Mike Cernovich’s Dubious Epstein Claims

Mike Cernovich’s Dubious Epstein Claims

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Mike Cernovich’s Dubious Epstein Claims

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Hey Nathan, did you delete the video criticizing Fed Ice because you got a call from Adam Green and/or your handlers? Thought it was legit personally. Gave you some street cred. What happened?

Cernovich is so humble lol

This is dangerous ground for him; regardless of what you think about him.

It would be so cool, if you could interview Derrick Broze of the theconsciousresistance on the Epstein cases some time.

I wouldn't trust crypto when it can be wiped out with the push of a button. Pffttt…Give me precious metals in my hand! End the FED! Hooah!!!

Is mike cernovich gay? He seems it

Im just here for the awesome t-shirts ! I just received mine in the mail and I love it. My only issue is that it has stains in the armpit area . I don't know of its a bad design choice or if someone played basketball in it. Either way, love it. Cant wait for the bumper stickers!

Please Nathan Cernovich is as close to being a journalist as the trump is to being an literary intellectual .

Thufferin’ thuccotath! Is that Mike Cernovich referring to himself in the third person again?

i swear your twitch videos today are frozen

Cernovich is hot garbage.

He sounds like a 5 year old

I'm not a Cernovich fan but i do appreciate some of his work. But bro when he talks with that lisp, I have to try hard and not laugh. He sounds like a whistle pig. LOL


Hey Nathan. I love your videos. I searched u after hearing Owen benjamin mention your channel a few times. You're my favorite

I wouldn't doubt the pervert criminals have gained access to the illegal surveillance system and use it to assist in their sex crimes and mk ultra mind control sex slaves.

Well he does share a similiar birthday with alot of great writers, alan moore, kurt voonagut jr to name a few.

Cernovich is a CIA tool.

mike is nowhere near far right, had at one point threatened to out people in Trumps cabinet early on by spilling the beans about very personal shit, and tends to live himself way too much.

And fuck Fairbanks, Posobiec, Loomer, and ANYONE related to that entire crowd

ah….the release of docs to the public must have been the recent countdown and Boom from Q

(((Mike Thernovich)))

I don't contribute jew v jew..
But the TRUTH will come out ALWAYS ! FREE ! > TRUST THE PLAN !

Nice work Nathan. It's important that we all keep a close eye on any potential controlled opposition… The Cabal was using this tactic lonnnng before the CIA…

Ok..I get deep state desperation…R. kelly lives at Trump tower and Virginia worked at Trump tower…Epstein was banned from MAr…

I think Cernovich is walking the walk.

He is no Michael Hastings or they would have "Hastinged" him long ago. FACT.

post on Gab

Cernoviche, Dershowits…u say tomato I say to mauto..lol

They are all a bunch of freaks.

my god. that voice

There are a lot of diffeent personalities out there and it most certainly doesn't hurt to see what they say. We know we are in at least an information war, Intel is the currency of that war.

(((Mike cernovich)))

(((Mike cernovich)))

Cernovich is insufferable and nauseating to listen to. Just an ounce of humility would go a long way for the guy.

How anyone who has looked into the spat between Dershowitz and Norman Finkelstein, and seen what a disingenuine, dishonest lying creature Dershowitz is, would believe anything that that thing has to say.

I wouldn't shake hands with that ogre spawn.

Cernovich is a PAID Zio Gate-Keeper, in with the likes of Alex Jones-Owen Shroyer-Dr.Corsi-Jack Prosobiac-Ect.. We exposed him last year and his views dropped by 90%.Also. His Patreon was about $4,500 per month. It is now down to a few hundred$$. You's sure do have a short memory..!! Ask Adam Green,,??

Forcing a human to take it from Alan Dershowitz is gross brutality.

I think Mike cernovich is a piece of shit

Thanks Nathan great info time will tell.

hes not a very good dresser….could use a couple of your shirts.

I never forget the time Cernovich thought he might have accidentally criticize Alex Jones in a video and …so he did a follow up video …where he look pretty upset that he might have angered the infowar's God ….Alex Jones…and OMG…this Cernovich guy was just sucking up and growling to appease the Infowar God ….Alex Jones…it was so pathetic …instantly I said to myself I will never follow this brown nose suck again. I wish I recorded it. How can anyone be a hard nose journalist when your shit scare of falling out of favor with the biggest shill on… Read more »

N1. Good info

lol really? Cassandra Fairbanks is being his cheerleader again? She is just as fake as Cernovich. What ever happened with his alleged affair with Fairbanks in Spring of 2017?

been collecting info on Dershowitz …. https://flyingcuttlefish.wordpress.com/2014/07/14/latest/

Cerno has been dipping into the Sterno.

Cernovichs lisp makes me want to go deaf

Is mike cernovich none binary? Just sayin… the first
Few seconds of the clip are a touch fruity

Cernovich is a fruad… sexual predator btw

Who cares about this chump. Can't watch him.

I just can’t get into any of cernovinch’s content. Difficult to listen to.

Cernobyatch I too always thought he was gay just by his voice and demeanor,
But no he isn't gay he's just a bitchy lil puss puss…

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