measles and all the typical children diseases. I seldom have flu or anything at all.

" Damn you beloved mother for not vaxxxing me"

I mean they have been begging for a revolution for a long time. But whatever they're doing to keep us from rising is working. We are so busy working to pay to live in a home or eat or have transportation. Our ancestors didn't have to do shit but build a home, grow food and walk or ride a horse, and I bet they all live more Happy than us. I. The US we are taxed to work, taxed to get our money, taxed to spend it, taxed to save it, taxed to eat, taxed to drive, taxed to do… Read more »

Measles outfake

You can get a waiver in most states, to exempt your child from ALL vaccines for public school.
You must forgo ALL vaccines, you cant say i will get __ and not get ____.
Its an ALL or none thing. Why? Why would the government do this, parents who are sceptical of the MMR vaccine must say NO to all vaccines..
Honk Honk, thats crazy!

This guy looks like what I imagine the average conspiracy theorist looks like, crazy eyes. Please don't hurt yourself or others while on the hunt for your "truth".

They used the same graphic designer that did Obamadoesntcare birth certificate

Psychologists have interesting videos, even here on YouTube, in which they explain the difference between OCD and OPCD, however, as much as I admire and respect the knowledge that they apparently display in their field's, I feel that there's a "bigger picture" conspicuously missing…It's never the doctor's mistake because they have been trained to separate these conditions and forced to look at them with a tunnel vision, so that we're simply told to focus on one symptom while something even bigger and more serious is happening in the body right after receiving "one of these shots." Everyone have gotten so… Read more »

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