Media betrays Assange after profiting from leaks – Chris Hedges

Media betrays Assange after profiting from leaks – Chris Hedges

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And people think only african countries are corrupt. Western nations are the worst

Israel own the media.

It is actually way worse. If the USA suceeds in extration of a non USA citizen; Assange. Then the Brave New World opens, where a noncitizen of Saudi Arabia can be extradited to that nation for alleged crimes against their state or King.

Media – Les Miserables. Shame on you. Julian Assange is world's hero. Justice for Julian.

TRUTH is the greatest THREAT to World Governments, Corporations & Cabals. Assange has ZERO place to rest his head at night. And NO Home to call his own. A Sacrificial Lamb. UNTIL a U.S. President Pardons him with an agreed Truce of Retirement.
Assange – Do take it. Everyone retires at some point. You will never be called a sell-out. Live quietly & peacefully.
Someone else will take your Torch.
This is how your World-stage Story will end.

Thank you RT America! Why I watch you.

trump betrays Assange for helping Him.*..there I fixed it for you fucking morons

He should be a hero not a Public enemy.

For you brainwashed Christian evangelical Zionists out there ((((they))) would treat your Jesus Christ even worse than Julian Assange. Jesus Christ John 8:44. Jesus Christ exposed the evil tribe 2000 years ago. Pastor Hagee is a lot like Judas the traitor. It's like the evil tribe gave evangelicals dope and made them into their useful scum idiot slaves.

Christian evangelical Zionist are brainwashed. This is how Jesus was treated by the evil tribe.

Can all the « hackers » in the world, get together to make justice for Assange.

Where are all the Trump supporters defending Julian's prosecution?

Christian media who see trump as their god betrays assange as wiki leaks could expose the lies and deception of their god trump.

We have lost the legitimacy to criticise anyone on human rights including the inhuman Saudi regime with the shameful way we have handled the Assange case .


Shame on western media for doing this to him. Sad times we are living in these days that war criminals are walking free and people who expose these parasites are jailed.


using Assange to crush the fake mainstream media.

Sounds like US commits war crimes and imprisons the perons who discloses the crime, not the persons commiting the war crimes. Absolutely disgusting what is happening in DC.

Chris 100% correct as always

Truth is criminalised. This is what ordinary people have to come to accept as the New Reality we have to live with. Or not?

Typical imperialistic behaviour.

Thankyou Manila , you are a great journalist 🙂

Funny how the fake and phoney Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion are all coming true. Kinda like Orwell, funny huh?

Trump n Trump supporters betrayed Assange as well

Free Jesus Assange!

Nailing A Messanger to a cross in 21st Century?
Who is thine Jesus?



Truth Matters
Truth Revolution Clothing