MANDATORY Vaccines in NYC, Candace Owens & Jake’s Pizzagate 180

MANDATORY Vaccines in NYC, Candace Owens & Jake’s Pizzagate 180

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MANDATORY Vaccines in NYC, Candace Owens & Jake’s Pizzagate 180

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Agenda 21 wants to shove people into densely populated cities but this is how so-called "outbreaks" happen in the first place!

From Q to the last guy that called in…Dividers will fail…

divide et impera. Now we have msm on tv and youtube.

Uh look into Candace Owens backstory , she’s a fraud and was involved in a whole slew of shady stuff. She is a Republican puppet now and all these movements are really pro Israel movements . Holy shit how can people not see this. Candace is trash says obvious stuff when she used to try and censor and dox people

this guy at 1hr15mins is an idiot!

I don't know about anyone else but I recently unsubscribed from Know More News as well. His ties to Jake are extremely suspicious, not too mention many people are pointing out how him Jake and Owen Benjamin all speak way too much about the jews for them to still have channels. Huge red flag in my opinion.

The thing about Jake Morphonios is that…
He's more phoney, yo! (more than Nathan, for sure)
He's more 'faux' an' he owes (big debts, easy to sway)
And he's a mo-fo an' he ho's (to the highest bidding government operative, in my opinion)

Please explain this Israel thing?? I don’t get it!!! Why do people worship the Bibi man?

10:50 lol aww poor Doshi

I think the FBI came in after Vegas às far as jake Morpheus"BSI" or he's been compromised… Not sure

kill the masters is the only way to freedom !

Green's NOT cool. He's 180° on truth.

So I bet so many people wanna say autism has gone up because we can better find it .. if that is the case where are all the 70 year old autistic people .. it really has exploded and could become 1/4 boys the way we are going… imagine ….

MMR vaccine is unsafe and defective [email protected]

We are all in this together…

My son put together this Great Work over many hours of many days. This is an absolutely excellent and in depth dive into the dark Truth of Vaccines and how they have impacted, and are impacting us all.
*SOULPRESSED: The Deeper Truth About Vaccines

Please help spread this information by any means; share, mirror, re-upload, etc.

Thank You to All that do, and Care.

Oy vey!! Jews actually have to abide by the same laws as gentiles? Whatever will we do??

An eagle has a left wing and a right wing, but one head. Even MLK jr. was a member of Sigma Pi Phi (Black Boule). Every prominent black figure was/is a white supremacist puppet to keep the conquer, distract and divide agenda afloat. Trayvon Martin's dad is a Master Mason for crying out's all charade and scripted af to the point where they have controlled opposition ''truthers'' parading on youtube.

If vaccines worked the reported immunity would be contagious and the disease would die out instead the immunity is short lived and the disease grows stronger.

Zachary Hubbard called Jake out. And challenged him to a debate about Sandy Hook. Check it out

very very good video nathan. thank you for the coverage.

Ohhhhh jake made a hit peice brother

Someone should shove one of those vaccines up that governors ass ffs.

I wonder what the Woke people of Israel really have to say about this. I’m sure propaganda is worldly?!!!!!

Lift the veil ..trash.

Stop attacking other truthers. You are part of the why we will never win. Use that negative energy towards the cabal.

dont forget, they can make up any number they want, they lie

Did Candace say she's a Democrat?

Poor baby Nathan didn't get what he wanted now he's slandering jake. Bad move this will sting goodbye unsubcribed

i'm really disappointed what you have done Nathan….REALLY DISAPPOINTED!!!
gonna post Jake's response on my Gab


Alright!!! Youtube Fightclub! Grab some popcorn people this is going to take a while.
Mormon vs Fake Jew Round 1 and FIGHT!

Those effing witch hunting Nazi police state zombies that are so easily lead need to
build up their immune system‘s and stop getting freaked out. Clean water good food will keep you immune from getting a lot of things that we used to get all the time when we were kids and everybody got em and we got over them. Especially measles chickenpox the flu‘s. If you want to get vaccinated go ahead and keep your dirty grimy fingers fingers and thoughts away from my family if you don’t want to lose em!

Nathan you're mental ill, go and seek help.. stop being a piece of shit

If you believe the bible then you will understand why Christians attack Mormonism. Not Mormons but the lies that are taking them to hell. We are commanded to be the light of the world and expose antichrist systems.

My daughter got sick after the HiPP vaccine almost died .I was told it wasn't the vaccine it was just coincidental. So I gave her the second HIPP same thing happened. I was then told she might be allergic after being hospitalized within hours of the vaccine .
The big pharma Fu#kers. Never again .

My mom used to let me go over & play with friends who had measles & chicken pox to get them over & done with it didn't work, & got rubella at 18 & chicken pox from my 3 yr old at 21.& I'm still alive & well.

Thanks for emphasizing the word mandatory. It's quite the bullshit terminology they like to use to get people to submit to their bullshit.

465 cases my ass

Candace Owens is the biggest threat to the democratic party. She is the new Andrew Breitbart. They are going to throw at least 300 million at her to destroy her. Let's pray she comes out on top.

Netanyahu was leading & will win the election. Sorry to burst your bubble!I assume if vaccinations are mandatory, we have a population of undocumented illegals there! The demon left always exempt their precious numbers of illegal noncitizens from such requirements! The muslim community won't be required to either. Demon'rats make up all their own unconstitutional state laws. They won't accept religious beliefs as an excuse either!But they'll allow for muslims to ignore these "mandatory" guidelines…lol!Watch and see how legit Americans are going to leave the ghettos of NYC in droves. They'll fill their public schools with these non american scum.They'll… Read more »

Convicted sex slave human trafficking and extortion Nxium actress was at a sorority membership drive with stormy daniels in 2014 as stated by a boyfriend of one of the targeted female …He testifies that pizza store owner James Alefantis and Huma Abbidin and her pedophile convicted husband were also guests at this membership drive… this may explain why suddenly independent news sources are flipping….its big …big …big . ALSO conbected is the hacking of a jewish poluticians list of swedish hidden world war two stolen monies revealung illegal gains world wide . It gas been proven that Clinton supported the… Read more »

I heard an expert say that one in 32 people in the US have autism now and that at this rate it will be one in three before too long. At that point, society will fall apart — the healthcare costs alone would bring it down. Also, many experts say that, before vaccines, there was ZERO autism — the specific symptoms we see now did not exist. I believe that many other diseases and disorders are caused, predominantly, by vaccines, and also by fluoride, chem trails, GMO, etc. — diseases such as ADD, depression, asthma, digestive disorders, cancer, alzheimer's, allergies… Read more »

If those making such tyrannical demands have been vaccinated & vaccines work, why would they punish those they are already immune from?

This requirement thing is really bad news. On so many levels.

So are "authorities" declaring an end to medical privacy?


465 cases. So, what, that's like 1 case for every 1.4 million people. Boo.

Can anyone please explain to me how a black democratic woman has come to represent "white" nationalism? You can't be serious!!! This is the dumbest shit I have EVER seen in my life!!!! If this isn't proof enough, that everything we see is a goddamned cartoon, then I don't know what to tell you to snap you out of your brainwashing!!!! ROFLMFAO!!!!!!! P.S. Just a side note here, but scientists have pretty much rejected the "big bang theory" for quite some time now. Doesn't mean there is a "god", just means they are back to square one, and many believe… Read more »

Jake hasn't changed. You want him to change because of your resentment

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