MSM On DAMAGE CONTROL Re: Mueller Report #Russiagate

MSM On DAMAGE CONTROL Re: Mueller Report #Russiagate

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MSM On DAMAGE CONTROL Re: Mueller Report #Russiagate

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That psycho bull dyke needs to try suicide

She/he MaddowMelt

Cocksucking News Nitwit,Donna LeMon

This CIA guy is the biggest liar of all.

I never watch these news channels and I think all should be investigated . Why are all of them lying?

Great report!

Hang that commie scumbag Brennan

Sell it, jue boi.

My God is trying to blackmail Nikki, he is a complete Moran, unbelievable!

Its so sad to think that there are americans so stupid on so many levels to actually watch these globalist mouthpieces :// worried ~ #dontletfriendswatchcnn ~ The cherry on top of your brillant work could be to end with a fade out of maddox crying after the news broke! Also can you look into the pelosi drunk & police escorted out of the house? If its true that should be everywhere.

Bitch Oberman. He must be on the Going to Prison list. Laura Ingrams Boyfriend.


Rachel MadCow. That's new for me. Lol

That’s what Q was saying by -21 and all the big name players.
It was Q mocking what the left has been saying for 2 years.
The report and out at the end of 21 days , no ones Indicted. Hahah love it

Lol…it may be he had a co-conspirator…a legal analyst guy from CNN. Who turns out to be Jessie Smollett's lawyer! Got to be another hoax. Haha

Duhhh lemon, it was Clinton

A joyous day. No.1 conspiracy theorists MSM. Who would have thought it?.

yeah.. should be israel gate..

Lol…it's the beginning of the end of Demonrats and paid actors! Hahaha!!!

don lemon bothers me , I hate it when I can see the strings . Another sold out Msm actor/puppet messing with peoples minds selling propaganda to sway the minds of the masses to justify the war mongers agenda . Repeated until it's believed or debunked . Their game is more noticeable every day but many base entire world view on these lies , what a dangerous mess .

Russiagate reeks of red herring. Trump is the one who comes out of all this smelling like roses. Establishment's agenda of frustrating progressive candidates like Sanders and Gabbard becomes more real.

PROSPIRACY!!! THE ones who conspire against US n our duly elected president are The ones saying its a conspiracy are in on it. What about Ukraine investigating Clinton being involved trying to take trump down .

Lord help me, my brother keeps telling me Qanon is real.

The left always accuses others of the exact thing they are guilty of. They collaborate with Russia to bring down our republic. They have ISIS Islamic Muslims in positions of our government trying to change our system of government to a socialist Marxist dictatorship. They have constantly attacked our bill of rights trying to remove our rights as individual people. They have tried to allow criminal immigrants enter our country unrestricted and allowed to vote in our elections. They are America's enemy and should be treated as any other foreign enemy, with deadly force.

Trump needs to implement voter ID now. The Democrats will commit voter fraud at the highest level than before. They were so sure with all the illegal ballots that there was no way they would have lost the election. They underestimated the number of Americans that supported Trump. Now that they know Democrats are leaving the Democrat party at an unbelievable rate, they will have to commit fraud to win.

IS Ra el is in the building

Awe no size attack helicopter?

“You should look into Chemtrails.” Gold, brother! 🙂

On top of all that Stormy Daniels lawyer is charged with fraud !!

Doshi does seem a little more happier today

How many millions of students starting with grade school through college are being indoctrinated and lied to by the leftwing communist union teachers to be the next group of uneducated Democrat voters?
Why is no one doing anything about it?

Those clips are so funny.

Man I would kill for a Nasim t-shirt

I never watch those kooks, but wow, they're having a way hard time with reality haha IT'S A BOMB SHELL HAHA!!!

Dang! Had Avenatti approached this in an honest manner we could learned something horribly huge against Nike and it could been their possible downfall. It must be real juicy stuff!

Maddoe=w writes EVERY WORD she says,,,maye ONLY ONE to do that

KO, we all know this but compelled to type "You are a confused and dishonest piece of shit". Sad, really.

Nathan, please make a shirt titled: "No Collusion"

The following are messages revealed in Psalm 1:1 when characters are removed from the Hebrew text (no characters are added) INCLUDES 'YOSHI'His Scheme [Pslam 1:1] 1 Good is the man who is not in the counsel of the ungodly, and does not stand in the way of sinners, and does not receive the support of Jesus. 1 ווויל איז דער מענטש וואס גייט ניט אין דעם אַדוואָקאַט פון די רשעים, און טוט ניט שטייןאין דיוועג פון זינדיקע, און טוט נישטזי אַוועקזעצ פון י וויטק. 1 Whosoever despiseth not the counsel of the wicked, and desireth sinners, desireth not the counsel… Read more »

Michael Avanaiti Got Arrested =MAGA

When the Intelligence Community says they have "high confidence," means they're lying.

Impeach 45! God bless CNN!

Nothing to celebrate.

"The beginning of the end"..God I hope so.

My father believe everything the msm said. I felt so bad for him. He wasn’t even a libtard or anything like that.

It's fake, it's a show.
All the media bosses are in on it, didn't you know?

I am so tired of these people trying to revive the red scare. I used to have to roll under my school desk for nuclear drills. Yes, I am that old. All they are accomplishing is escalating war mongering rhetoric.

I am so tired of these people trying to revive the red scare. I used to have to roll under my school desk for nuclear drills. Yes, I am that old. All they are accomplishing is escalating war mongering rhetoric.

This happens now The creepy porn lawyer gets jailed. Wait till FISA memos come out! This is the beginning hopefully! He's CLEAR to show the fake Russian FISA and the clear collision to imprison Trump and send numerous people to prison for petty crimes like Rodger stone sending amphibious vehicles and swat teams totalling more than Osama bin laden raid…

The only evidence they have of Russians doing anything is Russians taking out ads for all campaigns from trump to Clinton to sanders. Evidence shows that someone within the dnc hacked hillaries emails.

Off with their heads!

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